Mixed media marker and pencil.

There is emerging today a new Gnosis and a new Art. I have dealt with the former in my Typhonian Trilogy, and have begun to treat of the latter in Nightside of Eden. The art of the New Aeon is a nuclear phenomenon. Its most consciously functioning adept is Salvador Dali, the year of whose birth (1904) coincided with the transmission to Aleister Crowley of the Book of the Law. The fundamental thesis of this stellar or nuclear art is that anti-matter, non-being, and absence, are the source of all objects, all being, all presence. The interaction of the twin poles of genius operating in the fully polarized magical entity will create a nuclear consciousness which, in its explosive impact on the mind will disintegrate the concepts of being and non-being. The resulting transcendent experience of total Beauty, total Bliss, will ‘regenerate the world, the little world my sister’ – our insignificant planet – creating in its violently disruptive vortex of power an identity of God and Man as a supreme absence capable of generating instantaneously, and on all levels, every conceivable time and every conceivable space simultaneously, or not at all. All this is adumbrated in AL, but humanity as yet is upon the threshold of new-aeon consciousness, and that grimoire remains as yet unsealed. But the key to its understanding will unlock the ultimate door and admit the full influx of extra-terrestrial energies. 

Outside the Circles of Time, Kenneth Grant