Acrylic on canvas. This canvas was stretched on Australia Day, the 26th of January 2006. A relatively hot afternoon, precisely as I started stretching the canvas, I heard a loud roar of thunder and looked out the window to see a storm suddenly brewing. The storm caused a Tornado in the same area of Blackburn where the Mushrooms taken at Black Rock on the 25th of April 2003 were found.

The image presents each of the Holy Words of the Magi of the A∴A∴ – Lao-tze’s TAO, Gautama Buddha’s ANATTA, Sri Krishna’s AUMNG, Dionysus’ INRI, Thoth’s AMOUN, Moses’ IHVH, Mohammed’s LA ALLH, and The Great Beast’s ABRAHADABRA. Also included around the Five-Pointed Star of Nuit is Soror Nema’s IPSOS.

Nuit by Josh Iceton