Acrylic on canvas. Composition for the piece emerged around the 20th of June ’06. A time when recession was far from the minds of the mainstream. The image accurately depicts the ‘Sub-prime Mortgage Crisis,’ catalyst for what has come to be labelled the GFC, two years before the event. In addition, the Climate Change discourse rose to predominance parallel to manifestation of this image.

Therion also obtained a vision at this time. Rainbow effect. Dragon turned to Rainbow as Glory about Soror Achitha.

The Amalantrah Working, Aleister Crowley

O thou that hast beheld the City of the Pyramids, how shouldst thou behold the House of the Juggler? For he is wisdom, and by wisdom hath he made the Worlds, and from that wisdom issue judgements 70 by 4, that are the 4 eyes of the double-headed one; that are the 4 devils, Satan, Lucifer, Leviathan, Belial, that are the great princes of the evil of the world.

The Vision and the Voice – 3rd Aethyr ZON, Aleister Crowley

I am Leviathan, the great Lost Serpent of the Sea. I writhe eternally in torment, and I lash the ocean with my tail into a whirlpool of foam that is venomous and bitter, and I have no purpose. I go no whither. I can neither live nor die. I can but rave and rave in my death agony. I am the Crocodile that eateth up the children of men. And through the malice of BABALON I hunger, hunger, hunger.

The Vision and the Voice – 2nd Æthyr ARN, Aleister Crowley