Acrylic on canvas. Consecrated and started painting this piece in June 2015. Completed, photographed and live, Crowleymas, 12th of October 2018. A pictorial exploration of language as colour, shape, form, pattern-Shipibo-tribal, music, geometry, element, archetype, metaphysics, physics, Higgs Boson (as prophesied in Liber AL vel Legis), aethyr, spirit, molecule, DMT, DNA, biology, chemistry, photosynthesis, diatom, primary producers, bio-sphere, Nu-sphere. An amalgamation of a series of Ayahuasca trips in January 2010.

A prayer for environmental awareness and sustainability. Three-headed past, present, future space, Initiator of Humankind, Aiwaz as green man resonating Melek Taus, Baphomet, a new physics. Balancing and unification of masculine and feminine polarities has paralleled rise of the Times Up and Me Too movements.

Crocodile – unformed man. Shelf, place walled in – on shelf skeleton. White flag. Skeleton’s hand holds white flag. Large wall around place like butterfly net. 

The Amalantrah Working, Aleister Crowley

Aiwaz Diatom Physics by Josh Iceton