We definitely need to see the world that the greedy want to create. All of natural resources in their hands, all of land in their hands. The same billionaires who are telling the farmers forget the land, take money and leave it, want that land. The same people who say “Oh food is unnecessary we going to make lab food,” are the very people who are then, also, investing in land to have real food. It’s the ultimate colonisation that’s happening. And it’s condensing everything that’s been going wrong. In my view, the witch hunts were really killing those people who lived and taught the life that we are part of nature. The witches were teachers of oneness with nature. They were the ones who were hunted down, and that for a century or two centuries. Nine million people killed in Europe. It was the killing of the ecological mind. Colonialism. Then the chemical agriculture from Hitler’s Germany. The new GMO push. The earlier push, the new push. All of this is combining to say we will disenfranchise you. We will not let you make your living. We will not let you have a livelihood. Because with the Earth, with her animals, with her trees we can create life. The fact that people are marching in every country on the cost of living should become a deeper question. The right to live.

Vandana Shiva 

Vandana Shiva and Sunflower Seed