In God We Trust - Intermission of the Novices II


Acrylic on canvas. Started composition 22nd of August 2013. Consecrated 3rd of October, parallel to the second-longest government shut-down in United States history. The sixteen-day-long shutdown of 2013 topped by the thirty-five-day 2018-2019 shutdown, is now the third-longest after the twenty-one-day 1995-96 shutdown. Painting commenced 6th of February 2014 and finished on the 4th of March 2015. This idea originated in congress with Hocus Pocus – Intermission of the Novices Part I and was long intended the follow up to Communion.

Complimentary to Hocus Pocus, the Edward Snowden saga cemented a contemporary relevance, while this time around Victoria Police began wearing body-mounted cameras. Clearly, I’m no advocate of the Surveillance State.

Among other reasons, it’s my opinion the data presented on this website reveals, for those interested in such matters, emanations of the elusive ‘piece and star’ in extension. While certain shared objectives could be inferred, when compared to the self-serving Surveillance State, this work betrays a technology pointless, paranoid, obsolete. Moreover, facilitating a demonstrated potential to transcend the popularised red dawn apocalypse scenario, and embrace a universally harmonious future of regeneration.