Acrylic on canvas. The first traces of this piece are found in early August 2004 and painting began in February of 2005.

Nearing completion, illumination dawned of the marriage between verse 74 from chapter III of Liber AL and Horus in this image. Quickly proceeded by further revelation of a fusion betwixt the paintings when positioned as instructed in the previous verse:

73. Paste the sheets from right to left and from top to bottom: then behold!

74. There is a splendour in my name hidden and glorious, as the sun of midnight is ever the son.

Great sphinx head, the top of which comes off like a lid – inside are lots of things – very tiny – They look like human beings – often with cloven feet like devils. They are not devils – they are like satyrs or fauns. Sphinx is like hen sitting on eggs to hatch. Vision of man like shadow or ghost hurrying to distant place, and between me and ghost rain is falling. He is carrying important message

The Amalantrah Working, Aleister Crowley

The Lover