In conjunction with the Artwork and Commentaries on this website, Dreamtime Nus illuminates a Current running through our Consciousness. A Story we are all creating and a flow that unites us. We can choose to fight this flow in favour of ego and isolation or embrace it towards Love and Union. Awareness and action, love and will, are essential to our progression.

Where there is no vision, the people perish. Proverbs 29:18

If your attention is in the third eye, just imagination is enough to create any phenomena. Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

Also reason is a lie; for there is a factor infinite & unknown; & all their words are skew-wise. Liber AL ch. II, v. 32.

65,000 years ago

-Echoing the Law of Thelema, Indigenous Tribes in Central Australia believed every soul to be a circle, whose circumference is Endless or Eternal and whose centre is within the human body.

1875 E.V.

12th of October: The birth of the Magus Aleister Crowley – To Mega Therion, in Warwickshire, England.

“Man is at the crossroads. Crowley’s passionate urge to save mankind was no mere idealistic pose to appear as a redeemer. He was imbued with the idea of saving mankind from the impending disasters which he supposed would follow upon the non-acceptance, by humanity, of the Law of Thelema as expressed in AL. He saw the prophecies and warnings of AL clearly reflected in the trend of his times. He wanted to save man from the consequences of misusing the tremendous forces that the New Aeon will make available, forces which – once unleashed – will result in a catastrophe beside which that of Atlantis diminishes to non-entity. This was associated in Crowley’s mind with the publication of AL and with the voluminous Comment that he was preparing in Tunis. Writing to Frater O.P.V. in May 1942, Crowley remarked: “It will be fatal to hurry the work of the Comment and associated publications. If these are done perfectly, Thelema may bring to mankind several thousand years of unparalleled spiritual development. But if they are bungled, the Aeon may collapse in less than a hundred years.”

“That collapse does not seem far off today.”

Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God, Kenneth Grant

17th of November: Founding of the Theosophical Society.

-The late 1800s witnessed the colonization of Africa by the British. According to Carl G. Jung, who visited a primitive tribe in East Africa and writes of the experience in his book, ‘Man and his Symbols,’ this period saw the cessation of the Chief and Medicine Man’s meaningful dreams. Jung was told the British official, The District Commissioner, now had the function of dreaming the tribes “great dreams,” thereby determining their behaviour.

1890 E.V.

20th of August: The birth of Howard Phillips Lovecraft – H.P. Lovecraft, Providence, Rhode Island, United States.

Ocean is more ancient than the mountains, and freighted with the memories and the dreams of Time.

H.P. Lovecraft

1904 E.V.

8th, 9th & 10th of April: The Ӕon of Horus commences when Aleister Crowley receives Liber AL from a praetor-human intelligence known as Aiwaz.


1909 E.V.

23rd of November: Picking up where he left off in Mexico, 1900, Aleister Crowley resumes exploration of the Enochian Æthyrs or Aires in Algeria with the poet Victor Neuburg. Their magickal workings resulting in The Vision and the Voice (Liber 418), a sacred text second only to Liber AL in importance to Thelemites.

By the time I reached Bou-Saada and came to the twentieth Æthyr, I began to understand that these visions were, so to speak, cosmopolitan. They brought all systems of magical doctrine into harmonious relation. The symbolism of Asiatic cults; the ideas of the Qabalists, Jewish and Greek; the Arcana of the Gnostics; the Pagan Pantheon, from Mithras to Mars; the mysteries of Ancient Egypt; the initiations of Eleusis; Scandinavian Saga; Celtic and Druidical ritual; Mexican and Polynesian traditions; the Mysticism of Molinos no less than that of Islam, fell into their proper places without the slightest tendency to quarrel. The whole of the past Ӕon appeared in perspective, and each element thereof surrendered its sovereignty to Horus, the Crowned and Conquering Child, the Lord of the Ӕon announced in The Book of the Law.

These visions thus crystallized in dramatic form the theoretical conclusion which my studies of comparative religion had led me to adumbrate. The complexity of the whole vast subject resolved itself into shining simplicity. I saw with my own eyes, and heard with my own ears, the Truth in terms of Time. I understood directly that the formula of Osiris necessarily assumed all sorts of apparently incompatible forms as it was applied to different conditions of race, climate and similar conditions. I saw also that Horus might reconcile all religions, it being possible now to bring all countries to agree on a few fundamental principles. Science had practically driven prejudice into the dark. Faith was little more than a shibboleth which no longer influenced opinion or action. I saw my way to combine a few simple incontrovertible scientific principles into a Law which would allow the loftiest aspirations to seek satisfaction in spiritual spheres, the religious instincts to realise their sublimity through ritual, and to assist the scientific mind to see that even the most materialistic conception of the Cosmos was ultimately mystical, that though mind might be merely a function of matter, yet that matter might equally well be represented as a manifestation of mind. The sequel will show how I fared in this ambitious adventure.

The Confessions of Aleister Crowley: An Autohagiography, Aleister Crowley

1912 E.V.

3rd of September: The First Publication of Liber AL: nine months before the outbreak of the Balkan War, which broke up the Near East. When this was done it was done without proper perfection. Its commands as to how the work ought to be done were not wholly obeyed… Yet, even so, the intrinsic power of the truth of the Law and the impact of publication were sufficient to shake the world, so that a critical war broke out, and the minds of men were moved in a mysterious manner.

Magick Without Tears, Aleister Crowley.

1913 E.V.

23rd of September: The Second Publication of Liber AL: nine months before the outbreak of the World War, which broke up the West. The second blow was struck by the re-publication of the Book in September, 1913, and this time… caused a catastrophe to civilization.

Magick Without Tears, Aleister Crowley

1916 E.V.

-Aleister Crowley spends his Magickal Retirement at Lake Pasquaney in New Hampshire, where he experiences The ‘Star Sponge’ Vision. The Hubble Telescope wasn’t launched until 1990.


1918 E.V.

14th of January: The Amalantrah Working is a series of Communications and Visions received between the 14th of January and the 16th of June, in a Central Park West apartment, New York City. The workings are named after the primary intelligence informing Crowley and the Seer – the Wizard Amalantrah. Apart from the importance of the egg, up until recently interpretation of the working had been shrouded in obscurity.

11th of March: The first known Spanish flu case is reported at a military base in Kansas. The deadliest influenza outbreak in history was an H1N1 avian virus which infected an estimated 500 million people globally – one-third of the planet’s population – killed at least 50 million and lasted until 1920.


vi·​rus | \ ˈvī-rəs  \

plural viruses

Definition of virus

1a: any of a large group of submicroscopic infectious agents that are usually regarded as nonliving extremely complex molecules, that typically contain a protein coat surrounding an RNA or DNA core of genetic material but no semipermeable membrane, that are capable of growth and multiplication only in living cells, and that cause various important diseases in humans, animals, and plants also: FILTERABLE VIRUS

b: a disease or illness caused by a virus

c: the causative agent of an infectious disease

2: something that poisons the mind or soul the force of this virus of prejudice— V. S. Waters

3: a computer program that is usually disguised as an innocuous program or file, that often produces copies of itself and inserts them into other programs, and that when run usually performs a malicious action (such as destroying data or damaging software)

4 archaic : VENOM sense 1

1924 E.V.

23rd of May: The birth of Kenneth Grant – Frater Aossic Aiwass. Occultist, Magickian, Writer, Poet and Founder of The Typhonian Order. In the words of Magickian and graphic novelist Alan Moore, “It is hard to name another single living individual who has done more to shape contemporary western thinking with regard to Magic.”

                  1953 portrait of Kenneth Grant by Austin Osman Spare.

1936 E.V.

23rd of September: The third publication of Liber AL, this time fulfilling the instructions set forth in the Book itself. Nine months before the outbreak of the Second Sino-Japanese Wars, part precursor to the Second World War.

1937 E.V.

15th of March: H.P. Lovecraft dies aged 46, Providence, Rhode Island, United States.

That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may die.

H.P. Lovecraft

For there is no other way into the Supernal Mystery but through her and the Beast on which she rideth; and the Magician is set beyond her to deceive the brothers of blackness, lest they should make unto themselves a crown; for if there were two crowns, then should Ygdrasil, that ancient tree, be cast out into the Abyss, uprooted and cast down into the Outermost Abyss, and the Arcanum which is in the Adytum should be profaned; and the Ark should be touched, and the Lodge spied upon by them that are not masters, and the bread of the Sacrament should be the dung of Choronzon; and the wine of the Sacrament should be the water of Choronzon; and the incense should be dispersion; and the fire upon the Altar should be hate. But lift up thyself; stand, play the man, for behold! there shall be revealed unto thee the Great Terror, the thing of awe that hath no name.

The Vision and the Voice – 3rd Æthyr ZON, Aleister Crowley

22nd of December: The fourth publication of Liber AL. Nine months before the catalyst of the Second World War, the Munich Betrayal.

1938 E.V.

23rd of September: Publication of The Heart of the Master.

1945 E.V.

2nd of September: End of the Second World War aboard U.S. battleship Missouri.

For Choronzon is as it were the shell or excrement of these three paths, and therefore is his head raised unto Daäth, and therefore have the Black Brotherhood declared him to be the child of Wisdom and Understanding, who is but the bastard of the Svastika. And this is that which is written in the Holy Qabalah, concerning the Whirlpool and Leviathan, and the Great Stone.

The Vision and the Voice – 3rd Æthyr ZON, Aleister Crowley

1947 E.V.

-From this year onwards there is a general surge in sightings of Unidentified Objects, not yet called UFOs. Frequently detected manoeuvring above Oakridge Tennessee’s U.S. Department of Energy Test Lab, a major centre for the U.S. Atomic Energy Program.

July: Roswell, New Mexico, an alleged Flying Saucer crashes.

1st of December: Aleister Crowley dies aged 72 at Netherwood, Hastings.

1948 E.V.

2nd of April: Frater Achad – Charles Stansfield Jones announces the commencement of The Aeon of Maat.

1967 E.V.

26th of May: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is released. Out of Liverpool, a city renowned for sea-shanties, embark The Beatles, plumbing the oceanic abyss’ depths, comparable to the great cosmic soup and prototype for so much that follows. Formerly known as The Quarrymen and The Silver Beatles, The Beatles are more or less the most influential band ever with a career spanning 1960-1970. The eighth studio album from the Fab Four, this record cover features an after-show gathering of fans, including Aleister Crowley.



Now therefore thou seest how Men take the Son of Science, and burn him for a Sorcerer or a Heretic; the Poet, and cast him out as Reprobate; the Painter, as deforming Nature, the Musician, as denying Harmony; and so for every New Word. How much more, then, if the Word be of Universal Import, a Word of Revolution, and of Revelation in the Deep of the Soul? A new Star: that is for the Astronomers, and maybe setteth them by the Ears. But a new Sun! That were for all Men, and a Seed of Tumult and Upheaval in every Land. Consider in thyself, therefore, what is the Might of the Adepts, the Energy of the Sanctuary, that can endow one Man with the Word of an Æon, and bring him to the End in Victory, with his Chariot wreathed in Flowers, and his Head bound round with a Fillet of blood-honoured Laurel! My Son, thou art entered into the Battle; and the Men of our Race and of our Clan return not save in Glory.

Liber Aleph – The Book of Wisdom or Folly, Aleister Crowley

1974 E.V.

22nd of December: Soror Nema becomes aware of N’Aton during a Rite at Yule. Adhering instruction during meditation the following day, Nema soon found herself floating in interstellar space from where she observed Liber Pennae Praenumbra, Book of the Aeon of Maat, unfold. Having recorded the contents, Liber Pennae Praenumbra unfolded yet again, this time as an image to be painted.

Black Flame – Nema Andahadna.

1982 E.V.

7th of January: I was born in Cessnock, The Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia.

-Publication of Understanding Your Life Through Colour, by Nancy Ann Tappe, discussing the Indigo Children phenomenon.

-Publication of Holy Blood, Holy Grail, by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln. Proposing, among other things, that Jesus survived the cross and married Magdalene. Sacre bleu!

26th of November: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial phones home (Australian release).

1993 E.V.

16th of September: The Last Action Hero is released.

1994 E.V.


11th of October: Korn releases their first record on Crowleymas Eve. Nuit, Nu, Noosphere-Metal. Their 1997 Life is Peachy tour was the second major concert I attended. Still one of the most outstanding metal records of all time, Pantera’s The Great Southern Trendkill show at the Glasshouse being the first. Jonathan Davis and the band Korn have bravely facilitated a profound service pioneering certain controversial topics throughout their careers. Timeless humanity, heroes. For instance, a commonality shared amongst serial killers is motherly emasculation. Respect and blessings to you, good Sirs.

When I was twelve, I was home sick from school watching Oprah with my mother and the topic of the day was kids that are gay. LGBTQ. So, my mum asked me if I was gay. “No.” “Are you sure?” Excuse me? It was never even slightly a thought. Never in my life have I had a dream like that. Am I humaning wrong? Might get some clown tattoos. I’d kissed girls, a few girls, a lot. This was common knowledge amongst my family. Have you read Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Parzival? Young man, somewhat effeminate face and features, his mother even buys him girls’ clothes at a time. That will give you a general idea.

1998 E.V.

22nd of February: I commenced a relationship with Ma’at v 1.0.

-The Hermit was composed this year.

24th of September: The Truman Show is released.

2001 E.V.

11th of September: Two aeroplanes crash into the World Trade Centre in New York City. Thus begins the War on Terror. Representative of both the date and visual appearance of the towers, 11 is the number of Magick, or energy tending to change.

War is a perversion of sex.

Alan Moore

2002 E.V.

-I met Nephthys v 1.0 and Isis v 1.0 sometime this year.

2003 E.V.

3rd of April: Dreamcatcher is released.

25th of April: I was “hurled across” The Abyss. See the Communion Commentary for an elucidation.

16th of May: The first Matrix film was unleashed in Australia on a Thelemic Holy Day, the 8th of April 1999. The 95th Anniversary of the reception of Liber AL and just over a year since Ma’at v 1.0 and I started going out. Four years later and less than one month since my Crossing The Abyss, May 16th, 2003, saw Neo return to The Source in The Matrix Reloaded. Punctually followed by The Matrix Revolutions on the 5th of November. Neo soon finds he has much more work to do than casually returning to The Source. As we see him venture to the Machine City in Revolutions where he must ‘let go’ (feminine, flow, heart, goddess, infinite, intuition, cycles) to defeat Smith. An extension of himself (masculine, ego, mind, straight lines, limitations and constructs).

Neo’s perception of the interconnectedness of phenomena in (green) code form is a fitting metaphor for the unveiling of universal relationships as interpreted by Qabalists, and in The Matrix Reloaded he even does “this Superman thing,” creating a hurricane in the clouds. Given the conditions of success in this work, it’s also pertinent in order to get the Key, Neo must first kiss Persephone in front of Trinity.

After my prompting Ma’at v 1.0 sometime in 2002 that I believed she would benefit from having some friend-girls in her life (read benevolence and the way of the heart), we soon witnessed the mysterious entrance of two new friends in time for the second and third Matrix films, i.e. Neo’s partner Trinity – 31.

“I just thought, um, you were a guy.” –  Neo

“Most guys do.” – Trinity

All observers are in agreeance the two are practically sisters. Having studied the writings of Kenneth Grant, Aleister Crowley, and various other works of De Arte Magica, I also recognised the three girls resonated with Grant’s observations on the threefold facets of the Goddess – Nu, Isis and Babalon. As discussed in The Going Forth By Day Commentary, following my Pilgrimage to Egypt, I came to realise in this case that Ma’at, Nephthys and Isis are more telling correspondences. Gin’s two new friends being representatives of the sister Goddesses Nephthys (Natalie) and Isis (Vanessa). Nephthys is often referred to as a friend and nurse of the dead and/or Horus the child while Isis is typified as mother and nature goddess. No coincidence I’m sure that Gin met Natalie at the local doctor’s surgery when she joined her behind the desk as a receptionist. The four of us spent several years together in pursuit of The Great Work.

Becoming evident via telling of this saga, it’s also commensurate that upon returning to The Source and meeting The Architect in The Matrix Reloaded, Neo finds himself confronted with a heartrending choice between Trinity and the All. Soon after which we see him end up at Mobil Station in Revolutions, i.e. MOBIL Station, an anagram for LIMBO – between worlds. The below remarks during the ‘jump program’ in the first Matrix film are reflective of Horus standing on the threshold/precipice in The Lover image; that is between worlds.

Parzival: What is the Grail?

Gurnemanz: I may not say:
But if to serve it thou be bidden,
Knowledge of it will not be hidden.
And Lo! Methinks I know thee now indeed;
No earthly road to it doth lead,
By no one can it be detected
Who by itself is not elected.

Parzival: I scarcely move,
Yet swiftly seem to run.

Gurnemanz: My son, thou seest
Here SPACE and TIME are ONE.

31st of July: I purchased Aleister Crowley’s Confessions and would go on to read his account of the ‘Star Sponge’ Vision around the 22nd of September.

27th of August: Mars, the planet of Horus, is 56 million kilometres from Earth, the closest in almost 60,000 years. It will be 284 years before a comparably close approach.

28th of August: Finding Nemo is released. Those familiar with The Vision and the Voice by Aleister Crowley, in particular, the 13th Æthyr ZIM, may find it interesting that on the 28th of August, just four months after Crossing The Abyss, when my name was Nemo – i.e. No Man, Finding Nemo swam onto screens. The clownfish Nemo and his father Marlin, natives of the Great Barrier Reef, off the coast of Queensland Australia, are separated at the beginning of the film. With Nemo ending up in Sydney, the closest capital city to where I was born. Beyond an affinity the name Nemo presents with my story at this time is the qualification I have a half sleeve of clowns (clownfish) tattooed. Occultists know that the clown, harlequin or fool, plays a prominent role in the Western Mystery Tradition – think Parzival, the pure fool of the Graal Romance. Also noteworthy are the similarities between the names Nemo (Omen), Neo (One), and Omné – receiver of the Double Current according to Soror Nema. Mention must also be made to Nemo making a synchronous return to theatres, this time in 3D while producing v 3.0.

And he said: Bethink thee that NEMO hath beheld the face of my Father. In Him is only Peace.

And I said: Are all gardens like unto this garden?

And he waved his hand, and in the Aire across the valley appeared an island of coral, rosy, with green palms and fruit trees, in the midst of the bluest of the seas.

The Vision and the Voice – 13th Æthyr ZIM, Aleister Crowley

17th of October: I bought The Heart of the Master and Little Essays Toward Truth.

2004 E.V.

13th of March: Immortal is released.

“Condemned to death by his peers for rebellion, Horus from Hierakonopolis, the God of Heavens has seven days to seed the Earth of mankind once more; the Earth He helped create. Seven days, the time for one beat of the Divine Heart, not a second more, before being deprived of his Immortality. But even the Gods fear death.”

“Children, my human children, I’m back.” – Horus

Just weeks after finalising arrangement of The Lover canvas, French movie Immortal premieres on the 13th of March 2004 in Belgium, followed by its release on DVD in the U.S. a year later on the 21st June. I hadn’t even heard of Immortal until after producing The Lover when Ma’at v 1.0 advised she’d hired it from the local video store. Compounding the high strangeness in The Going Forth By Day Commentary, the story takes place in a future New York City (Rose’ hometown) populated by gods, mutants, extraterrestrials and humans. Resonating The Amalantrah Working, Central Park, the location of the workings, is declared an ‘intrusion zone’ in the film.

Also featured, the hour-glass or double cone motif, a pyramid hovering over Manhattan (representative of our Pilgrimage to Egypt), a mysterious woman with blue hair (Maat – as illustrated in The Lover), blue tears and powers unknown to her. Along with Horus and Jill/Maat spending time in a NYC hotel room (mirroring my reunion with Rose in New York). While Horus’ quest to find a suitable human host to secure Immortality sees him reject seven candidates before finding a compatible vessel. A man who’s been frozen for 30 years. Aleister Crowley died in 1947, and I was born in 1982. 35 and not 30 years difference I know. Still, in light of certain details to follow, the approximation is worth keeping in mind.

2nd of July: Inauguration of the first 3rdeyeart-work, The Hermit – Another prophet shall arise, and bring fresh fever from the skies. It wasn’t until painting The Lover and the subsequent 2005 Atlantic Hurricane Season that I realised the correspondence between these works and fresh fever from the skies as prophesied in Liber AL.

The current era of extreme Hurricane activity in the Atlantic Basin commenced in 1995, with a dramatic increase in the number of Tropical Storms and Hurricanes, along with an Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE) total of 228 for the Season. Prior to this, the last time the ACE reached over 200 was in 1961. While only another four sporadic occurrences can be found since records began in 1851. In 2004 the Atlantic Hurricane Season saw an Accumulated Cyclone Energy total of 227 and the first time since 1995 that the ACE exceeded 200; hence the prophecy fresh fever. This was followed by the all-time record of 250 for the 2005 Season. Not once in 160 years of data is there another instance of two consecutive years with an ACE over 200. With 2004 seeing the creation of the first 3rdeyeart-works and 2005 the birth of, we have here the beginning of an intimate relationship between this work and fresh fever from the skies.

31st of July: Marking the fifth latest start since 1952, Alex, the first named Storm of the 2004 Atlantic Hurricane Season forms. Significantly, the ’04 Season was the first time four Hurricanes have hit one State in one Season since 1886, and despite a weak El Niño arising in August the month also saw a record 8 Storms. In fact, the Season was well above the (1950-2000) average of 11 Named Storms, 6 Hurricanes and 2.5 Major Hurricanes (Category 3-5), with 15 Named Storms, 9 Hurricanes and 6 Major Hurricanes. At its conclusion, the ’04 Season resulted in one of the highest Accumulated Cyclone Energy totals ever seen, and was also one of the costliest and deadliest of the previous decade.

8th of August: Initial completion of The Hermit, then known as ‘The Search.’

6th of September: I started painting The Man of Earth.

8th of October: I received a reply to the second letter I’d sent to Kenneth Grant. A response that has proved remarkably insightful, both at the time and also in light of recent developments regarding The Amalantrah Working – discussed in the Going Forth By Day Commentary. We are to go to Egypt for the Key. The key might be in centre of egg when it is broken. It is a small golden key. The Amalantrah Working, Aleister Crowley

This letter was unmistakably composed on a typewriter; somewhat suggestively, the word counsellor is misspelled:

counsee llor – with two letter L’s sitting atop the two E’s, reads see L. That is, L, the shape the three canvases form when ordered as per the instructions in Liber AL. Received at a time when I’d only just begun the second painting in the series! Furthermore, there is only one letter E in counsellor, and Kenneth Grant was an accomplished, professional writer.

The graphic work is a reference to a photo of the newly completed Hermit canvas, along with an early ultra-violet version of the Nuit image.

*Note, the address has been removed from just underneath my name, i.e. J. Iceton, Esq.,

Oblique to the paths that give on to other dimensions, and beyond them, there lies a region which the author has named the Mauve Zone. Mystics, magicians, sorcerers, alchemists, artists of many kinds have – over the centuries – skirted it, stumbled upon it, and fled from it. Very few have penetrated beyond it and survived, or cared to leave any record of the experience. Those who did, have had to present their accounts as fiction or discover a new means of communication – via weird art, symbols, hieroglyphics, signs which fellow pilgrims alone might recognise.

Access to the Mauve Zone has been facilitated in more recent times by the use of magical systems developed by occultists such as Austin Osman Spare and Aleister Crowley, both of whom established contact with inter-dimensional entities possessed of transhuman knowledge and power. Both systems involve the use of sexual magick to open hidden gates that have remained sealed for centuries.

Beyond the Mauve Zone, Kenneth Grant

28th of October: Saw original completion of The Man of Earth.

November: I started a relationship with Nephthys v 1.0.

26th of December: Just two months after completion of The Man of Earth, a 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Sumatra, causing a massive Tsunami and tremors in Indonesia and Southern Thailand; tragically resulting in the deaths of over 100,000 people in Indonesia and over 5,000 in Thailand.

2005 E.V.

16th of February: I finalised illustration of The Lover, painting promptly ensued.

27th of June: Nearing completion, illumination dawned of the marriage between verse 74 from chapter III of Liber AL and Horus on The Lover canvas. Quickly proceeded by further revelation of a fusion betwixt the paintings when positioned as instructed in the previous verse:

73. Paste the sheets from right to left and from top to bottom: then behold!

74. There is a splendour in my name hidden and glorious, as the sun of midnight is ever the son.

30th of June: I discussed plans to create this website (v 1.0) with a friend after a Team Sleep concert.

5th of July: Biggest start to the Atlantic Hurricane Season ever with 4 Named Storms, including what would become Category 4 Hurricane Dennis. At its conclusion, the 2005 Atlantic Hurricane Season broke many records. With 27 Tropical Storms, 15 Hurricanes and 7 Major Hurricanes (4 of these being Category 5 Hurricanes) ’05 ranked well above the average 11 Tropical Storms, 6 Hurricanes and 2.5 Major Hurricanes. Furthermore, 2005 saw an all-time record Accumulated Cyclone Energy Total of 250, or 285% of the 1950-2005 median. Also of note, Hurricane Katrina, the most expensive and destructive Atlantic Basin Hurricane ever recorded, and Hurricane Wilma, the most intense Atlantic Basin Hurricane recorded, both struck in the ’05 Season.

Another prophet shall arise, and bring fresh fever from the skies…

Liber AL ch. III, v.34

7th of July: Fantastic Four is released. Succeeding scientist Reed Richards’ assertion evolution could be accelerated by exposure to cosmic radiation, four astronauts board a space station and rendezvous with a cloud of cosmic energy; thereby gaining superpowers. As in The Matrix, the numbers 13 and 31 are prevalent in the Fantastic 4, i.e. Invisible Woman, Mr Fantastic, Human Torch, Thing – 1 x Female, 3 x Male heroes.

11th of July: Following work on all three images, The Hermit, The Lover, and The Man of Earth, for upcoming photography, this day saw initial completion of The Lover.

25th of August: Hurricane Katrina, the eleventh Named Tropical Storm of the Season made landfall north of Miami Florida. Category 5 at its peak, Hurricane Katrina was one of the most destructive and expensive natural disasters in the history of the United States. Resulting in a humanitarian crisis unseen since the stock-market crash of 1929 and the resulting Great Depression. The information age propelled Hurricane Katrina and its tragic aftermath into the Consciousness of the Collective. Facilitating, perhaps for the first time, a dialogue and increased awareness of the consequences of our actions (and inactions!) on a Global scale. Six months later An Inconvenient Truth was released.

22nd of September: The Hermit, The Lover, and The Man of Earth are photographed in preparation for go-live.

3rd of October: The birth of

-Solar Eclipse.

30th of November: Sees conclusion of the costliest Atlantic Hurricane Season on record, with over $100 billion in damages in the U.S. alone.

6th of December: Approaching the Kundry days, Nephthys v 1.0 and I were watching the film Waking Life at 1.30am. When a character was discussing Philip K Dick’s idea that, “A demiurge created the illusion of time to make people forget…” when the loudest clap of thunder I’ve heard literally shook the ground, the T.V. went blank, and the speakers silent. “Never in my life!” exclaimed Nephthys. Turning the T.V. back on to hear the rest of the sentence, “Christ is about to return, and the Kingdom of God was about to arrive.”

29th of December: I posted a third series of letters to various Australian Media outlets regarding the ramifications of this work, prophecy and Liber AL.

Another prophet shall arise, and bring fresh fever from the skies…

Liber AL ch. III, v.34

Unfortunately, I received no response to this or the previous two series of letters.

2006 E.V.

26th of January: A mini-Tornado and Storm swept across the eastern suburbs of Melbourne between 5.30 pm and 7.30 pm. Damaging over 20 homes in Main St Blackburn. The same location the psylocibes taken on the 25th of April 2003 were collected. The reportedly sudden Storm struck exactly as I was stretching a fresh canvas to paint the Nuit image. Blackburn is not listed in traditional Tornado paths.

30th of March: V for Vendetta is released. The Wachowski brothers return to Australian cinemas to bring Alan Moore’s graphic novel, V for Vendetta, to the big screen. Originally scheduled for release on the 5th of November 2005 – Guy Fawkes Day, the film was postponed worldwide due to the 7/7 London Bombings. Much has been written elsewhere regarding the many ‘psychic-leaks’ in various artworks prior to September 11, depicting that event in startling clarity. Where possible ‘leaks’ of this kind are generally redone, reshot, or censored from the original. If, however, a leak is integral to the plot, as is the case in V for Vendetta, deliverance of the piece is typically delayed.

Not ten minutes into the movie we see a representation of Maat atop The Old Bailey in the form of Lady Justice. Facilitating a resurgence in what had become a stagnant experiment in the real world, Ma’at v 1.0 asked, “Have I missed something?” After viewing the final Act where V places the outcome of his work and an important decision in the hands of Evey. Also of interest, the film features the motto of a Master of the Temple, Vi veri veniversum vivus vici – By the power of truth, I, while living, have conquered the universe.

“God is in the rain.” – Evey

6th of April: The Nuit painting is photographed.

25th of May: X-Men 3: The Last Stand is released. When a cure for mutation is created lines are drawn and sides are taken. Escalating into an all-out war between humans and mutants, we see Jean Grey’s resurrection as the powerful Dark Phoenix result in her killing her mentor Xavier. Finding more in common with the villain Magneto’s Brotherhood than the X-Men. Meanwhile, Iceman (Iceton) still struggles to touch his girlfriend Rogue, aka Marie (Marie is Isis v 1.0′s middle name), due to her (ego crushing?) superpowers; pursuing connection with another X-girl – Nephthys v 1.0. In conclusion, Rogue is the only mutant who opts to be ‘cured.’

10th of June: The first Named Storm of the 2006 Atlantic Hurricane Season, Tropical Storm Alberto forms. Following on from a dramatic Season in ’05, thankfully forecasters’ estimates of only a slightly less active Season were proved wrong. With the ’06 Hurricane Season significantly quieter than predicted, it became the first year since 2001 in which no Hurricanes made landfall in the United States. In total, the Season saw a below average 10 Named Storms, 5 Hurricanes and 2 Major Hurricanes.

This Season could be interpreted as somewhat of an anomaly in relation to my observations regarding an association between severe Hurricane and Cyclone events and the manifestation of 3rdeyeart-works. Notably, as the Nuit image went live sometime in late April, and composition for E.V. began just weeks after the start of the Atlantic Hurricane Season on the 20th of June. Although to be clear, work on this outline was sporadic at best, taking almost six months to complete, read Kundry, and perhaps corroborative of a parallel to the quiet Atlantic Hurricane Season. Another factor for our consideration of course, 2006 was an El Niño year, with the previous three El Niño years all resulting in less active Hurricane Seasons. That said, as if to emphasise a connection between fever from the skies and these works, there is an incredibly synchronous relationship between genesis of the Nuit painting and Tornado/Cyclone activity. And as we shall see, release of E.V. (featuring the Atlantic Basin) along with 3rdeyeart v 2.0 in 2008, presaged the second most destructive Atlantic Hurricane Season on record.

20th of June: I started drawing E.V. around this time, if not a couple days earlier.

29th of June: Superman Returns is released. Horus the twice born with arms outstretched in the Sign of the Enterer. Clark Kent returns to Metropolis after a five-year absence (2004-2009 in our chronology) to find Lois Lane has moved on and started a family. Of course, Superman manages to save the day, but not before soaking up some sun/star-light (twice-born). We all know Superman’s weakness is the (green) kryptonite, yet somewhat surprisingly for the romantics in the audience, he doesn’t get the girl! The connotations of these aspects of the story shall be made luminous, momentarily.

Preceding his departure at the end of the film it seems we just can’t escape those archetypes when manifesting our contemporary heroes. As the most super of superheroes evokes strong parallels with the West’s most super of Saviours. Sharing the same spiritually loaded words with his son that were spoken to him by his father, Superman advises: “You will be different. Sometimes you’ll feel like an outcast. But you’ll never be alone. You will make my strength your own. You will see my life through your eyes, as your life will be seen through mine. The Son becomes the Father, and the Father becomes the Son.”

1st of December: I stretched the E.V. canvas.

Victoria’s longest running bushfires commenced when State-wide lightning ignited 200 blazes, resulting in the use of streetlamps and headlights as day turned an eerie red night during the course of the fires – E.V.

51. There are four gates to one palace; the floor of that palace is of silver and gold; lapis lazuli & jasper are there; and all rare scents; jasmine & rose, and the emblems of death. Let him enter in turn or at once the four gates; let him stand on the floor of the palace. Will he not sink? Amn. Ho! warrior, if thy servant sink? But there are means and means. Be goodly therefore: dress ye all in fine apparel; eat rich foods and drink sweet wines and wines that foam! Also, take your fill and will of love as ye will, when, where and with whom ye will! But always unto me.

52. If this be not aright; if ye confound the space-marks, saying: They are one; or saying, They are many; if the ritual be not ever unto me: then expect the direful judgments of Ra Hoor Khuit!

53. This shall regenerate the world, the little world my sister, my heart & my tongue, unto whom I send this kiss. Also, o scribe and prophet, though thou be of the princes, it shall not assuage thee nor absolve thee. But ecstasy be thine and joy of earth: ever To me! To me!

Liber AL ch. I

14th of December: Sees verification of the negative impact of the Kundry (Nephthys v 1.0) era when the City of Melbourne disappears in a haze of smoke for several days from the fires now burning in Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales. With visibility down to just 2km in the CBD, air quality was ten times worse than average, and the smell of smoke permeated everything; the EPA advising they recorded their worst results since observations began. Camp Sovereignty, Mr Thorpe? E.V., Mr Iceton?

25th of December: The crazy weather continues when Melbourne experiences its coldest Christmas Day on record. While some ‘lucky’ Victorians were treated to a white Christmas as snow fell in the Alps!

2007 E.V.

January: Reminiscent of the rainbow motif in the (under construction) E.V. image, Comet McNaught, the brightest comet in over 40 years, is clearly visible in night skies.

7th of February: After three long months the fires burning in Victoria’s Great Dividing Range are finally contained.

16th of May: E.V. was photographed (further work would be done before its appearance online).

17th of May: Rainfall in Southern Australia. Expectations were high for a strong La Niña period to bring steady rainfall, alleviating the strain of what was alleged to be the worst drought the continent had seen in “1000 years.”

21st of June: Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer is released. Mirroring the circumstances between Ma’at, Isis, Nephthys and myself, two members of the Fantastic 4 are taking steps toward marriage. Under the weight of trials and tribulations inherent in being a part-time superhero, Sue Storm confronts Reed Richards about her concerns of not being able to have a ‘normal life,’ and raise a family together. Both Ma’at v 1.0 and Isis v 1.0 ended up married with children to the partners they were with at this time. As a result of my going into overtime with Nephthys v 1.0, a journal entry on the 20th of June confirms I’d lost Isis v 1.0′s trust just a week earlier. In retrospect, it’s clear this era marked the close of my initial opportunity to know Nuit. I’d lost Isis v 1.0′s trust just a week earlier. In retrospect, it’s clear this era marked the close of my initial opportunity to know Nuit.

Driven ever by a curse:
Countless distresses
Battles and conflicts
Drove me far from the pathway;
Well though I knew it, methought.

30th of November: Official end of the 2007 Atlantic Hurricane Season. Aside from Hurricanes Dean and Felix there were only four other Hurricanes, each Category 1. With 15 Named Storms, 6 Hurricanes and 2 Major Hurricanes, from a certain angle the Season ranks above the long-term averages of 11 Named Storms, 6 Hurricanes and 2.5 Major Hurricanes. Yet the Accumulated Cyclone Energy total was just 84% of the 1950-2000 median, and this with a La Niña occurrence that encouraged forecasters to predict higher than normal activity. In conclusion, the ’07 Season was one of the least active since 1995, with only one Hurricane, Humberto, making landfall in the United States. Might there be a link between a relative low in activity and the fact that there were no artworks under construction/added to conjunct with the Season?

2008 E.V.

16th of March: Undeniable signs of financial instability in the U.S. with Bear Stearns, the country’s fifth largest investment bank, falling victim to the ‘Sub-prime Mortgage Crisis.’

20th of March: Horton Hears a Who is released. When Horton Hears a Who, on a speck on a floating flower he is quickly ridiculed by Kangaroo. “If you can’t see, hear, or feel something, it doesn’t exist. And believing in tiny imaginary people is just not something we do or tolerate. Here in the jungle of Nool…Our community has standards Horton. If you want to remain a part of it I recommend you follow them.” Knowing how all this business with the speck will look to their neighbours, even Horton’s friend Morton the Mouse tells him, “I’m really happy you found this spec and all. But ya might wanna think about keeping it to yourself.”

Meanwhile, down in Whoville the Mayor is met with disbelief and ridicule when he shares his observations of recent irregularities. “Well, it’s, news. I don’t know if we need to go labelling it good or bad or anything like that. The thing is, I have noticed some odd goings on, in Whoville lately.” “Good on goings on?” interjects the Councilman. “Well, you know, tremors, clouds swirling in the sky…”

“Don’t you see? We’re in the middle of some kind of amazing cosmic convergence. Two vastly different worlds, miraculously crossing paths. Mine, colossal! Yours, mipostcule. Yet somehow, we’ve managed to make contact. If you think about it, it’s pretty amazing.” – Horton

“It’s snowing, in the summer.” – Dr. Mary Lou Larue

I can imagine what you’re thinking right about now. But then parts of my home State of Victoria had a white Christmas just over a year before in 2006 and it also snowed during the Summer of 2010… That’s snowing, in Australia, in the Summer folks!

22nd of March: version 2.0 goes live, exhibiting the newly completed E.V. artwork. Planning for the piece emerged around the 20th of June ’06, a time when recession was far from the minds of the mainstream. The image accurately depicts the ‘Sub-prime Mortgage Crisis,’ catalyst for what has come to be labelled the GFC, two years before the event.

1st of July: Findings are published for the 14-month follow-up to a scientific study conducted at John Hopkins University to investigate potential positive effects of psilocybin. The primary psychoactive chemical found in magick mushrooms, it’s alleged psilocybin proffers positive life-changing realisations and expansions of consciousness. 60% of participants in the experiment rated the experience as profoundly meaningful and spiritually significant. Claiming it enhanced their well-being and facilitated a genuine mystical experience. None of the volunteers reported a decreased sense of well-being.

In an article from the Baltimore City Paper Bill Richards – Psychiatrist, Comparative Religion Scholar and Co-Facilitator of the Psilocybin Experiments at John Hopkins discusses one of the stages of the psychedelic experience:

“And then…we enter the archetypal realm. Visions of Christ, or Buddha, or Greek gods…imagery from the Book of Revelation, that sort of thing. What’s fascinating is that they often experience things far outside of their life histories, Christians seeing the Buddha, or someone seeing Egyptian or Hindu or other unfamiliar iconography. Certainly not the stuff they learned in Sunday school. It’s fascinating – almost as if there’s a universal cache of knowledge they’re tapping into.”

Lundahl, one of the participants in the Experiment recounts her Journey:

“And I saw this jester. And he was coming down the street. I was in the crowd, I was right there. And one side of him was totally black, and the other side was totally colourful, and here he is, just laughing.” She closes her eyes, remembering. “And I’m getting the image of the dark side of life, and the light side, and here is this jester…just laughing! Laughing at the human condition, that we humans think we have any clue as to what is really going on. And I started chuckling, and then I started laughing, and I’m thinking – we’re so clueless! I was laughing with God, and with the jester, and with everything, and I said to myself, `We humans, we’re just so silly! We think we know. We don’t know. What is this experience on this earth? This is amazing.’ When you really start to think about it–how could this be?”

“And then, immediately, I was in a parade. But this time it was Jesus. Coming down the street. And just wiped…totally wiped…dragging the cross. Beaten up badly. And the crowd had gathered.” She pauses. “Now I don’t have a religious background. I don’t know the Bible stories. I don’t know any of this stuff. And yet…I was right in the crowd, right at the moment when he turns and says, `Forgive them, Lord, for they know not what they do.’”

“And it had gone from the jester…the cluelessness of us…to the forgiveness, and the ignorance of what we do to each other. And I felt it. And I got it on different levels. What I do to people, what people have done to me, what communities do, and what nations do. The cluelessness, the ignorance. We just know not what we do.”

Richards continues:

“After the archetypal realm comes the mystical state. There’s a dimension of awesomeness, of profound humility, of the self being stripped bare. In the psychology of religion, mystical experience is well-described–unity, transcendence of time and space, noetic knowledge, sacredness, ineffability….It’s the sacred dimension of revelation, but it can be what Kierkegaard called `fear and trembling’– incredibly profound and powerful terrain to travel.”

“People who have never studied the psychology of religion hear `mystical,’ and it sounds like `misty’… something vague, not very precise or clear. We know what we’re talking about, but the man on the street doesn’t. So who would want a mystical experience? I’d rather get drunk!”

The Knower of Truth should go about the world outwardly stupid like a child, a madman or a devil.


Succeeding an obsession with drawing and painting clowns in magickal year 11 (1998), my introductory tattoo and the first of three jesters/clowns/harlequins was inked on my right shoulder in 1999. Well before learning the occult significance of the ‘fool’, the release of Finding Nemo, or studying Liber AL – The fool readeth this Book of the Law, and its comment; & he understandeth it not. Liber AL ch. III, v. 63. I read the above article on the 10th of October 2009, at which time the epically solid black fractal had been coloured five years earlier, 8th of July 2004. Evidently, an unintentional yet well established ‘dark side, light side’ arrangement was in play; the skull and Om both tattooed pre-fractal.

In light of our discussion regarding the validity of entheogens in facilitating the evolution of consciousness and genuine mystical experiences, Lundahl’s Vision, juxtaposed with Crowley’s observations on the ‘Star Sponge’ form of Deep Space, presents another uniquely objective affirmation of this work and the Visionary Experience. Its import augmented due to appearance via scientific study. While the photos may lack absolute precision in their alignment to Lundahl’s Journey when certain other details on this website are considered the resonation is distinct, indicative of merit to a correlation. A remarkably compelling parallel to Crowley’s The Vision and the Voice, and his comments regarding the text from his Confessions.

3rd of July: Hancock is released. Down and out superhero Hancock explains: “I apologise to the people of Los Angeles. My behaviour has been improper and I accept the consequences. I ask my fellow Angelenos for their patience and understanding. Life here can be difficult for me. After all, I’m the only one of my kind. During my incarceration, I will be participating in alcohol and anger management treatment. You deserve better from me, I can be better, I will be better.”

“What are we?” – Hancock

“Gods, angels, different cultures call us by different names. Now all of a sudden it’s superhero.” – Mary

As the plot unfolds, we discover Hancock isn’t the only one with superpowers and that Mary (Nephthys v 1.0), the wife of Hancock’s PR Campaign Manager is, in fact, concealing her own super-ness. We also learn that the two spending time together becomes problematic, resulting in their powers diminishing. With Nephthys v 1.0 dying her hair blonde the majority of the time we were together, I was provided with yet another direct connection between the world of celluloid (Charlize Theron’s Mary) and manifestation. Also of relevance, the tornado meme presents itself yet again when multiple tornadoes rage in a showdown between Hancock and Mary. See also the conclusion of the film, depicting a love heart on the moon i.e. The Lover image.

7th of July: In concert with work on Hocus Pocus, and just months after the launch of v 2.0 and the E.V. image, Tropical Storm Bertha is upgraded to Hurricane status. Bertha was the first Hurricane of the 2008 Atlantic Hurricane Season, which was to become the second most destructive Hurricane Seasons on record. In total, the 2008 Atlantic Hurricane Season saw 16 Named Storms, 8 Hurricanes and 5 Major Hurricanes. Well above the average of 11 Named Storms, 6 Hurricanes and 2.5 Major Hurricanes. Another calamitous Season aligned with 3rdeyeart milestones.

11th of July: Amid fears of ‘peak oil’ and reports claiming the resource’s scarcity, the world sees an all-time record for the price of the commodity as it reaches $147.27 (U.S.) per barrel. E.V….

6th of September: Fannie Mae, or the Federal National Mortgage Association, and Freddie Mac, the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation are placed into conservatorship. These two companies were set up in 1938 toward the end of The Great Depression and were responsible for about $5 trillion, or roughly half of the U.S.A.’s mortgage debt.

10th of September: Just six months after E.V. goes live the first proton beam is successfully steered around the newly completed LHC. Retrospectively of interest as the E.V. canvas features the initial depiction of the omnidirectional star and atom motif also used in the Communion piece – the unfragmentary non-atomic fact of my universality. i.e. a Higgs boson.

15th of September: With over 150 years in business and 25,000 employees, Lehman Brothers file the largest bankruptcy in U.S. history.

3rd of October: A $700 billion Wall Street bailout funded by the American taxpayer, also known as the Troubled Assets Relief Program, is rushed into law.

10th of October: E.V. strikes again as we see the end of the worst week ever on Wall St.

24th of November: Citigroup scores a $306 billion bailout from the American people (government). Established nearly 200 years ago, Citibank was the largest bank in the world in 2007. However, ‘08 saw their stocks fall roughly 80%.

2009 E.V.

2nd of January: I learned the elements of Going Forth By Day when Nephthys v 1.0 and I watched a History Channel documentary on E.A. Wallis Budge and The Egyptian Book of the Dead.

7th of February: Sees direful judgments as the Kundry days take their toll with the most devastating fires in Australia’s recorded history, the Black Saturday Bushfires.

51. There are four gates to one palace; the floor of that palace is of silver and gold; lapis lazuli & jasper are there; and all rare scents; jasmine & rose, and the emblems of death. Let him enter in turn or at once the four gates; let him stand on the floor of the palace. Will he not sink? Amn. Ho! warrior, if thy servant sink? But there are means and means. Be goodly therefore: dress ye all in fine apparel; eat rich foods and drink sweet wines and wines that foam! Also, take your fill and will of love as ye will, when, where and with whom ye will! But always unto me.

52. If this be not aright; if ye confound the space-marks, saying: They are one; or saying, They are many; if the ritual be not ever unto me: then expect the direful judgments of Ra Hoor Khuit!

53. This shall regenerate the world, the little world my sister, my heart & my tongue, unto whom I send this kiss. Also, o scribe and prophet, though thou be of the princes, it shall not assuage thee nor absolve thee. But ecstasy be thine and joy of earth: ever To me! To me!

Liber AL ch. I

23rd of February: I broke up with Nephthys v 1.0 (Kundry).

9th–29th of March: Saw minor work undertaken on Hocus Pocus.

1st of June–30th of November: Results in a below average 2009 Atlantic Hurricane Season. With an Accumulated Cyclone Energy Total of just 60% of the median, it was only the second Season since 1995 with below normal activity (the other being 1997). In total, the ’09 Season saw 9 Named Storms, 3 Hurricanes and 2 Major Hurricanes. Looking at the stats since work here at 3rdeyeart commenced back in 2004, we have an average of 17.5 Named Storms, 9 Hurricanes and 4 Major Hurricanes per year (2004-2012, 2009 excluded). 2009 saw only two Australian Region Cyclones of note, with Tropical Cyclone Hamish resulting in precautionary evacuations at the Whitsunday group of Islands, and Tropical Cyclone Laurence causing considerable damage to properties North-east of Port Hedland. The majority of Storms struggled to maintain Cyclone intensity upon landfall.

Both of these Seasons parallel affairs at 3rdeyeart. There were no new artworks added to the site in 2009. Following minor efforts in March no artwork was in process either. Instead, the first six months of the year were spent focused on completing nine months daily practice in meditation, whilst evaluating the losses incurred and lessons learned as a result of the Kundry days. Where to from here? Are the pieces worth picking up? Is that even possible? The quietest year at 3rdeyeart yet sees also the quietest Atlantic Hurricane Season since 1997.

There is, however, another factor that should be considered regarding the below average statistics for the 2009 Hurricane and Cyclone Seasons – El Niño developed in the month of June. Occurring at three to seven-year intervals, El Niño is known to reduce Hurricane and Cyclone activity while La Niña years typically see an increase. As discussed, the last El Niño episode was in 2006 and saw a marked reduction in Tropical Storms. At this point, one might assert it to be mere coincidence that ’06 and ’09 saw both a lull in production at 3rdeyeart in conjunction with below average Cyclone and Hurricane Seasons. However, combined analysis of the 2004 – 2012 Seasons substantiates trends concurrent to 3rdeyeart, indicating ‘coincidence’ may be an inadequate reduction of the data. Especially when the relationship between this work and various other meteorological phenomena, such as drought and rainfall, is also taken into account. The interpretation of our story here presented is in alignment with records at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, along with Melbourne Water, and permits a vitally far-reaching step forward, whereby we’re granted the potential for healing and regeneration.

This shall regenerate the world, the little world my sister, my heart & my tongue, unto whom I send this kiss…

Liber AL ch. I, v.53

29th of October: The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus is released.

“You my friend, you probably think it’s some kind of scam don’t ya?” – Anton

“Well ain’t it?” – Tony

“Hahaha, no… Nah it’s not. I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t expect you to understand, no, not in a million years.” – Anton

“Right, so if ah, Doctor Parnassus can really control people’s minds, then why isn’t he ruling the world then? Hey? Why bother with this little ah… sideshow, act?” – Tony

“It’s not a sideshow. He, he don’t wanna rule the world. He wants the world to rule itself.” – Anton

Having just portrayed a clown in The Dark Knight, and again in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Australian actor Heath Ledger died midway through filming. Johnny Depp, Colin Farrel and Jude Law (31) lending a hand to complete production. This talking picture deals with matters cognate to the Graal Romance Parzival. Namely, themes of the Spiritual Quest of Love, Redemption and Regeneration; and from my recollection it was around the time of the film’s release that the climate change debate became a little more complicated.

Winning a wager with the Devil over who could recruit twelve disciples first, on the one side, “the necessities of danger, fear, fabled bliss of ignorance.” And on the other, “the power of the imagination to transform and illuminate our lives.” The victorious Parnassus is awarded his prized immortality. Soon looking every day of his now 1000 years, times have changed, and no-one cares for the Doctor’s stories anymore. So when he falls in love, he chooses instead to jump off a precipice in despair and desperation at his predicament. Caught posthaste by the Devil, and granted mortality, youth and greater powers, the Doctor attains his heart’s desire. Lover in arm aboard a gondola featuring the figurehead of Anubis on the prow, Parnassus soon learns his love comes at a cost. As he witnesses the pollution, corruption, death and devastation of the temporarily idyllic world around him. “I was so in love, so in love, but at what price, but at what price, but at what price…” Although we’d broken up in February ’09, it was the last film that Nephthys v 1.0, or Kundry (Nephthys is consort to Set according to some accounts) and I would see together.

A surreal yet consistent evidence of truth and foresight can be found in the above considerations. These synchronicities are not minor elements in these films, by and large they are core aspects of each story. In light of the above, some profound questions regarding the relationship between consciousness, the imagination, the creation of art and manifestation are raised. Presenting a reality that is inter-connected and malleable to a degree not yet realised, whereby our EVERY THOUGHT and EVERY ACT are of crucial effect and importance to the collective. It would have been far easier (and less embarrassing!) to adhere to a strictly magicko-spiritual branding on this site. Remaining silent on these highly strange parallels, maintaining a comforting divide between the world of make-believe and manifestation. For what it’s worth, I really didn’t want to bring all this up. However, that didn’t seem to be working out too well.

I see my scornful mockers wither:
Now look they for forgiveness hither?
Like blessed sweet dew a tear from thee too floweth?
Thou weepest – see! The landscape gloweth.

17th of December: Avatar, the most successful film of all time is released. My brother and I went to see it just weeks before my first overseas trip in early January 2010. Destination – South America, to participate in Journeys with the Amazonian brew Ayahuasca. A wheelchair-bound protagonist, Jake Sully, takes his brother’s place in the Avatar program in the hope of funding a costly procedure to walk again. Plugging his personality into the body and mind of an artificially manufactured human/Na’vi (Pandora native) hybrid, Jake is able to navigate and interact with the breathtakingly beautiful alien world, and communicate with its inhabitants. The screenplay could be interpreted as a thinly veiled metaphor for the current world situation and the use of this sacred medicine – ayahuasca; translated as ‘spirit vine,’ or ‘vine of souls.’ Think Eywa, and ‘Tree of Souls’ from the film. Ayahuasca and Avatar’s ‘Tree of Souls’ present, in essence, identical processes and potentials.

“Who’s Eywa? Only their deity! Their goddess, made up of all living things. Everything they know! You’d know this if you had any training whatsoever.”– Norm Spellman

2010 E.V.

January: My first overseas trip. Destination – South America, to participate in Journeys with the Amazonian brew ayahuasca.

February: I met Isis v 2.0.

20th of April: An explosion on the Deepwater Horizon Offshore Drilling Rig results in the largest marine oil spill in history. With a massive plume of smoke soon billowing from the rig in the Gulf of Mexico, yet another connection to the E.V. piece comes to mind.

17th of July: Started touch-up work on The Hermit, E.V., and Hocus Pocus pieces.

27th of August: I made a bond payment to move in with Isis v 2.0.

5th of September: My home State of Victoria receives a week’s worth of rain in one day! Heavy rainfall saw water storages rise to 42.5% and the State Government ease water restrictions to Stage 2. At the same time in ’09 storage levels were at 28.8%. See also Melbourne Water’s Weekly Water Report.

51. There are four gates to one palace; the floor of that palace is of silver and gold; lapis lazuli & jasper are there; and all rare scents; jasmine & rose, and the emblems of death. Let him enter in turn or at once the four gates; let him stand on the floor of the palace. Will he not sink? Amn. Ho! warrior, if thy servant sink? But there are means and means. Be goodly therefore: dress ye all in fine apparel; eat rich foods and drink sweet wines and wines that foam! Also, take your fill and will of love as ye will, when, where and with whom ye will! But always unto me.

52. If this be not aright; if ye confound the space-marks, saying: They are one; or saying, They are many; if the ritual be not ever unto me: then expect the direful judgments of Ra Hoor Khuit!

53. This shall regenerate the world, the little world my sister, my heart & my tongue, unto whom I send this kiss. Also, o scribe and prophet, though thou be of the princes, it shall not assuage thee nor absolve thee. But ecstasy be thine and joy of earth: ever To me! To me!

Liber AL ch. I

11th of September: Isis v 2.0 and I moved into 125 Main St Blackburn 3130, and Australia sees its wettest September and then also its wettest Spring on record. Followed soon after by proclamations in some regions that the worst drought in “1000 years” is over.

16th of September: The Last Airbender is released. Five days after moving in with Isis v 2.0, we witness the Avatar Aang’s rescue from a century trapped under ice. With a curious tattoo on his third eye, the Avatar is an elemental ‘bender,’ a link to the realm of spirit who holds the world in balance through each incarnation. To fulfill his destiny, Aang must first learn to master the element water. A feat he failed to accomplish prior to his hibernation due to an insane bolt over the requisite the Avatar is not to have a family of his own.

Isis v 2.0 and I paid the bond for our new residence on the 27th of August, and my drought-stricken home State of Victoria saw a week’s worth of rain in one day on the 6th of September, just five days before we moved in. Continued heavy rainfall saw alleviation of drought conditions with water storages rising to 42.5% and the State Government easing water restrictions to Stage 2. At the same time in ’09 storage levels were at 28.8%.

18th of November: The Hermit, E.V. and Hocus Pocus canvases were reshot.

27th of November: Hocus Pocus – Intermission of the Novices Part I, is uploaded.

28th of November: Wikileaks began releasing some of the 251,000 American Diplomatic Cables in their possession. Originating in Tunisia, it’s been claimed these documents went on to provide inspiration for various uprisings in the Middle East.

7th of December: Julian Assange is issued with a European arrest warrant by Swedish police for questioning in relation to allegations of sexual assault. The parallels between the themes inherent in Hocus Pocus and the Assange saga are difficult to ignore. Especially when effects of previous 3rdeyeart-works are coupled with a coinciding of the release of both Hocus Pocus and these Cables.

18th–19th of December: Perhaps due to a delay in proceedings with Isis v 2.0, Victoria sees snow in the summer, yet again.


2011 E.V.

January: Witnesses further evidence of crazy weather with parts of Victoria described as an “inland sea” after the wettest January on record saw severe flooding in early 2011 while catastrophic flooding was also witnessed as far north as Queensland.

15th of January: Kenneth Grant dies aged 86. Probably the last living link to Aleister Crowley, Grant is survived by his wife and artist Steffi Grant, along with their son.


18th of April: I finished touch-up work on The Lover (commenced 6th Dec 2010).

23rd of April: I began formulating Communion this weekend.

24th of April: Heralds The Easter Bump Hunt, and a compelled entanglement instigated by the initiation of Communion. ‘The Easter Bump Hunt’, was a race between two independent experiments at the LHC, Atlas and CMS, to track down the elusive Higgs particle after tell-tale signs of its footprint were believed to have been detected by team Atlas.

…the unfragmentary non-atomic fact of my universality.

Liber AL ch. I, v. 26

28th of July: I prepared and Consecrated the Communion canvas.

14th of August: I launched the painting of Communion.

17th of September: Initiated by the Canadian Adbusters group, the Occupy Wall Street movement begins as a protest in New York City’s financial district.

27th of October: In Time is released. In a Brave New World where the population are implanted with luminous green clocks on their arms, protagonist Will follows in his father’s footsteps, taking back time from the ruling class. The clocks are set to countdown to zero, at which point one is ‘timed out.’ However, credits and extra time can be won, bought or earned through work. While the elite enjoy perpetual youth at the age of 25, the rest of humanity are in a constant struggle just to survive. Four days after release Isis v 2.0 and I took the next step in our relationship. In Time for Samhain, Festival of the Dead, Opening of the Door to the Otherworld. And for the astrologically minded, just after my Saturn Return, spanning the 10th to 27th of October.

For the Road to Ecstasy is one above thought, and when Ecstasy returns it is as a Grace rather than as the result of our conscious efforts. Yet it is the reward of our “wanderings” if our Aspiration has been kept perfectly pure meanwhile.

The Chalice of Ecstasy, Frater Achad

31st of October–1st of November: Samhain-All Saints Day, Isis v 2.0 and I took our relationship to the next level.

25th of November: The Hermit comes to life after I was fired (the first time in over sixteen years in the workforce) from my office job.

27th of November: Comet Lovejoy, the brightest comet since McNaught, is discovered by Australian amateur astronomer Terry Lovejoy. Presenting a definite affinity with Communion, the comet was green (the same colour as the meteor in the painting) and the gold text on the canvas is the Greek word for Love, Agape. The comet even went on to surprise scientists by surviving a journey through the Sun’s corona on the 16th of December.

30th of November: The conclusion of the 2011 Atlantic Hurricane Season sees yet another busy year alongside the production of 3rdeyeart-work. Easily exceeding the average of 11 Named Storms, 6 Hurricanes and 2.5 Major Hurricanes, with 19 Named Storms, 7 Hurricanes and 4 Major Hurricanes, 2011 was the 14th most active Season since 1966.

13th of December: Having just perceived the first “tantalizing glimpses”, scientists at the Large Hadron Collider announce they are hot on the trail of the Higgs boson, aka the ‘God Particle.’

2012 E.V.

10th of February: I arrived in Cairo for my Valentine’s Day Pilgrimage to Egypt.

13th of February: I found the “egg under a palm tree” as instructed in The Amalantrah Working.

18th of February: Breakthrough at the Temple of Isis, Philae – when at last he knoweth me.

19th of February: The Lover comes to life in The Temple of Horus, Edfu.

19th of March: I arrived in New York City.

29th of March: The Lorax is released.

UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.

Less than one week after my Pilgrimage to New York City, 29th of March 2012, visits young and idealistic Thneedville resident Ted. On a mission to find a real tree (Communion – the trees of Eternity) for Audrey, the girl of his dreams. As Thneedville is constructed entirely of synthetic materials, oxygen has now become a marketable commodity, thus prompting Audrey’s wish to see a real tree. Ted’s quest leads him to the Once-ler who lives in the wastelands outside the city walls. The Once-ler tells Ted how he broke his promise to the guardian of the forest, The Lorax. Cutting down all but the last of the native Truffula Tree’s to make his Thneeds, an invention that brought him much wealth and success. As the last tree falls, the Once-ler finally realises the error of his ways. Too little too late, The Lorax disappears, floating to the sky. But not before leaving a stone with the word ‘Unless’ inscribed. With no more trees and no more Thneeds, the Once-ler, now a recluse, offers Ted the last Truffula Tree seed in the hope that he “cares a whole awful lot.” Ted’s mission has now grown exponentially. In addition to his desire to win the heart of Audrey, he must also successfully plant a seed that will remind the Thneedvilliean’s of the Beauty of Nature.

April: Following December’s tantalizing glimpses the power had been turned up on the LHC and between the months of April and June more data was gathered than in the whole of 2011. The power-up ran exactly concurrent to my working around the clock on Communion, v 3.0 and a balancing of the scales.

25th of April: The Avengers is released. Earth’s mightiest heroes must come together and learn to fight as a team if they are going to stop the mischievous Loki and his alien army from enslaving humanity.

May: Simultaneous to the production of Communion, mid-May sees widespread speculation of what was once considered the “unthinkable”, Grexit, or Greece leaving the Eurozone. Of potential bearing to our work in light of one of the intentions of Communion being a counterbalance to the dominance of the aggressive and territorial influence of the reptilian mind in our consciousness today. Conspicuously, the image features the Greek word for Love, Agape.

4th of July: Announcement of the discovery of a Higgs-like boson, aka the ‘God Particle’ as prophesied in Liber AL:

Then saith the prophet and slave of the beauteous one: Who am I, and what shall be the sign? So she answered him, bending down, a lambent flame of blue, all-touching, all penetrant, her lovely hands upon the black earth, & her lithe body arched for love, and her soft feet not hurting the little flowers: Thou knowest! And the sign shall be my ecstasy, the consciousness of the continuity of existence, the unfragmentary non-atomic fact of my universality.

Liber AL ch. I, v. 26

and again from the second chapter of Liber AL:

1. Nu! the hiding of Hadit.

2. Come! all ye, and learn the secret that hath not yet been revealed. I, Hadit, am the complement of Nu, my bride. I am not extended, and Khabs is the name of my House.

3. In the sphere I am everywhere the centre, as she, the circumference, is nowhere found.

4. Yet she shall be known & I never.

22nd of July: After checking out a Band of Skulls gig and then heading back to my apartment Georgie Gerraty – Nephthys v 2.0 and I spent our first night together.

23rd of July: Flow into Victoria’s water catchments over the past month was 206% above average and rainfall 82% above average. John Woodland, Melbourne Water, Manager of Water Supply advised, “Long-term averages tell us that storages usually rise by 2% per month in winter, but this month we’ve already seen a gain of 5%.” As a result July witnesses Melbourne water storages reach 70% for the first time since January 1998.

12th of September: Georgie Gerraty – Nephthys v 2.0 and I went relationship status official.

22nd of October: Following a lull in inspiration and a re-run of The Last Temptation of Christ ‘Super-Frankenstorm’ Hurricane Sandy forms as I was returning to the Communion, v 3.0 grindstone. A common fixture throughout the year, the beard was back and I’d missed three weekly dinners with my family by the time Sandy hit New York City. At a massive 1,000 miles in diameter, Sandy was officially the largest Hurricane to form in the Atlantic Basin. Making landfall in Florida on the 26th of October and New York City on the 29th, Sandy was a further rarity due to the fact that only 68 Hurricanes have struck the North-eastern United States since record keeping began in 1851. With estimates of approximately $50 billion worth of damage, Sandy is the second costliest Hurricane in U.S. history.

Sandy near peak intensity. Photo courtesy NASA.

30th of November: Despite estimates of a “near normal” Season from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Climate Prediction Centre (CPC), due to the expectation of an El Niño event to suppress Hurricane activity, conclusion of the 2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season sees a highly active 19 Named Storms, 10 Hurricanes and 2 Major Hurricanes. Well above the average of 12 Named Storms, and 6 Hurricanes, although just less than the average of 2.5 Major Hurricanes. With an ACE of 132.6, the 2012 Season finished up the 11th highest in the past 30 years. “Predictions of El Niño, La Niña, and their impacts, remain an ongoing scientific challenge facing climate modelers, forecasters, and scientists.” 

-Opening night of The Nightmare Paintings: Aleister Crowley witnesses the artistic works of The Great Beast visit Down Under for an exceptionally rare exhibition.

21st of December: Significantly, McKenna’s The Invisible Landscape, and other bard works write “towards a physics of concrescence,” or Time Wave Zero, calculated to occur 21st of December 2012. The point in our narrative at which I began trawling through data from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s websites, having reached a satisfactory arrangement of the remaining timelines and requisite topics of interest. The archetypal poem swimming amidst psychedelic guru Terence McKenna’s Novelty-soup must continue.

According to Qabalistic doctrine and the Legend of ‘The Fall,’ the pathway direct to Unified Consciousness, Divinity, or God, between the Fourth Sephira (Sephira= number/dimension) Chesed and the Third Sephira Binah, was broken and Humanity Fell from the Awareness of our Divine Nature. This was the pathway across The Abyss, the zone between the Archetypal and Manifest, the Real and Unreal, the Known and Unknown. Although inordinately rare, certain ‘individuals’ have made the leap, or been “hurled across,” as Crowley fondly referred to it.

2013 E.V.

4th of January: The Australian Bureau of Meteorology releases a Drought Statement outlining rainfall deficiencies across Australia for the past five months – August to December. I was both shocked and devastated to discover this news a week later on the 10th of January. Quickly ascertaining the deficiencies began in conjunction with Nephthys v 2.0 and I seeing each other. Last I’d heard the drought was over, and I’d worked very hard to do what I could to see that happen.

51. There are four gates to one palace; the floor of that palace is of silver and gold; lapis lazuli & jasper are there; and all rare scents; jasmine & rose, and the emblems of death. Let him enter in turn or at once the four gates; let him stand on the floor of the palace. Will he not sink? Amn. Ho! warrior, if thy servant sink? But there are means and means. Be goodly therefore: dress ye all in fine apparel; eat rich foods and drink sweet wines and wines that foam! Also, take your fill and will of love as ye will, when, where and with whom ye will! But always unto me.

52. If this be not aright; if ye confound the space-marks, saying: They are one; or saying, They are many; if the ritual be not ever unto me: then expect the direful judgments of Ra Hoor Khuit!

53. This shall regenerate the world, the little world my sister, my heart & my tongue, unto whom I send this kiss. Also, o scribe and prophet, though thou be of the princes, it shall not assuage thee nor absolve thee. But ecstasy be thine and joy of earth: ever To me! To me!

Liber AL ch. I

-Also on the 4th of January, Hobart, Tasmania, experiences its hottest day since records began 120 years ago with temperatures of 41.8 degrees Celsius.

18th of January: Sydney experiences its hottest day on record with a whopping 45.8 degrees Celsius.

-Due to the extreme weather, intense bushfires burning across NSW and Victoria, along with the Bureau of Meteorology’s Drought Statement, two hearts were broken when I called Georgie – Nephthys v 2.0 and told her “I don’t think we can be together anymore.” Given the relationship between this work and the weather, some of you may be wondering what took me so long? Well, depending on who you listen to bushfires are actually a healthy part of Australia’s ecosystem and, therefore, it couldn’t be ruled out that the fires in Tasmania, and then also Victoria and NSW were a part of this process. However, while bushfires may be a natural part of goings-on Down Under, two record-breaking heat waves are not.

When I first read the aforementioned Drought Statement Georgie had just arrived on the Gold Coast for a three-week-long holiday. I advised her of the situation and the potential implications days after learning this, and we agreed if things got any worse I’d let her know. A little too close to home, I heard of an uncontained fire burning on Melbourne St (my hometown) in Cessnock (my birthplace) on the afternoon of the 18th. An hour and a half later the fire had worsened from a yellow – Watch and Act level, to a red – Emergency Warning. Knowing the potential for reprieve I called Georgie and the fire was soon contained… I should clarify that I have dearly loved family and friends in both Tasmania and Cessnock, so the fact this particular fire was burning in my birthplace was not the primary motivator. What I can say is the synchronicity involving Melbourne St in Cessnock undoubtedly provoked awareness of a potential link between my own scenario and that of the bushfires. As loopy as the above course of events are, when one is monitoring a situation for a potential connection which then unfolds in such a manner, one is left with little choice.

19th of January: Cooler temperatures and reduced winds see the bushfire crisis in NSW ease, resulting in all alerts reduced to the blue – Advice level on Saturday; while firefighters in Victoria also take advantage of favourable conditions.

29th of January: Nephthys v 2.0 returns home from the Gold Coast and we tested the waters with our relationship again.

23rd of February: Having spent the majority of the past six months at my apartment, Nephthys v 2.0 started looking at alternate living arrangements.

27th of February: I broke up with Nephthys v 2.0 and Melbourne saw substantial rainfall. Followed by above average rainfall across much of Australia. A welcome ending to Australia’s hottest summer on record.

4th of March: Nephthys v 2.0 and I had a sleepover, followed by a record nine days above 30 degrees Celsius for Melbourne. It was now clear things would have to change.

7th of March: Oz the Great and Powerful is released. Which witch is which? An inquiry beautifully cognizant of my own difficulties in ascertaining exactly which aspects of the Goddess the girls from my initial experiment resonated. The tale of Oz’s Initiation into the world of wizardry features a tornado, a magickal land (Oz!), an Emerald City, and three witches; need I say more? Showing somewhere over the rainbow as I was putting the finishing touches on Communion and v 3.0.

14th of March: CMS and Atlas teams at the Moriond Conference in Italy reveal further data analysis indicates:

“The preliminary results with the full 2012 data set are magnificent and to me it is clear that we are dealing with a Higgs boson though we still have a long way to go to know what kind of Higgs boson it is,” confirmed CMS spokesperson Joe Incandela.

“The beautiful new results represent a huge effort by many dedicated people. They point to the new particle having the spin-parity of a Higgs boson as in the Standard Model. We are now well started on the measurement programme in the Higgs sector,” advised ATLAS spokesperson Dave Charlton.

Yet she shall be known & I never.

Liber AL ch. II, v.4

24th of March: Communion image completed.

25th of April: 10th Anniversary of my Crossing The Abyss – v 3.0 goes live.

But more wonderful than the lore of old men and the lore of books is the secret lore of ocean.

H.P. Lovecraft

End of June – July: As prophesied in Liber AL, another sacrifice shall stain the tomb, we find reference to the revival of an experiment begun some eleven years prior, with a rather uncanny repetition of certain associated elements. Nephthys v 2.0 – Georgie Gerraty fell pregnant on Good Friday, 29th of March. Nephthys – v 2.0 friend and nurse of the dead, Kundry – Siren and Seducer from the Mysteries, requisite denouement. We were hardly seeing each other at the time. A decade in the making, one might have hoped for 25th of April re-birth tenth-anniversary happy days. Alas, my birth-father suffered a heart attack in February. Solemnly, I got a call from the family at the hospital as I was breaking up with her. Further iterations of the singular betwixt the many. Nephthys not taking contraception also elected not to take the five-minute walk from her place to the chemist for the RU-486 pill.

As I recall, I sent seven texts in thirty-to-forty-eight hours reminding and asking her to do so. The whole situation became a disconsolate mess, an ethical, existential conundrum when doctors at our initial appointment made an apparent error of approximately three weeks upon advising the age of the foetus—resulting in our only option being a late-term abortion at the only clinic in Melbourne to conduct the procedure. Women come from interstate and overseas to utilise their service. another sacrifice shall stain the tomb, Nephthys v 1.0 or Natalie Thomson, had an abortion at the same clinic year’s earlier, also in winter, the first sacrifice to stain the tomb or womb. Both words interchangeable in Western Mystery Tradition parlance.

And the Angel sayeth: Verily is the Pyramid a Temple of Initiation. Verily also is it a tomb. Thinkest thou that there is life within the Masters of the Temple that sit hooded, encamped upon the Sea? Verily, there is no life in them.

The Vision and the Voice – 14th Æthyr UTI, Aleister Crowley

The clinic recommended I not wait it out, so I watched Man of Steel. Georgie was in a very isolated, troublesome situation when I met her. Personally, the event struck me as pertaining to 21st-century choice as opposed to Graal Romance era choice. One can hardly be presented with more direct life-path, life-changing alternatives. For the record, I am pro-choice. Despite what the naysayers might infer, it is never an easy situation and aborting a pregnancy does come with karmic repercussions. It is undoubtedly one of the most serious decisions one can make. For the record, I was also absolutely clear that I would support either pathway. It is my strong assertion that if a man is going to do the deed, give a woman his seed, he must be willing to see through the consequences.

However, my finances were not good at the time, and it was also evident to Georgie that my life was headed in a particular direction. What a woman does to her body is and should be her choice. post-natal depression and a good life for potential children are vitally important factors modern-day pro-life proponents should have the foresight to consider. I dare say, preserving life that exists is often more imperative than life that is potential. Ejaculation is natural, is life. Seemingly, much of my story is taboo, yet I honestly don’t see how such an one could make valued judgements on specific topics without having direct experience. Often times, these are events that occur to me.

and blessing no longer be poured To the Hawk-headed mystical Lord! a clear-cut reference to Themis and the Aeon of Maat – The Lover canvas. Despite various hiccups, further evidence of which is clearly displayed in the Time’s Up and Me Too movements, along with a contemporary push for gender equality and equal pay. And so we have, line for line, a chronologically accurate fulfilment of prophecy from Liber AL.

34. But your holy place shall be untouched throughout the centuries: though with fire and sword it be burnt down & shattered, yet an invisible house there standeth, and shall stand until the fall of the Great Equinox; when Hrumachis shall arise and the double-wanded one assume my throne and place. Another prophet shall arise, and bring fresh fever from the skies; another woman shall awake the lust & worship of the Snake; another soul of God and beast shall mingle in the globèd priest; another sacrifice shall stain the tomb; another king shall reign; and blessing no longer be poured To the Hawk-headed mystical Lord!

Liber AL ch. III

11th of July: Pacific Rim is released. Directed by Pan’s Labyrinth Guillermo del Toro: As a war between humankind and monstrous sea creatures wages on, a former pilot and a trainee are paired up to drive a seemingly obsolete special weapon in a desperate effort to save the world from the apocalypse. 

Cosmic terror appears as an ingredient of the earliest folklore of all races and is crystallised in the most archaic ballads, chronicles, and sacred writings.

H.P. Lovecraft

3rd of October: Consecration of In God We Trust – Intermission of the Novices II, parallel to the second-longest government shut-down in United States history. The sixteen-day-long shutdown of 2013 topped by the thirty-five-day 2018-2019 shutdown, is now the third-longest after the twenty-one-day 1995-96 shutdown.

30th of November: Perfectly continuous Dreamtime post results from the 2013 North Atlantic Hurricane Season authenticated via data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA). 3rd Eye Art-work, In God We Trust – Intermission of the Novices II, recommenced with composition beginning 22nd of August. Consecration of the canvas 3rd of October, painting beginning 6th of February 2014. Independent to my above summaries, their scientific assessment of the year that was 2013, is priceless:

The 2013 North Atlantic hurricane season had 13 named storms, two hurricanes, and no major hurricanes. The number of tropical storms was slightly above the 1981-2010 average of 12.1, the number of hurricanes was below the average of 6.4, and the lack of major hurricanes was also below the average of 2.7. In terms of total named storms, this was the slowest season since 2009. The last time only two hurricanes were observed was in 1982 and the last season with no major hurricanes was 1994. The two hurricanes that formed during the season, Humberto and Ingrid, were both short lived. Humberto reached hurricane strength on September 11th, tying the latest date for the first hurricane of the season. The average date for the first hurricane is August 4th. No hurricanes made landfall in the U.S. during 2013.

The 2013 Atlantic hurricane season had an approximate ACE of 33 (x104 knots2) which was well below the 1981-2010 average value of 104 (x104 knots2). This is the lowest ACE for a hurricane season since 1983 and the 14th lowest in the 1851-present period of record. Despite the above-average number of named storms, the low number and short-lived nature of the hurricanes and the lack of major hurricanes depressed the ACE value for 2013 in the North Atlantic.

Excerpts from the Australian Government’s Bureau of Meteorology Annual Climate Statement 2013:

2013 was Australia’s warmest year since records began in 1910. Mean temperatures across Australia have generally been well above average since September 2012. Long periods of warmer-than-average days have been common, with a distinct lack of cold weather. Nights have also been warmer than average, but less so than days.

The Australian area-averaged mean temperature for 2013 was +1.20 °C above the 1961–1990 average. Maximum temperatures were +1.45 °C above average, and minimum temperatures +0.94 °C above average. Temperatures were above average across nearly all of Australia for maximum, mean and minimum temperatures, with large areas of inland and southern Australia experiencing the highest on record for each.

Australia has experienced just one cooler-than-average year (2011) in the last decade. The 10-year mean temperature for 2004–2013 was 0.50 °C above average, the equal-highest on record. Averages for each of the ten-year periods from 1995–2004 to 2004–2013 have been amongst the top ten records.

The Australian mean rainfall total for 2013 was 428 mm (37 mm below the long-term average of 465 mm). In comparison with rainfall in all years since 1900, 2013 sits close to the median or mid-point of historical observations.

2014 E.V.

17th of February: It’s all gone cloudy with a chance of meatballs.

6th of March: 300: Rise of an Empire is released in cinemas.


Why I’m in my study writing this and not outside playing with the other kids:

December was the seventeenth consecutive month in which Australia recorded an above-average mean temperature, and included a heatwave with record-breaking warmth across parts of the eastern interior. Large areas of Australia recorded above-average maximum and minimum temperatures with only some small areas recording below-average temperatures. The month was dry for most of Australia with the nationally-averaged rainfall during December 20% below the long-term average. 

In fact, January 2014 also saw a mean temperature anomaly of +0.92 degrees Celsius, making it the 18th consecutive month of above-average mean temperatures. Finally breaking the trend, February’s result was in the negative, with −0.17 degrees Celsius. Remarkably, this marries up precisely with the 18-month span of my relationship with Nephthys v 2.0. Spending our first night together following a Band of Skulls gig on the 22nd of July 2012, and the 18 months’ worth of above average mean temperatures commencing August 2012. Our time together concluding with Nephthys flying back to the Gold Coast on the 29th of January 2013, the nail in the coffin, so to speak, coming at Nephthys’ birthday party. 5th of February, the day before Nephthys’ birthday, I held a phone interview with the business that was to become my new/current employer. At the time of the call, I was en route to a day trip at Melbourne’s Royal Botanical Gardens. Heading home at the end of the day, a stranger, seeing me taking a photo of The Shrine of Remembrance, asked if I’d like my picture taken – ye, the writing was on the wall. Nephthys returned on the 12th of February, we didn’t see each other until we were both in the office on the 16th.

Two and a half weeks later, 300: Rise of an Empire was released. The film sees “Themistocles, played by Melbourne born actor Sullivan Stapleton and Artemisia (Nephthys), played by Eva Green, entwined in a particularly intense power struggle. Of course, our hero Themistocles emerges victorious, but not before their standoff takes on a potently erotic and epically destructive course.” (See below post, dated 17th April, 2014) The day after release, I left the company. You couldn’t make this stuff up right?

Have you seen the film? Yes, art is open to interpretation, and there are lies, damned lies, and statistics, however such a precise convergence of events in time and space points to an incisive and inextricable truth does it not? Now, this is all highly compelling evidence of a continuation of the phenomena and potentials presented at, and published nigh on 2 years ago, the 25th of April 2013. Anomalies such as this are what one would expect from a repetition of experiments – we have repeatability, and, conversely, further evidence of an energy capable of regeneration.

Significantly, publication fell midway through the 18 consecutive months of above average Australian mean temperatures, thereby, interpretations of both the data collated and the collective story have been provided a consistent validation. Or, simply put, this stuff works! The duration of a New Aeon considered, this work may be in its infancy, however we’re witnessing more coherency here, than in mainstream analysis. Lost the plot? Go figure huh…

And since March 2014, what can be said? Well, there’s been an absence of direful judgements to the degree seen across the two previous summers, and that despite an alleged worsening of conditions; widespread January 2015 rainfall (+44% nationally, and +61% in Victoria, my home State) putting a dampener on the 2014/15 bushfire season. A decent result, still regeneration would be nice.

The formula of Horus has not yet been so fully worked out in detail as to justify a treatise upon its exoteric theory and practice; but one may say that it is, to the formula of Osiris, what the turbine is to the reciprocating engine.

Book 4 – Part III, Magick In Theory and Practice, Aleister Crowley

UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.


The Persian king, Darius, annoyed by the notion of Greek freedom, has come to Greece to bring us to heel.

He makes landfall at the field of Marathon with an invading force which outnumbers the Greek defenders three to one.

And so at dawn, the hopeless Athenians do the unthinkable. They attack.

They attack the weary Persians as they disembark their ships on shaky legs after a month at sea.

They attack before they can establish their war camp and supply their soldiers.

And who is the architect of this mad strategy?

A little-known Athenian soldier. His men call him Themistocles.

He gives the Persians a taste of Athenian shock combat.

All thoughts of glory are gone.

Thousands dead.

Hundreds of them their own.

All for an idea:

A free Greece… An Athenian experiment called “democracy.” Could this idea be worth it? Worth all this sacrifice?

Themistocles would let the good king Darius decide.

For through the chaos a moment appeared.

And Themistocles would seize it.

A moment that would ring across the centuries. A moment that would raise him from simple soldier to the height of Athenian political power.


A moment that would make Themistocles a legend.

300: Rise of an Empire, Queen Gorgo

10th of May: Getting cereal about winter.

8th of September: The Tea Party release The Ocean at the End.

30th of November: Perpetual verification, 2014 North Atlantic Hurricane Season statistics from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) are as follows:

The 2014 North Atlantic hurricane season had eight tropical storms, four hurricanes, and two major hurricanes. The number of tropical storms was below the 1981-2010 average of 12.1, the number of hurricanes was below the 1981-2010 average of 6.4, and the number of major hurricanes was near the 1981-2010 average of 2.7. In terms of the total number of named storms, this was the least since 1994 when eight named storms were observed. One hurricane, Arthur, made landfall in the U.S. during the 2014 season, marking the first landfalling hurricane in the contiguous U.S. since Isaac in August 2012. No other tropical cyclones directly impacted the contiguous U.S. during 2014.

The 2014 Atlantic hurricane season had an approximate ACE of 64 (x104 knots2) which was below the 1981-2010 average value of 104 (x104 knots2). Despite the below-average number of named storms, the ACE was higher than last year (2013), which had more storms, because of the two major hurricanes that occurred in 2014.

Excerpts from the Australian Government’s Bureau of Meteorology Annual Climate Statement 2014:

2014 was Australia’s third-warmest year since national temperature observations commenced in 1910. Following Australia’s warmest year on record in 2013, both maximum and minimum temperatures remained well above average, with frequent periods of abnormally warm weather throughout the year. Only February, with a monthly anomaly of −0.17 °C, saw a national mean temperature which was below average (compared to 1961–1990).

The Australian area-averaged mean temperature for 2014 was 0.91 °C above the 1961–1990 average. Maximum temperatures were 1.16 °C above average, and minimum temperatures 0.66 °C above average. Annual mean temperatures were near average for parts of northern Australia and well above average for the southern States, southern and western Queensland, and most of Western Australia. For southern Australia as a whole (the area south of the Northern Territory border), the annual mean temperature was the second-highest on record with an anomaly of +1.28 °C, behind +1.29 °C recorded in 2013.

Seven of Australia’s ten warmest years on record have occurred in the 13 years from 2002, with one cooler-than-average year in the past decade: 2011. The 10-year mean temperature for 2005–2014 was 0.55 °C above average, the highest on record.

The Australian mean rainfall total for 2014 was 478 mm, 13 mm above the average of 465 mm. This places 2014 near the median or mid-point of historical observations.

 2014 may be the warmest year on record globally. Based on preliminary data (January–November), the estimated global mean temperature for 2014 is 0.57 ± 0.10 °C above the 1961–1990 average. Using this three-dataset method, 2014 is likely to be the warmest year on record (global observations commence in 1880).

Note also: Only February, with a monthly anomaly of −0.17 °C, saw a national mean temperature which was below average (compared to 1961–1990). The relationship between Nephthys v 2.0 or Kundry, Siren and Seducer from the Mysteries, and myself was practically done and dusted in February of this year. It’s all gone cloudy with a chance of meatballs. United with the above 300: Rise of an Empire post. with one cooler-than-average year in the past decade: 2011. 2011 was the year of Isis v 2.0.

2015 E.V.

12th of February: Tropical Cyclone Lam forms. At Category 4, Lam was the strongest storm to hit Australia’s Northern Territory since Cyclone Monica in 2006.

5th of March: Publication of In God We Trust – Intermission of the Novices II.

In God We Trust - Intermission of the Novices II

June: Consecrated and started painting Aiwaz-Diatom-Physics.

The nature of true Alchemy is that it changes not alone the substance of the Work, but also changes thence the Alchemist. Ye whose Will it is to Work thereby, behold mine inverse image, and consider well its meaning for thy Task.

Liber Pennae Praenumbra, Soror Andahadna

22nd of July: MS MR concert at 170 Russell, Melbourne. Met Isis v 3.0. According to the Bureau of Meteorology, Melburnians had their coldest winter since 1989 and the coldest night in nearly twenty years. A mean temperature of just 8.3 degrees Celsius for the State of Victoria as a whole. Tasmania, its coldest winter in almost fifty years with a mean temperature of 5.8 degrees Celsius.

51. There are four gates to one palace; the floor of that palace is of silver and gold; lapis lazuli & jasper are there; and all rare scents; jasmine & rose, and the emblems of death. Let him enter in turn or at once the four gates; let him stand on the floor of the palace. Will he not sink? Amn. Ho! warrior, if thy servant sink? But there are means and means. Be goodly therefore: dress ye all in fine apparel; eat rich foods and drink sweet wines and wines that foam! Also, take your fill and will of love as ye will, when, where and with whom ye will! But always unto me.

52. If this be not aright; if ye confound the space-marks, saying: They are one; or saying, They are many; if the ritual be not ever unto me: then expect the direful judgments of Ra Hoor Khuit!

53. This shall regenerate the world, the little world my sister, my heart & my tongue, unto whom I send this kiss. Also, o scribe and prophet, though thou be of the princes, it shall not assuage thee nor absolve thee. But ecstasy be thine and joy of earth: ever To me! To me!

Liber AL ch. I

MS MR Concert.

Welcome to the inner workings of my mind
So dark and foul, I can’t disguise, can’t disguise
Nights like this, I become afraid
Of the darkness in my heart

Hurricane, MS MR

30th of November: Again, again, again, we have repeatability and continuity in abundance, more fecund and dependable, I dare say, than consensus reality. Below assessments of the North Atlantic Hurricane Season from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) corroborate initiation of 3rdeyeart-work, Aiwaz-Diatom-Physics. Tropical storm Ana making landfall in May. Consecration and painting transpiring June, conjunct with Tropical Storm Bill. In summary:

The 2015 North Atlantic hurricane season had eleven tropical storms, four hurricanes, and two major hurricanes. The number of tropical storms was below the 1981-2010 average of 12.1; the number of hurricanes was below the 1981-2010 average of 6.4; and the number of major hurricanes was near the 1981-2010 average of 2.7. The number of tropical cyclones was more than the eight that occurred during the 2014 season. When El Niño conditions are present in the equatorial Pacific like in 2015, tropical cyclone activity across the North Atlantic basin tends to be suppressed due to increased wind shear, an unfavourable condition for tropical cyclone development.

Two tropical storms, Ana and Bill, made landfall in the contiguous U.S. during the season. The largest impacts of both of these systems were heavy rain across the Carolinas when Ana made landfall in May and heavy rain across the Southern Plains and Midwest when Bill made landfall in June. No hurricanes or major hurricanes made landfall. The 2015 hurricane season marks a continuation of a record-long streak of no major hurricanes (Category 3 or stronger) making landfall in the United States. The last major hurricane to make landfall in the U.S. was Wilma on November 24, 2005. This major hurricane drought surpassed the length of the eight-years from 1861-1868 when no major hurricane struck the United States’ coast. On average, a major hurricane makes landfall in the U.S. about once every three years.

The 2015 Atlantic hurricane season had an approximate ACE of about 60 (x104 knots2) which was below the 1981-2010 average value of 104 (x104 knots2) and slightly less than the ACE value of 2014. Almost half of the ACE during the 2015 was attributable to a single hurricane, Joaquin, which was the strongest hurricane of the season with maximum sustained winds of 155 mph (Category 4 strength) and a central minimum pressure of 931 mb.

Excerpts from the Australian Government’s Bureau of Meteorology Annual Climate Statement 2015:

2015 was Australia’s fifth-warmest year on record (national observations commence in 1910). Above average temperatures were persistent throughout the year, with several periods of record warmth.

The Australian area-averaged mean temperature for 2015 was 0.83 °C above the 1961–1990 average. Maximum temperatures were 0.96 °C above average, and minimum temperatures were 0.69 °C above average; both the sixth-warmest on record respectively.

Looking at recent years more broadly, eight of Australia’s ten warmest years on record have occurred since 2002. The 10-year mean temperature for 2006–2015 was the second highest on record at 0.53 °C above average (and just behind 2005–2014). Only one year in the past ten was cooler than average: 2011.

Based on preliminary data (January–November), the estimated global mean temperature for 2015 is 0.73 ± 0.09 °C above the 1961–1990 average. 2015 will beat the previous record of +0.61 ± 0.09 °C, set in 2014, by a substantial margin.

2015 has been an exceptionally warm year across many parts of the world, and particularly across the oceans. Many individual months were warmest on record for their respective month, both for oceanic and combined ocean–land temperatures. Global ocean surface temperatures, which also set a record last year, are very likely to break that record in 2015.

Note also: Only one year in the past ten was cooler than average: 2011. 2011 was the year of Isis v 2.0.

2016 E.V.

21st of February: If ye would dance the Mask, then mask the Dance. Exquisite must be the Art in this wise; and balance in the Centre be maintained, or else ye shall give unwonted Life unto thine own creations. Tread carefully this path of Working, Mage. A tool, by Will devised, makes an ill master.

Liber Pennae Praenumbra, Soror Andahadna


A superficial view, even, of the lives and activities of adepts such as Lévi, Blavatsky, Crowley, Gurdjieff and – more lately – Salvador Dali, whose symbolic ecstasies are an enigma both to his admirers and his detractors alike, reveals an element of buffoonery combined with bestial undertones and currents that fuse into one dazzling image the ineffably wise and the abysmally ignorant, the hideous beast and the beautiful god: “My adepts stand upright, their heads above the heavens, their feet below the hells.”

Outside the Circles of Time, Kenneth Grant

15th of March: I head and shouldered the back of a car riding my push-bike on the way to work. Impact, left temple/cheekbone and left shoulder, resulting in a concussion, whiplash injury and rotator cuff mess. See also, Concussion film, Australian release date weeks before my accident, 18th of February.

21st of April: Midnight Special is released. A father and son go on the run, pursued by the government and a cult drawn to the child’s special powers.

28th of April: Captain America: Civil War is released.

I asked her once how she managed to master diplomacy and espionage at a time when no one wanted to see a woman succeed at either. And she said, “Compromise where you can, where you can’t, don’t. Even if everyone is telling you that something wrong, is something right. Even if the whole world is telling you to move, it is your duty, to plant yourself like a tree, look them in the eye and say no, you move.” – Sharon Carter (AKA Agent 13)

When you can do the things that I can, but you don’t, and then the bad things happen, they happen because of you. – Peter Parker

2nd of May: A long-term source of quality spiritual advice, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly planetary alignments and the like, legendary British astrologer Jonathan Cainer suffered a heart attack while working at his computer. Again, a direct psychic-link. His sudden passing at just fifty-eight was predicted in the forecast for his star sign, Sagittarius: “We’re not here for very long. So make the most of every moment.” The genuinely epic leaps in astrological science forged via Jonathan’s embracing of technology cannot be understated.

5th of July: I posted the below Nuit image on Instagram and Facebook as illustrative point of noosphere dimensional reference, Adam Scott Miller, Alex Grey. For both interest and sciences sake, the original version of Nuit was completed before seeing the below ‘Net of Being’ and ‘Rhizmorphic Resonance’ paintings and featured a black-lit inspired fluoro paint colour scheme matching closely the colours chosen by these two artists, i.e. Nuit’s hair was painted fluorescent pink.

Net of Being – Rhizomorphic Resonance – Nuit – Noosphere.


noo·​sphere | \ ˈnō-ə-ˌsfir  \

Definition of noosphere

: the sphere of human consciousness and mental activity especially in regard to its influence on the biosphere and in relation to evolution

Rhizomorphic Resonance

Adam Scott Miller, 2006 – ‘Due to similarity, it is necessary to clarify: this painting was created before Tool’s “10,000 Days” release and before I saw Alex Grey’s “Net of Being.”’

There is emerging today a new Gnosis and a new Art. I have dealt with the former in my Typhonian Trilogy, and have begun to treat of the latter in Nightside of Eden. The art of the New Aeon is a nuclear phenomenon. Its most consciously functioning adept is Salvador Dali, the year of whose birth (1904) coincided with the transmission to Aleister Crowley of the Book of the Law. The fundamental thesis of this stellar or nuclear art is that anti-matter, non-being, and absence, are the source of all objects, all being, all presence. The interaction of the twin poles of genius operating in the fully polarized magical entity will create a nuclear consciousness which, in its explosive impact on the mind will disintegrate the concepts of being and non-being. The resulting transcendent experience of total Beauty, total Bliss, will ‘regenerate the world, the little world my sister’ – our insignificant planet – creating in its violently disruptive vortex of power an identity of God and Man as a supreme absence capable of generating instantaneously, and on all levels, every conceivable time and every conceivable space simultaneously, or not at all. All this is adumbrated in AL, but humanity as yet is upon the threshold of new-aeon consciousness, and that grimoire remains as yet unsealed. But the key to its understanding will unlock the ultimate door and admit the full influx of extra-terrestrial energies.

Outside the Circles of Time, Kenneth Grant

14th of June: Finding Nemo – Facebook post.

14th of July: Arrive in New York City.

15th of July: Interesting visit to the Statue of Liberty on my first full day in New York. Hot and sunny turned torrential downpour. Again, turned hot and sunny, queuing for the ferry after one lap of the island. Thought only Melbourne had the four seasons in one-day weather thing…

Arrived at CoSM for a Full Moon Ceremony, it was incredible to see Alex and Allyson’s work in the flesh.

17th of July: T. knows his work, his special work and this is only the means of doing it, like speaking of the cosmos, but the egg is the special work.

I am the Magician and the Exorcist. I am the axle of the wheel, and the cube in the circle. “Come unto me” is a foolish word: for it is I that go.

Liber AL ch II, v.7

I was able to access the WIFI and sent my new New York City friend Alysia a message apologising for not making it for brunch, checking if there was another time I could come past. Watched a girl live painting a Magdalene. Left CoSM to catch the eleven pm train back to the city. No sleep till Brooklyn, no princess till Monsalvat. Back in the city, noticed Alysia replied. She’d also sent a love heart. Followed by, Lol oops.

The egg is a work which must be done — the great work. By doing the work we get to the key. …The key might be in centre of egg when it is broken. It is a small golden key.

T: “How are we to break open the egg?”

A: “In plain language it means Thou art to go this Way?”

T: “That isn’t plain language. How are we to get this new knowledge?”

A: “Don’t ask questions too fast. Sow the wild oats; go into the (. . .) into the Mother . . . (T[herion]: You bet, you bet.) (A[rcteon]: I think you’re both getting off the trolly.) . . . to be born again.”

T: “What about the Mass of the Holy Ghost?”

A: “That hasn’t anything to do with it. You’ve shattered everything. I’ll have to establish connection all over again. Going into the Mother to be born again, you get a New Life and then the Earth is covered with wonderful flowers, and bees come to the flowers to get honey to store, and the honey is stored elixir. I see a hill very steep. (I think (. . .) is played out.) Mother standing (. . .) down washing child. I don’t know if she’s to save it or go after it or what. Lotus flower on water again.”

Arcteon: “How does this apply to breaking open the egg?”

A: “No . . . the egg is in the lotus flower. Daleth. Resh. Gimel.” (207 = the open clear light of day = walled, fenced.)

The Amalantrah Working, Aleister Crowley

24th of July: The Killing Joke is released. In cinemas while I was flying back home on the 24th of July, resonating The Amalantrah Working: “I went into the cave and saw them doing something mysterious with a revolver. The wizard had the revolver. What they were going to do was a joke of some kind, but the wizard looked grim about it.”


27th of July: Simultaneous to the U.S. release of Nerve on the 27th of July, Alysia posted the above image of a diatom on Instagram. With the synchronistic tag, “Looking through all my old notes today~ #diatomic feels.” Synchronistic, as it mirrors my introduction to The Amalantrah Working at Upon my return from Egypt, it had been some years since last reading the working, and I’d forgotten most of the details. It was while reviewing old notes and diaries for v 3.0 that some of the particulars caught my attention, and I decided it prudent to re-visit the text. Apart from the importance of the egg, up until recently, interpretation of the working had been shrouded in obscurity.

It is a small golden key. The key Kenneth Grant was referring to, the key The Amalantrah Working refers to, was discovered upon ‘breaking’ the egg in New York City, July 2016. Related also to the formula Abrahadabra, the mechanism by which these 3rdeyeart paintings and writings become one constant in a sea of variables. Pictured above as found, nearly all diatoms are microscopic – cells range in size from about 2 microns to about 500 microns (0.5 mm), about the width of a human hair. Diatoms are abundant in nearly every habitat where water is found – oceans, lakes, streams, mosses, soils, even the bark of trees. As a type of phytoplankton, aka algae, diatoms are literally a key to life in the ocean. Phytoplankton are the first link in the food chain, feeding everything from microscopic, animal-like zooplankton to multi-ton whales. Small fish and invertebrates also graze on the plant-like organisms, and then those smaller animals are eaten by bigger ones. They are known as primary producers because they produce the first forms of food. All life depends ultimately on primary producers, the organisms which capture the energy in sunlight by photosynthesis.

Furthermore, those that may have followed 3rdeyeart writings closely on Facebook or Instagram might appreciate how apt a totem this ‘key’ be in comprehending the never-ending cycle of ‘miracles’ herein recorded.

4th of August: Release of Suicide Squad. “Hey, everyone can see all this trippy magick stuff right?” – Harley Quinn

27th of October: Doctor Strange is released. While on a journey of physical and spiritual healing, a brilliant neurosurgeon is drawn into the world of the mystic arts.

30th of November: Mission accomplished in New York City, I returned to Melbourne and painting Aiwaz-Diatom-Physics. 2016 North Atlantic Hurricane Season figures from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) continue trends from the previous eleven years:

The 2016 North Atlantic hurricane season had 15 named storms (those that reached tropical storm or greater strength), seven of which were hurricanes, and three of which were major hurricanes. The eight tropical storms were below the 1981-2010 average of 12.1; the number of hurricanes and major hurricanes were near the 1981-2010 averages of 6.4 and 2.7, respectively. The number of hurricanes was the most since 2012, when 10 hurricanes formed. Typically, when El Niño conditions are present in the equatorial Pacific like in 2015 and early 2016, tropical cyclone activity across the North Atlantic basin tends to be suppressed due to increased wind shear, which is an unfavourable condition for tropical cyclone development.

Hurricane Matthew became the first Category 5 hurricane since Hurricane Felix in 2007 and was the first Category 4 hurricane since Hurricane Cleo to strike Haiti. After skirting the eastern seaboard, Matthew would eventually make landfall near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina as a Category 1, continuing the decade-long streak of no major hurricanes (Category 3 or stronger) making landfall in the United States. The last major hurricane to make landfall in the U.S. was Wilma on November 24, 2005. This major hurricane drought surpassed the previous record of eight years from 1861-1868 when no major hurricane struck the coast of the United States. On average, a major hurricane makes landfall in the U.S. about once every three years.

The 2016 Atlantic hurricane season had an approximate ACE of about 129 (x104 knots2) which was about 40 percent above the 1981-2010 mean value of 92 (x104 knots2) and the highest since 2012. Three cyclones (Gaston, Matthew and Nicole) produced more than 70 percent of the seasonal ACE. Matthew was the strongest hurricane of the season with maximum sustained winds of 160 mph (Category 5 strength) and a central minimum pressure of 934 mb.

Excerpts from the Australian Government’s Bureau of Meteorology Annual Climate Statement 2016:

2016 was Australia’s fourth-warmest year on record (the national observational dataset commences in 1910). Australia’s area-averaged mean temperature for 2016 was 0.87 °C above the 1961–1990 average. Maximum temperatures were 0.70 °C above average, and minimum temperatures were 1.03 °C above average. Minimum temperatures were the second-warmest on record behind +1.16 °C in 1998.

The 11-year mean temperature for 2006–2016 was the second-highest on record at 0.56 °C above average. Only one year in the past ten was cooler than average (2011), and seven of Australia’s ten warmest years have occurred since 2005.

Sea surface temperatures (SST) in the oceans around Australia were also very warm during 2016, with the annual mean SST the warmest on record at 0.73 °C above average, surpassing the previous record of +0.64 °C in 2010.

The warmth around the north and east coasts of Australia brought a record-warm year for several of Australia’s major cities. Darwin and Sydney had their warmest years on record for both maximum and minimum temperature, whilst Hobart had its warmest nights on record and warmest annual mean temperature, and for Brisbane the annual mean temperature was warmest on record. It was the equal third-warmest year on record for Canberra annual mean temperature. Perth had its coolest year since 2005. Adelaide was a little warmer than average, and most sites across metropolitan Melbourne were warmer than average for the year.

Australian mean rainfall for 2016 was 17% above the 1961–1990 average. 2016 was Australia’s 15th-wettest year in a record spanning 1900 to present, with an area-average total of 544.99 mm—well above the average of 465.2 mm.

Note also: Only one year in the past ten was cooler than average (2011). 2011 was the year of Isis v 2.0.

Earth’s 2016 surface temperatures were the warmest since modern recordkeeping began in 1880, according to independent analyses by NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Globally-averaged temperatures in 2016 were 1.78 degrees Fahrenheit (0.99 degrees Celsius) warmer than the mid-20th century mean. This makes 2016 the third year in a row to set a new record for global average surface temperatures.

The 2016 temperatures continue a long-term warming trend, according to analyses by scientists at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) in New York. NOAA scientists concur with the finding that 2016 was the warmest year on record based on separate, independent analyses of the data.

Because weather station locations and measurement practices change over time, there are uncertainties in the interpretation of specific year-to-year global mean temperature differences. However, even taking this into account, NASA estimates 2016 was the warmest year with greater than 95 percent certainty.

“2016 is remarkably the third record year in a row in this series,” said GISS Director Gavin Schmidt. “We don’t expect record years every year, but the ongoing long-term warming trend is clear.”

2017 E.V.

26th of January: Split is released.

5th of July: Following a three-year tenure, I quit my job at Crown Resorts and thus concluded ten years of full-time work in the contact centre industry, another obvious limitation to output. I left the office due to medical reasons associated with the whiplash injury sustained on the 15th of March, 2016. Primarily, opioid treatment of migraines, issues concentrating, an aborted pregnancy – Ma’at v 1.0 – and resultant severe depression. Who hasn’t erred two weeks on vitally important cyclical life choices? Working at a computer screen turned out to be one of the worst things possible for my neck, and eating codeine like lollies gives you rebound headaches. Honestly, prescribed by numerous medical professionals wouldn’t call it an addiction, as I wouldn’t say I liked taking them or the unpleasant side effects.

One cannot be too careful in the selection of adjectives for descriptions. Words or compounds which describe precisely, and which convey exactly the right suggestions to the mind of the reader, are essential.

H.P. Lovecraft

53. Fear not, o prophet, when these words are said, thou shalt not be sorry. Thou art emphatically my chosen; and blessed are the eyes that thou shalt look upon with gladness. But I will hide thee in a mask of sorrow: they that see thee shall fear thou art fallen: but I lift thee up.

Liber AL ch. I

26th of October:  Thor: Ragnarök is released.

On the evening I watched Thor: Ragnarök, storms inundated Sydney and NSW. 35mm of rain dumped in a hyperactive half-hour, golf-ball-sized hail slammed the Hunter and metropolitan areas. Ye, it hailed so hard it sounded like the roof might cave in, and the thunder didst roll all through the Cessnock night. NSW State Emergency Service responding to roughly 250 emergency calls.

30th of November: 2017 North Atlantic Hurricane Season data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) matches extensive progress made painting Aiwaz-Diatom-Physics after quitting my job at Crown Resorts on the 5th of July. Hurricane Harvey’s fresh fever from the skies, undoubtedly my work. The second-most costly hurricane in U.S. history with estimates at $125 billion, behind only 2005’s Hurricane Katrina, genesis of the Seven Seals of the Apocalypse. Harvey dumped record amounts of rain and caused catastrophic flooding. July’s Super Typhoon Noru also attributable to gains made on the seventh Seal of the Apocalypse. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association summarises:

The 2017 North Atlantic hurricane season had 17 named storms, 10 hurricanes, and six major hurricanes. This is well above the 1981-2010 average of 12.1 named storms, 6.4 hurricanes, and 2.7 major hurricanes. The number of named storms ranked as the ninth most on record, the number of hurricanes ranked as the eighth most, and the number of major hurricanes ranked as the third most. The lack of El Nino conditions in the equatorial Pacific, with La Nina conditions developing near the end of the season, likely helped to boost the seasonal numbers. When ENSO neutral and La Nina conditions are present, wind shear in the Atlantic Basin is typically less, creating favourable conditions for tropical cyclone development. Three of the major hurricanes — Harvey, Irma, and Maria — impacted the U.S. mainland and territories causing approximately $265 Billion in damages, contributing to the costliest year in terms of weather and climate disasters for the nation. September was an extremely active hurricane month for the North Atlantic Basin with five hurricanes — four of which were major hurricanes active in the basin. One measure of tropical cyclone activity, the Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE) index, which takes into account the combined strength and duration of tropical cyclones — was record high in the North Atlantic during September.

During the 2017 North Atlantic hurricane season, three tropical storms and four hurricanes, made landfall in the U.S. (including Puerto Rico). This is the most hurricane landfalls since 2005 in the U.S. and the landfall of Hurricane Harvey marked the end of a record-long streak of over 4,300 days with no major Hurricanes making landfall in the United States. Prior to Harvey, the last major hurricane to make landfall in the U.S. was Hurricane Wilma in November 2005.

Harvey was also noteworthy for the amount of precipitation it dropped on parts of coastal Texas and Louisiana with reports of over 60 inches of rainfall over five days inundating parts of the Houston metro area. Damages from Harvey exceeded $125 billion, only exceeded by Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Irma reached maximum strength with maximum sustained winds of 185 mph, tying as the second most intense hurricane on record for the basin. Irma maintained that strength for at least 37 hours, marking the longest that a tropical cyclone has remained that strong anywhere on the globe. Irma made landfall in the Florida Keys at a Category 4 storm, marking the first time that two Category 4 hurricanes have made landfall in the contiguous U.S. in the same year. Irma caused $50 billion in damages. Hurricane Maria made landfall in south-eastern Puerto Rico has a Category 4 hurricane, the strongest tropical cyclone to impact the island since 1928. Maria’s high winds caused widespread devastation to Puerto Rico’s transportation, agriculture, communication and energy infrastructure. Damages from Maria are estimated at $90 billion.

The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season had an approximate ACE of about 226 (x104 knots2) which was more than double the 1981-2010 average value of 104 (x104 knots2) and ranked as the seventh highest value since reliable records began in the 1800s. Almost half of the ACE during the 2017 was attributable to just two hurricanes — Irma and Maria due to their intensity and longevity.

Hurricane Harvey. Photo courtesy NASA.

29th of December: Added the phallus to Aiwaz-Diatom-Physics.

#dickpicFriday #paintingagainfollowing4monthbreak

Excerpts from the Australian Government’s Bureau of Meteorology Annual Climate Statement 2017:

2017 was Australia’s third-warmest year on record (the national observational dataset commences in 1910). Australia’s area-averaged mean temperature for 2017 was 0.95 °C above the 1961–1990 average. Maximum temperatures were the second-warmest on record at 1.27 °C above average, coming in behind +1.45 °C in 2013. Minimum temperatures were 0.62 °C above average, the 11th-warmest on record.

The 11-year mean temperature for 2007–2017 was the highest on record at 0.61 °C above average. Seven of Australia’s ten warmest years have occurred since 2005 and Australia has experienced just one cooler than average year in the last decade (2011). Background warming associated with anthropogenic climate change has seen Australian annual mean temperature increase by approximately 1.1 °C since 1910. Most of this warming has occurred since 1950.

Annual mean temperatures for 2017 were above to very much above average for the majority of Australia, and record warm for much of central and southern Queensland, adjacent parts of northern New South Wales and an area of the central coast of New South Wales. It was amongst the ten warmest years on record for Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, and South Australia.

A more detailed overview can be found at the above Bureau of Meteorology link.

Note also: Australia has experienced just one cooler than average year in the last decade (2011). 2011 was the year of Isis v 2.0.

2018 E.V.

1st of January: Heralding the Aeon of Maat, Time’s Up is founded: “We fight for a future where no one is harassed, assaulted, or discriminated against at work. Fighting for justice, creating real change.”

9th of January: Maggie Cassady – Margarete Ingalls dies. Born in 1939, writing as Nema, Nema Andahadna or Soror Andahadna, Nema was an occultist and writer best known for her magickal writings on the Ma’atian current. Ohio, Soror Nema’s place of residence joins several other pre-eminent Thelemic Power-Zones. 

Dear Friends:

Si Valetis, Valeo

I am sorry to have to report that one of the most innovative Thelemites, occult thinkers and magician, Nema Andahadna has left her earthly body.

Nema was a student of the works of Aleister Crowley and joined Kenneth Grant’s Typhonian Order for several years. She avidly practiced the rituals with the magical community in Ohio. Later, she became a member of Bate Cabal which published the Cincinnati Journal of Ceremonial Magick, on July 4th, 1976, and are responsible for maintaining an archive of Black Moon Occult Archives.

Nema pioneered and contributed a considerable volume of ground-breaking work.  Breaking the mold created by the status-quo which was, and still is, publishing the same material with different covers.  Her writing is groundbreaking. She is the author of Maat Magick: a Guide to Self-Initiation; The Way of Mystery: Magick, Mysticism & Self-Transcendence; The Priesthood: Parameters and Responsibilities, and more.

Nema helped to found Horus-Maat Lodge. She was an Elder and High Priestess of the Circle of the Sacred Grove, Church of Pantheist Wicca, and an initiate of Adi Nath Tantra. She and Lyrus, her husband live in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains.

In a very unique way Nema Andahadna will be remembered as having made a huge contribution to the evolution of magick, which in my opinion puts her in the ranks with the likes of Fortune, Crowley and Achad.

She leaves a literary legacy for the future to enjoy.

Thank you, Nema. May the sea rock you gently

Pax Profunda

25th of April: Avengers: Infinity War is released.

“The world’s on fire, and you think all is forgiven?” – Secretary Ross

3rd of May: Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano erupts. Three months of seismic activity, earthquakes, lava flows, lava fountains, volcanic gas, fissures, ground deformation, new land where once were rolling waves. Approximately 700 homes destroyed and $800 million worth of damage.

23rd of May:

Amalantrah – The Confessions of Aleister Crowley.

22nd of July: The Devil and Father Amorth is released.

31st of July: Mars, the planet of Horus, returns for another close encounter, at 57.59 million kilometres from Earth.

28th of August: Six years after its discovery, the Higgs boson has at last been observed decaying to fundamental particles known as bottom quarks. The finding, presented today at CERN by the ATLAS and CMS collaborations at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), is consistent with the hypothesis that the all-pervading quantum field behind the Higgs boson also gives mass to the bottom quark. Both teams have submitted their results for publication today.

The Standard Model of particle physics predicts that about 60% of the time a Higgs boson will decay to a pair of bottom quarks, the second-heaviest of the six flavours of quarks. Testing this prediction is crucial because the result would either lend support to the Standard Model – which is built upon the idea that the Higgs field endows quarks and other fundamental particles with mass – or rock its foundations and point to new physics.

Long-sought decay of Higgs boson observed – CERN.

4th of October: Venom is released. another soul of God and beast shall mingle in the globèd priest.

8th of October: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), released their report on the impact of global warming of 1.5C, 8th of October, 2018. The report, three years in the making, mirrors the time spent painting Aiwaz-Diatom-Physics, a prayer for environmental awareness and sustainability, and the seventh piece in the Seven Seals of the Apocalypse series.

12th of October: Completion and publication of Aiwaz-Diatom-Physics for Crowleymas, one-hundred-years on from the 1918 reception of The Amalantrah Working. From a magickal perspective, many forces conspired to prevent this image from seeing the light of day. As per advice from the Pain Management Program I participated in, I measured average pain thresholds while doing various activities to increase pacing and gradually increase workloads. At worst, half an hour painting was the maximum I could manage without provoking flare-ups. One hour or more guaranteed need of strong opioid painkillers to alleviate the eight or more, out of ten, pain. Seven pill nights, who know what that feel like? This extreme condition was ongoing for two years.

53. Fear not, o prophet, when these words are said, thou shalt not be sorry. Thou art emphatically my chosen; and blessed are the eyes that thou shalt look upon with gladness. But I will hide thee in a mask of sorrow: they that see thee shall fear thou art fallen: but I lift thee up.

Liber AL ch. I

25th of October: An Interview with God is released. The Higgs boson has at last been observed decaying to fundamental particles known as bottom quarks. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its report on the impact of global warming. Venom is released—thirteen years of Crowleymas, the Seven Seals of the Apocalypse revealed. Paradise burns in Californian wildfires. THIS, is what we mean when we speak of the Beatific Vision and the important message I’ve been carrying. Intersections of data, from multiple positions in space-time, a new language of universal connectivity. Outside the Circles of Time, time is different for me.

“I’m a deity, not a vampire.” – God.

“A burning bush, a pillar of fire. Pretty dramatic stuff. I’ll bet people freaked out.” – Paul Asher

“Oh, they did, they did. But, uh, I got their attention.” – God

“No burning bush today?” – Paul Asher

“Would you like that? Is that what you really want? Okay. Um… uh, what exactly would you like to see burst into flames? Something in this park, perhaps? Uh, how about that pillar? Or maybe the tree, huh? No, of course not. Well, it’s not necessary. You’re here. I’m here. We’re already talking.” – God

Pressing on:

“So Satan is also real?” – Paul Asher

“Yes, but frankly, Satan is overrated.” – God

“Overrated? That’s a funny way to put it. How so?” – Paul Asher

“Well, he only has power to the extent that you give it to him.” – God


“What’s 2,427 times 648?” – Paul Asher

“1,572,696.” – God

Enduring, Avengers: Infinity War:

“I went forward in time to view alternate futures; to see all the possible outcomes of the coming conflict.” – Doctor Stephen Strange

“How many did you see?” – Peter Quill/Star-Lord

“Fourteen million six-hundred and five.” – Doctor Stephen Strange

“How many did we win?” – Tony Stark/Iron Man

“One.” – Doctor Stephen Strange

16th of November: California wildfires, death toll rises to 65. Marking the deadliest fires in the history of California.

30th of November: Further scientific analysis accommodating above completion of Aiwaz-Diatom-Physics, Seven Seals of the Apocalypse, the 2018 North Atlantic Hurricane Season statistics from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA):

The 2018 North Atlantic hurricane season had 15 named storms, 8 hurricanes, and two major hurricanes. This is above the 1981-2010 average of 12.1 named storms, 6.4 hurricanes, and 2.7 major hurricanes. The number of named storms ranked as a tie for the tenth most on record. Both of the major hurricanes — Florence and Michael — impacted the U.S. mainland causing approximately 49 billion in damages between them and contributed to one of the costliest years in terms of weather and climate disasters for the nation. Although Florence weakened significantly before making landfall as a Category 1 storm, she brought unprecedented amounts of rainfall and subsequent flooding to parts of North and South Carolina. During the 2018 North Atlantic hurricane season, Tropical Storms Alberto and Gordon as well as Hurricanes Florence and Michael made landfall in the U.S.

The 2018 Atlantic hurricane season had an approximate ACE of about 129 (x104 knots2) which is greater than the 1981-2010 average value of 104 (x104 knots2).

Excerpts from the Australian Government’s Bureau of Meteorology Annual Climate Statement 2018:

2018 was Australia’s third-warmest year on record (the national temperature dataset commences in 1910). Australia’s area-averaged mean temperature for 2018 was 1.14 °C above the 1961–1990 average. Maximum temperatures were the second-warmest on record at 1.55 °C above average, coming in behind +1.59 °C in 2013. Minimum temperatures were 0.73 °C above average, the 11th-warmest on record.

The 11-year mean temperature for 2008–2018 was the highest on record at 0.77 °C above average. Only one of Australia’s warmest ten years occurred before 2005, and nine of the last ten years have been warmer than average. Warming associated with anthropogenic climate change has seen Australian annual mean temperatures increase by just over one degree since 1910. Most of this warming has occurred since 1950.

A more detailed overview can be found at the above Bureau of Meteorology link.

According to NASA’s Global Climate Change – Vital Signs of the Planet website:

Earth’s global surface temperature in 2018 was the fourth warmest since 1880, according to independent analyses by NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Global temperatures in 2018 were 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit (0.83 degrees Celsius) warmer than the 1951 to 1980 mean, according to scientists at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) in New York. Globally, 2018’s temperatures rank behind those of 2016, 2017 and 2015. The past five years are, collectively, the warmest years in the modern record.

2019 E.V.

30th of January: Strange days paralleling Australia’s heatwave witness a polar vortex bringing potentially life-threatening temperatures to the United States and an estimated 55 million Americans bracing for below-zero temperatures.

A gigantic cavity – two-thirds the area of Manhattan and almost 1,000 feet (300 meters) tall – growing at the bottom of Thwaites Glacier in West Antarctica is one of several disturbing discoveries reported in a new NASA-led study of the disintegrating glacier. The findings highlight the need for detailed observations of Antarctic glaciers’ undersides in calculating how fast global sea levels will rise in response to climate change.

Researchers expected to find some gaps between ice and bedrock at Thwaites’ bottom where ocean water could flow in and melt the glacier from below. The size and explosive growth rate of the newfound hole, however, surprised them. It’s big enough to have contained 14 billion tons of ice, and most of that ice melted over the last three years.


15th of March: Christchurch, New Zealand, sequential shootings occur at mosques during Friday prayer. Twenty-eight-year-old Brenton Tarrant, originally from Grafton, Australia, entered the Al Noor Mosque in the suburb of Riccarton at 1:40 pm, killing forty-four people, continuing to the Linwood Islamic Centre at 1:52 pm, killing seven people. An additional forty people were injured, ninety-one wounded in total. According to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, “There were two other firearms in the vehicle that the offender was in, and it absolutely was his intention to continue with his attack,” en route to a third destination in the suburb of Ashburton at the time he was apprehended. Xenophobic Tarrant live-streamed the first seventeen minutes of his assault on Facebook Live. He posted ‘The Great Replacement,’ a seventy-four-page white-supremacist manifesto on 8chan, apparently claiming to be the document’s author. He also emailed the office of New Zealand’s Prime Minister, media outlets, links shared on Twitter.

The exact moment Maat v 1.0, Zorya Vechernyaya or Virginia (highly adept in lofty spiritual matters, sage, psychic self-defence, truth, justice, balance and bringing forth rain), her two young boys and I became without a home, devastatingly tragic events unfolded in New Zealand. There are numerous persons in our immediate sphere, who can attest to this chronology, i.e. family, friends, acquaintances, real estate agents, hire car employees. I pray my Muslim brothers and sisters understand I hold no personal grievance whatsoever. I love your culture. Truly. Reference to Zorya Vechernyaya highly apropos, this veteran American Gods character and Mr Wednesday together bringeth forth dancing in the rains. Virtue. Principle. Withal, Zorya, the eldest of three sisters, is assassinated by Mr World in an episode precisely aligned to our departure from secure lodgings.

Specifically, ‘The Beguiling Man,’ airing 17th of March, testimonial to Mr Wednesday and Czernobog’s vow of vengeance for the death of this old god. Proving trigger for the war to be. An inevitable outcome to a prolonged and deliberate campaign of hostility administered by nefarious parties. Season 3 of American Gods substantiates the awe-inspiringly prophetic Vision and the Voice: And the Beatific Vision is no more, and the glory of the Most High is no more. There is no more knowledge. There is no more bliss. There is no more power. There is no more beauty. For this is the Palace of Understanding; for thou art one with the Primeval things.

24th of April: Avengers: Endgame is released.

31st of May: Good Omens is released. Based on the 1990 Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman novel, featuring a cast of colourful characters focused on Armageddon and the life of an unexpectedly well-mannered eleven-year-old ‘Antichrist,’ The Great Beast 666, To Mega Therion returneth.

“It might have helped Anathema to understand what was going on if she understood the very simple reason why she couldn’t see Adam’s aura. It’s for the same reason that people in Times Square can’t see America.” – God

“As if Armageddon were a cinematographic show you wished to sell in as many countries as possible.” – Aziraphale

“Nothing’s happened to him. He happens to everything.” – Crowley

20th of June: Child’s Play is released.

Toy Story 4 is released. Anyone who’s seen Toy Story 4 will quickly realise the ventriloquist-type doll theme has yet further resonance. One of the first instances of this type of occurrence to strike a chord on my consciousness was 2006’s ‘The Prestige’ and ‘Illusionist.’ Both excellent films on magick and magickians, as if to highlight the Imaginarium olde and new, within four years of entrance to Crowley’s de Arte Magica and union with the Source, or God. These things happen from time to time – finger on the pulse. Another prime example, ‘Whiplash’ released October 2014 and ‘Foxcatcher’ released January 2015, both tales of coaching gone awry.

Einstein’s “spooky action at a distance,” now referred to as quantum non-locality, whereby we witness connections between events that apparently emerge from outside of space-time, could be considered descriptive of the anomalies attendant to one who has Crossed The Abyss. Returned to The Source, experiencing Singularity or The Eternal Nature of Existence – wherein Space and Time become One. Activities across May, the planet’s hottest June on record, and July provide another excellent Beatific Vision example. Intersections of data, from multiple positions in space-time, a new language of universal connectivity.

27th of June: Annabelle Comes Home is released.

June: The planet’s hottest June on record. Pristine Beatific Vision sense aligned with unambiguous revelatory updates on the important message from my lengthy Avengers: Endgame post in addition to the release of Good Omens, a la the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Dreamtime Nu-sphere diatom-physics.

17th of July: The Lion King is released.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

25th of July: “Unprecedented” infernos in the Arctic Circle – Greenland, Siberia, Alaska, prompt scientists to release satellite images of the smoke-ridden fallout. The largest fires are thought to have been caused by lightning and emitted as much CO2 in a month as Sweden in a year. According to the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO), recent years have seen planet Earth’s boreal, northernmost forests burning at rates unseen in over 10,000 years.

22nd of August: An 80 per cent increase from the previous year, approximately 76,000 fires burning across the Brazilian Amazon are now visible from space. Alight since January, these fires are essentially the result of the Wound of Amfortas, aided and abetted by deforestation, the destructive environmental policies reintroduced by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. Remarkable corroboration of our diatom-physics, Archetypal Graal-Romance Eleusinian Dreamtime post narrative, these blazes are the worst observed since 2010, a year of severe drought. Meanwhile, according to Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology: It has been the second-warmest January–August on record for Australia (spanning 110 years), with rainfall also below to very much below average over most of the country, and fifth-lowest on record for Australia as a whole (spanning 120 years).


6th of October: Steffi Grant, iconic occult, magickal artist and wife of Kenneth Grant, dies.

A highly-skilled artist whose work was integral to Kenneth Grant’s Typhonian Trilogies, she was also an extremely good writer, as attested by her enthralling Introduction to ‘Zos Speaks!’ as well as several essays of hers throughout the Carfax Monographs.

Michael Staley

          Carfax Monographs – Steffi Grant.

5th of November: Donald Trump signs papers to pull out of the Paris Climate Deal.

8th of November: Three people are dead, and over 150 homes destroyed as New South Wales’ bushfire emergency enters its second day. “We have never seen this many fires concurrently at emergency warning level,” declared NSW Rural Fire Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons. “We are in uncharted territory.”

30th of November: My Great Magickal Retirement of 2019, R&R mostly, drawing pictures for family and friends, including a Father’s Day wolf. Idiosyncratic Hurricane Dorian (Gray), significator for the North Atlantic Hurricane Season. All reflected in the below statistics from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA):

The 2019 North Atlantic hurricane season had 18 named storms, 6 hurricanes, and 3 major hurricanes. The named storms were above the 1981-2010 average of 12.1 named storms, but the other counts were near their averages of 6.4 hurricanes and 2.7 major hurricanes. The number of named storms tied are the sixth most since 1981. The Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE) index of tropical cyclone activity also indicated an above-average season in the North Atlantic. The ACE index is used to calculate the intensity of the hurricane season and is a function of the wind speed and duration of each tropical cyclone. The 2019 Atlantic hurricane season had an ACE of about 130 (×104 knots2) which is greater than the 1981-2010 average value of 104 (×104 knots2). That ranked as the 15th most since 1981.

Many of the storms were weak, short-lived, and higher-latitude than normal: Only 8 of the 18 storms lasted more than 72 hours, and 7 of them lasted 24 hours or less. Meanwhile, the two category 5 storms (Dorian and Lorenzo) were each exceptionally long-lived. These two storms combined for more than 60% of 2019’s ACE, or about 75% of the ACE observed in an average season. Dorian’s winds were among the strongest of any Atlantic hurricane in history before it made landfall in the Bahamas as a strong Category 5 storm and stalled for more than 24 hours. Dorian also brought winds and heavy rainfall to Coastal Carolinas before making landfall near Cape Hatteras. Lorenzo, on the other hand, was noteworthy for being the farthest east Category 5 storm in history. The other noteworthy storm was Tropical Storm Imelda. Despite qualifying as a tropical storm for just six hours, it was a very slow moving system that brought torrential rainfall to eastern Texas.

*italics mine.

7th of December: A 60-kilometre ‘mega-fire’ front razes areas north of Sydney, NSW. A Hawkesbury blaze merging with another two fires in the Lower Hunter Valley, the Little L Complex blaze and the Paddock Run fire close to Singleton, close to Cessnock, where I was living at the time. Over one-hundred fires, State-wide, smoke displaying as rain on the radar, the Bureau of Meteorology warning “some fires were too big to put out.” More than 680 homes destroyed, almost 250 damaged, 2,000 outbuildings ruined across the season to date. NSW Rural Fire Service Deputy Commissioner Rob Rogers stated, “It’s reflective of how dry the landscape is. The drought makes the fuel so quick to burn and it burns so volatile when it burns.”

17th of December: Australian heatwave registers new hottest day on record, with an average maximum temperature of 40.9 degrees Celsius across the country. This record breaks the previous mark of 40.3 degrees Celsius set in January 2013.

Excerpts from the Australian Government’s Bureau of Meteorology Annual Climate Statement 2019:

2019 was Australia’s warmest year on record. Australia’s area-averaged mean temperature for 2019 was 1.52 °C above the 1961–1990 average, well above the old record: +1.33 °C in 2013. Mean maximum temperatures were the warmest on record at 2.09 °C above average, also well above the previous record, which was +1.59 °C in 2013. Mean minimum temperatures were 0.95 °C above average, the sixth-warmest on record. The national temperature dataset commences in 1910.

The mean temperature for the 10 years from 2010 to 2019 was the highest on record, at 0.86 °C above average, and 0.31 °C warmer than the 10 years 2000–2009. All the years since 2013 have been amongst the ten warmest on record for Australia. Of the ten warmest years, only one (1998) occurred before 2005. Warming associated with anthropogenic climate change has seen Australian annual mean temperatures increase by over one degree since 1910. Most of this warming has occurred since 1950.

2019 was also the driest year on record for Australia at 277.6 mm, well below the previous record in 1902 (previous lowest was 314.5 mm). Nationally-averaged rainfall for 2019 was 40% below the 1961–1990 average of 465.2 mm. The national rainfall dataset commences in 1900. Although every period of rainfall deficiency is different, the extraordinarily low rainfall experienced this year has been comparable to that seen in the driest periods in Australia’s recorded history, including the Federation Drought and the Millennium Drought.

A more detailed overview can be found at the above Bureau of Meteorology link.

Note also: 2019 was Australia’s warmest year on record, parallel to my Great Magickal Retirement and direct attacks from iniquitous, baleful forces

2020 E.V.

9th of January: New South Wales sees formation of the State’s second ‘mega-blaze’ after three fires join, covering over 640,000 hectares near the Victorian border.

13th of January: Miraculous, Bureau of Meteorology forecasts widespread rainfall for Australia’s fire-ravaged eastern States over a four-day period.

29th of January: Commenced drawing up Intermission of the Novices III – Leviathan King of Thieves.

1st of February: Bought a copy of American Gods, purchased at Newcastle Airport, as per my father’s suggestion dropped off early with time to kill, said he’d pay me back for a book to read. Newcastle is a regional airport with one newsagent-cum-bookstore. While not extraordinarily exceptional, they stocked few paperbacks I was interested in, and American Gods happened to be the variance. Part of my Great Magickal Retirement, the first work I’ve completed since Nick Cave’s, And the Arse Saw the Angel. Initially, learned about the novel online around a decade ago and loved the concept. Published in 2001, Gaiman started piecing together the chronicle in magickal, 1998.

Other fun facts, the character Media, initially played by Gillian Anderson, was the first celebrity I ever saw. Anderson was doing an instore for the X-Files, a massive fan of the show, one of my best mates and I went to Southland Shopping Centre in the hope of meeting her. The place was overflowing with fans, and we didn’t stand a chance of a meet-and-greet signing scenario. Did get a close-up of Gillian’s entrance via the elevator, which was well worth the effort at the time.

“Not at all,” chuckled the voice. “You did everything you were meant to do, and more. You took everybody’s attention, so they never looked at the hand with the coin in it. It’s called misdirection. And there’s power in the sacrifice of a son – power enough, and more than enough, to get the whole ball rolling. To tell the truth, I’m proud of you.”

“It was crooked,” said Shadow. “All of it. None of it was for real. It was just a set-up for a massacre.”

“Exactly,” said Wednesday’s voice from the shadows. “It was crooked. But it was the only game in town.”

American Gods, Neil Gaiman

I concluded reading not long before consummating Leviathan King of Thieves. Surreal, high-strangeness parallels existing between the book and my dream-boat-ka-aviator life in 2020 include the fact I’d been living in Rosebud since May. Apparently, I’d been dreaming too loud. (King) Arthur’s Seat commanding view of Rosebud, a sleepy, bayside, resort-type-town, mirrors American Gods Lakeside, where klunkers and lotteries hold disturbing correlations. Ma’at v 1.0, Virginia Maria Conti, born 1984, is Sheree (Mandile) Beasley’s cousin of almost the same age. Born on the 25th of February 1985, Sheree was abducted, raped and murdered in Rosebud, 29th of June 1991. Her body found in a stormwater drain at Red Hill on the 24th of September of the same year. Serendipity occasioned one of two counsellors my parents sent me to was an ex-detective who worked the Sheree Beasley murder case (both counsellors insisted I did not have “a problem”).

Wednesday grunted. “Just spooks. Members of the opposition. Black hats.”

“I think,” said Shadow, “that they think they’re the white hats.”

“Of course they do. There’s never been a true war that wasn’t fought between two sets of people who were certain they were in the right. The really dangerous people believe they are doing whatever they are doing solely and only because it is without question the right thing to do. And that is what makes them dangerous.”

“And you?” asked Shadow. “Why are you doing what you’re doing?”

“Because I want to,” said Wednesday. And then he grinned. “So that’s all right.”

American Gods, Neil Gaiman

6th of February: Colour Out of Space is released.

The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents.

H.P. Lovecraft

21st of February: Hunters is released. In 1977, in New York City, a troubled young Jewish man bent on revenge is taken in by a secret group of Nazi hunters fighting a clandestine war against the cabal of high-ranking Nazi officials in hiding who work to create the Fourth Reich.

23rd of February: September 2019 through to the 23rd of February, the Australian bushfire season saw emissions over three-quarters that which the whole of industry emitted in the year 2018-2019. Equating to 434 million tonnes attributable to fires compared to 532 million tonnes of industry-related carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. The Department of Home Affairs advising more than 12.6 million hectares had burned across the country. New South Wales totalling more than 5.4 million hectares, while an average season represents only 300,000 hectares. 11.3 million adults or 57 per cent of the adult population, were physically affected by bushfire smoke. 33 people died, and a minimum of 1 billion animals perished.

25th of February: Commenced painting Intermission of the Novices III – Leviathan King of Thieves. Painting began a good hour before news broke of Harvey Weinstein’s incarceration for sex crimes.

February: COVID-19, or the Coronavirus, sweeps across the planet. Masks and ventilators a scarcity.

21st of April: Planet of the Humans is released. Available on YouTube for free viewing on the fifty-year eve of the first Earth Day.

13th of May: I moved back to Victoria, Rosebud 3939.

27th of May: Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich is released.

Walking in the Snow, Run the Jewels

It’s the funniest shit, finally the money up
And print on the kid and the planet hit skids
Livin’ in a valley of flames like “I win”
Skyline ablaze in a Bob Ross pic

goonies vs. E.T., Run the Jewels

3rd of June: Run the Jewels release RTJ4.

August: California’s August Complex Fire develops into the first American wildfire to reach a million acres, the State’s first recorded ‘gigafire.’

3rd of September: Measure for Measure is released.

6th of October: Mars, the planet of Horus, returns for another close encounter at 62.07 million kilometres from Earth.

30th of November: Seamlessly culminating the paradigm-shifting Dreamtime post era hurricane data to date, we have the below results from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) for the 2020 North Atlantic Hurricane Season. The results, including several global outlies, are reflective of Leviathan King of Thieves – Intermission of the Novices III being painted across this season:

A total of 103 named storms occurred during 2020 around the globe. This count includes Tropical Cyclone Calvinia, which formed in late December 2019 and continued through January 1. The count ties the record that was set in 2018. Despite the record number of named storms, the 45 hurricane-strength and 21 major hurricane-strength tropical cyclones were both near their 1981-2010 mean values. The accumulated cyclone energy (ACE), which measures the strength and duration of tropical storms and hurricanes, was 25% below normal and the fifth lowest since 1981.

The North Atlantic played an upostually large role in the global tropical cyclone activity in 2020. The North Atlantic had 30 named storms, which broke the previous record of 28 in 2005. Of those 30 storms, 13 were hurricanes, six of which were major hurricanes. Both of these totals are the second highest on record behind 2005. The ACE was 75% above normal. The ACE was the sixth highest since 1981, and 2020 marked the fifth consecutive year with above-normal ACE. The North Atlantic accounted for about 30% of the global ACE and named storms, which is more than twice its usual share.

The 2020 season was also particularly impactful for the U.S. Twelve named storms made landfall in the contiguous U.S., which breaks the previous record of nine from 1916. Six of the landfalling storms in 2020 were hurricanes, which ties 1886 and 1985 for the highest on record. Seven of the twelve U.S. landfalling named storms caused at least $1 billion, which broke the previous record of four billion-dollar tropical cyclones in both 2004 and 2005. The strongest of these U.S. landfalling storms was Hurricane Laura, which made landfall in Louisiana as a category-4 storm. Laura was just the third of five named storms to make landfall in Louisiana in 2020, the most on record for any state in one year.

The strongest storm of the 2020 North Atlantic season was Hurricane Iota, which was also the second-strongest November hurricane on record for the Atlantic. Iota carved a path of destruction through Central America that closely followed that of category-4 Hurricane Eta from just two weeks earlier.

Despite the record activity in the North Atlantic, most other basins were less active than normal in 2020. The East Pacific had 16 named storms, which was near normal. However, the four East Pacific hurricanes in 2020 were the third fewest since 1981. The East Pacific ACE was more than 40% below normal, and it was the eighth lowest value since 1981. The West Pacific was also upostually quiet with less than half its normal ACE (third lowest since 1981). The West Pacific did have the strongest storm of 2020, Super Typhoon Goni which made landfall in the Philippines as a powerful category-5 storm. The initial estimates of 195-mph winds during its landfall would be the strongest on record.

The North Indian Ocean tropical cyclone activity was stronger than normal with two particularly noteworthy storms. Super Cyclonic Storm Amphan was a rare category-5 strength storm for the North Indian Ocean. It weakened to a category 2 before landfall over low-lying eastern India. Its destruction extended into Bangladesh and it’s likely the costliest North Indian Ocean storm on record. The other noteworthy storm was Very Severe Cyclonic Storm Gati, which was the first hurricane-strength storm on record to make landfall in Somalia.

The tropical cyclone seasons in the Southern Hemisphere begin in July and end in June, so the seasons summarized here are the 2019/20 seasons that ended in June 2020. It is also more common for storms to cross basins in the Southern Hemisphere, so some storms are counted in multiple basins. The numbers of named storms, cyclones, and major cyclones in the South Indian Ocean were each near their 1981-2010 mean, but the ACE was 40% below normal. The Australian region was below normal in all metrics with ACE less than half of the climatological mean. The Southwest Pacific activity was near-to-above normal. The strongest cyclone of the Southern Hemisphere season was category-5 Tropical Cyclone Harold. Harold alone accounted for more than half of the Southwest Pacific’s ACE for 2020. It was the first category 5 storm in the Southern Hemisphere since Tropical Cyclone Gita in 2018. Harold caused widespread damage throughout the South Pacific Islands, particularly in Vanuatu where it achieved its peak intensity.

Finally, we read the NOAA’s news update: 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season takes infamous top spot for busiest on record

Theta — the 29th named storm of the Atlantic season — breaks the record for the highest number of tropical/subtropical storms in a single year. The previous record of 28 storms was set in 2005. Official records date to 1851.

The 2020 season began early when Arthur formed on May 16. The extremely active season quickly went through the pre-determined list of 21 names, ending with Wilfred on September 18. Then for only the second time in history, the Greek alphabet was used for the remainder of the season, with Alpha forming the same day.

21st of December: Publication of Leviathan King of Thieves – Intermission of the Novices III. From a magickal-scientific standpoint, Leviathan King of Thieves is the first of ten 3rd Eye Artworks undertaken without a lunar rite. My own blood, sweat and tears, becoming in its own way. As works progress, introducing a class system similar to Crowley’s alphabetical grading of inspiration for sacred texts may be worthwhile. The Seven Seals of the Apocalypse, religious icons of both Christianity and Thelema, might belong in Class A, as does Crowley’s Liber AL vel Legis, for example. Perhaps, due to their bridging two religions or Aeons, alongside categorical impacts on the worlds of physics and meteorological phenomena, an elevated and superior class of their own may not be out of place. Indeed, a subset of such a scientific system will be of benefit moving forward when considering art for art’s (or profit, story, energy, catharsis) sake type works of cinema, music, dance, written, pictorial, sculptural art, etc., pertaining to the 93-696 Currents of energy.

I am Leviathan, the great Lost Serpent of the Sea. I writhe eternally in torment, and I lash the ocean with my tail into a whirlpool of foam that is venomous and bitter, and I have no purpose. I go no whither. I can neither live nor die. I can but rave and rave in my death agony. I am the Crocodile that eateth up the children of men. And through the malice of BABALON I hunger, hunger, hunger.

The Vision and the Voice – 2nd Æthyr ARN, Aleister Crowley

-Historical Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn within 0.1 degrees of each other, peaking on the Summer Solstice, date of publication.

-Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano erupts more or less in unison with publication of Leviathan King of Thieves.

64. Oh! thou art overcome: we are upon thee; our delight is all over thee: hail! hail: prophet of Nu! prophet of Had! prophet of Ra-Hoor-Khu! Now rejoice! now come in our splendour & rapture! Come in our passionate peace, & write sweet words for the Kings.

65. I am the Master: thou art the Holy Chosen One.

66. Write, & find ecstasy in writing! Work, & be our bed in working! Thrill with the joy of life & death! Ah! thy death shall be lovely: whoso seeth it shall be glad. Thy death shall be the seal of the promise of our agelong love. Come! lift up thine heart & rejoice! We are one; we are none.

Liber AL ch. II

Excerpts from the Australian Government’s Bureau of Meteorology Annual Climate Statement 2020:

2020 was Australia’s fourth-warmest year on record. Australia’s area-averaged mean temperature for 2020 was 1.15 °C above the 1961–1990 average. Mean maximum temperatures were the eighth-warmest on record at 1.24 °C above average. Mean minimum temperatures were the fourth-warmest on record at 1.05 °C above average. The national temperature dataset commences in 1910.

The mean temperature for the 10 years from 2011 to 2020 was the highest on record, at 0.94 °C above average, and 0.33 °C warmer than the 10 years 2001–2010. All years since 2013 have been amongst the ten warmest on record for Australia. Of the ten warmest years, only one (1998) occurred before 2005. Australia’s climate has warmed on average by 1.44 ± 0.24 °C since national records began in 1910. Most of this warming has occurred since 1950.

Following Australia’s driest year on record in 2019, at the start of 2020 there were significant rainfall deficiencies in place across much of Australia. While water storages in the southern Murray–Darling Basin saw significant increases during 2020, storage levels in the northern Basin despite showing some increases, remained low at the end of the year. 

Rainfall for the year was below to very much below average for some parts of Australia, including in southeastern Queensland, the west and southwest of Western Australia, and western Tasmania.

A more detailed overview can be found at the above Bureau of Meteorology link.

2021 E.V.

-Coronavirus mutating.

20th of January: Started visual research for Intermission of the Novices IV.

27th of January: Started compiling Dreamtime post updates for the eight-year period 25th of April 2013 to 25th of April 2021.

17th of March: Rainfall in drought-stricken New South Wales. Extreme multi-day rainfall and significant flooding affected many parts of eastern and central Australia from 17 to 26 March 2021. Coastal New South Wales, including Sydney, experienced multiple days of heavy rainfall, and the week ending 24 March 2021 was the wettest week for the region since national daily records began in 1900.

9th of April: What Is A Vaccine Passport And Will We Need One? We are not looking at the Spanish flu of 1918’s pandemic numbers whereby one-third of the planet’s population was killed. The lack of non-politicised scientific discussion combined with the irrational and extreme measures undertaken is dreadfully concerning for the future of humanity. The dire consequences of this fork in the road, these alternate trajectories, simply cannot be emphasised.

15th of May: Centrepiece composition for Dark Shadows – Intermission of the Novices IV completed.



For this Reason is the Poet called an Incarnation of the Zeitgeist, that is, of the Spirit or Will of his Period. So every Poet is also a Prophet, because when that which he sayeth is recognized as the Expression of their own Thought by Men, they translate this into Act, so that, in the Parlance of Folk vulgar and ignorant, “that which he foretold is come to pass.” Now then the Poet is Interpreter of the Hieroglyphs of the Hidden Will of Man in many a Matter, some light, some deep, as it may be given unto him to do. Moreover, it is not altogether in the Word of any Poem, but in the quintessential Flavour of the Poet, that thou mayst seek this Prophecy. And this is an Art most necessary to every Statesman. Who but Shelley foretold the Fall of Christianity, and the Organisation of Labour, and the Freedom of Woman; who but Nietzsche declared the Principle at the Root of the World-War? See thou clearly then that in these Men were the Keys of the Dark Gates of the Future; should not the Kings and their Ministers have taken heed thereto, fulfilling their Word without Conflict?

14th of August: A magnitude 7.2 earthquake strikes 150 kilometres west of Port-au-Prince near Haiti, killing at least 2,248 people, injuring over 12,000 others, leaving an estimated 650,000 people in need of assistance.

24th of August: posted The Lover image on Facebook. 

26th of August: Category 4 Hurricane Ida strikes precisely in line with a posting of The Lover image on 3rdeyeart’s Facebook page. According to a U.S. Geological Survey gauge near New Orleans, the Mississippi River’s flow moved backwards as a result of Hurricane Ida.

Hurricane Ida. Photo courtesy NASA.

22nd of September: A 5.8 magnitude earthquake hits Melbourne, including Chapel Street in the suburb of Windsor, nearby to my old (2012-2017) apartment on Chapel Street, followed by two aftershocks across Victoria. ACT Emergency Services advising tremors were noticed “as far away as Canberra and Sydney.”

Hurricane Sam: Sam was a major hurricane for 7.75 days, which made it the longest-lived Atlantic major hurricane since Ivan of 2004, and tied it for the ninth longest-lived major hurricane on record in the Atlantic basin.

18th of October: Started painting Dark Shadows – Intermission of the Novices IV.

21st of October: As of 11:59 pm the city of Melbourne ends the world’s longest COVID-19 lockdown. A total of six lockdowns, or 262 days since March 2020, at which point I had already gone through several years of social distancing isolation. These lockdowns exacerbated my mental health condition.

30th of November: Scientific analysis of the 2021 North Atlantic Hurricane Season reflects activity at 3rdeyeart. Namely, posting of The Lover canvas on Facebook and Hurricane Ida along with consecration of the Dark Shadows – Intermission of the Novices IV canvas in October with Category 4 Hurricane Sam. Deliberately, painting commenced slowly, due in large part to the timespan of the North Atlantic Hurricane Season and above facts. The 2021 Season marks seventeen consecutive years of parallels between 3rdeyeart-work and fever from the skies. Vision of man like shadow or ghost hurrying to distant place, and between me and ghost rain is falling. He is carrying important message. The noosphere is obviously very interested in this process. Please, don’t shoot the messenger. Addressing the you and the we, the message is predominately one of physics, environmental and meteorological import. The method of science, the aim of religion. See below 2021 North Atlantic Hurricane Season statistics from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA):

A total of 94 tropical cyclones formed around the globe in 2021, which ties 1994 for the tenth most since 1981. Despite this above-normal number of named storms, the overall global tropical cyclone activity was down in 2021. Only 37 tropical cyclones made hurricane strength (>74 mph), which is the fewest on record since 1981. The previous record was 38 in 2009. In addition, 16 storms reached major hurricane strength (>111 mph), which tied 1986 for the third fewest. Six storms reached category 5 strength (>157 mph) on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale (SSHWS), which is slightly above the normal. The global accumulated cyclone energy (ACE: an integrated metric of the strength, frequency, and duration of tropical storms) was about 22% below the 1991-2020 average.

Similar to 2020, the North Atlantic played an out-sized role in the global tropical cyclone activity in 2021. The 21 named storms were the third most on record. The seven hurricanes were near normal and the four major hurricanes were above normal. The ACE was also about 20% above the 1991-2020 average.

Eight tropical cyclones made landfall in the contiguous U.S. in 2021, down from eleven in 2020. Four of those storms were billion dollar disasters: Tropical Storm Elsa, Tropical Storm Fred, Hurricane Ida, and Hurricane Nicholas. At $75 billion in damage, Ida was the costliest disaster of 2021 and the fifth most expensive hurricane on record (since 1980). Ida’s destruction was unique in that its damage was concentrated in two distinct regions. It made landfall as a powerful category-4 storm in Louisiana causing heavy damage to the Gulf Coast. As its remnants moved northward, it merged with a frontal system to produce severe weather and flash flooding from Pennsylvania to New York.

10th of December: The Unforgivable is released. The film’s protagonist paints a highly analogous portrait of my own soon to be living in a boarding house situation. Finger on the pulse.

16th of December: Category 5 Typhoon Rai (known as Odette in the Philippines) hits south-eastern Philippines with catastrophic rain, flooding and landslides displacing hundreds of thousands of people and killing at least 375.

20th of December: A magnitude 5.7 followed ten seconds later by a magnitude 6.2 earthquake caused tremors, landslides, a rockfall and tsunami across northern California.

Australian Government’s Bureau of Meteorology Annual Climate Statement 2021:

Australia’s national mean temperature was 0.56 °C warmer than the 1961–1990 average, making 2021 the 19th-warmest year on record, and coolest since 2012.

Both mean annual maximum and minimum temperatures were above average for most of northern Australia, Tasmania, and parts of the west coast, but below average for parts of inland New South Wales.

July and August were particularly warm, with the national mean temperature fourth-warmest and sixth-warmest on record for their respective months.

Severe to extreme heatwave conditions affected the Kimberley and Top End during October, and parts of the north in November and December.

Nationally-averaged rainfall was 9% above the 1961–1990 average at 509.7 mm.

Rainfall was above average, compared to the distribution of rainfall across all years since 1900, for eastern Victoria, much of New South Wales, southern and central west Queensland, the Gascoyne and South West Land Division in Western Australia, and much of the far northern tropics, including the Top End of the Northern Territory and Cape York Peninsula in Queensland.

Rainfall was below average, compared to the distribution of rainfall across all years since 1900, for a few areas, such as around the border of South Australia and Victoria.

The year commenced with parts of south-west to central Western Australia, as well as the south-eastern quarter of Queensland, affected by meteorological drought, with rainfall for the period commencing April 2020 in the lowest 10% of historical observations.

Above average rainfall, compared to the distribution of rainfall across all years since 1900, brought relief from drought in Western Australia in March, and in Queensland in November.

While southern Murray–Darling Basin water storages saw significant increases during winter and spring 2021, storage levels remained low in south-east Queensland.

Flooding affected eastern and central Australia during the second half of March, parts of Victoria during June, and across large areas of New South Wales and Queensland from November into December.

La Niña persisted through summer 2020–21, returning to neutral during March, with signs of it emerging again in early spring, and becoming established in late November.

A Negative Indian Ocean Dipole in winter and spring also fueled above-average winter–spring rainfall over parts of southern Australia, compared to the distribution of rainfall across all years since 1900.

*italics mine and designed to accentuate the effects upon the noosphere – continuous dialogue, of posting eight years’ worth of Dreamtime post updates in April 2021. An unbiased scientific approach to a scientific paper. Work on updates commenced in late January and escalated closer to their completion in April. That which came to pass is that which one might expect from an intelligent dialogue, as postulated.


24th of December: Don’t Look Up is released conjunct Comet Leonard (Di Caprio, Da Vinci). Flashing neon lights of a world-ending comet in a film conjunct with a real-world comet at the same position in time and space. Aiwaz-Diatom-Physics as conscience and consciousness filter Initiating humankind.

When the human race learns to read the language of symbolism, a great veil will fall from the eyes of men. They shall then know truth and, more than that, they shall realise that from the beginning truth has been in the world unrecognised, save by a small but gradually increasing number appointed by the Lords of the Dawn as ministers to the needs of human creatures struggling to regain their consciousness of divinity.

Manly P. Hall

31st of December: Earth’s global average surface temperature in 2021 tied with 2018 as the sixth warmest year on record, according to an analysis by NASA.

Continuing the planet’s long-term warming trend, global temperatures in 2021 were 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit (0.85 degrees Celsius) above the average for NASA’s baseline period, according to scientists at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) in New York. NASA uses the period from 1951-1980 as a baseline to see how global temperature changes over time.

Collectively, the past eight years are the warmest years since modern recordkeeping began in 1880. This annual temperature data makes up the global temperature record – which tells scientists the planet is warming.

2022 E.V.

14th of January: Exactly one week after my 40th birthday and six days after becoming genuinely (sleeping in a tent) homeless a tsunami warning is issued for Tonga following a volcanic eruption; “confirmed as the biggest explosion ever recorded in the atmosphere by modern instrumentation.

It was far bigger than any 20th Century volcanic event, or indeed any atom bomb test conducted after WWII. The assessment comes in a pair of scholarly papers in the journal Science that have reviewed all the data.”

13th of February: A magnitude 7.3 earthquake strikes Japan on the day before Valentine’s Day.

22nd of February 2022 – 7th April: Parallel to my living in a boarding house Australian’s witnesses catastrophic and widespread flooding across large areas of Queensland and New South Wales, including Brisbane, Queensland’s capital city. Parts of Sydney were also affected. Southern Queensland and northern NSW received more than a year’s worth of rainfall in a week by the first week of March alone. 30th of March saw thousands of Australian’s desert their homes for a second time due to flooding. On the 7th of April Sydney received almost a month’s worth of rain overnight. Resulting in at least 23 people losing their lives, school closures, evacuations, food shortages and over $1 billion in damages.

24th of February 2022: Again, parallel to my living in a boarding house Russia invades Ukraine, resulting in Europe’s biggest refugee crisis since World War II and an intensification of the Russo-Ukrainian War, begun in 2014. More than 6.7 million Ukrainians have fled the invasion, leaving one-third of the country displaced. Finger on the pulse, we see a staggering reflection of the Leviathan King of Thieves painting and the above passage (included below for convenience), chosen to conclude eight years’ worth of Dreamtime post updates. That is, 25th of April 2013 – 25th of April 2021:

“For the last twenty years (i.e. since the receipt of The Book of the Law from Aiwaz) I have been maturing a plan for saving civilization. The struggle for life between the Capitalist and the Red has become constantly more acute and is now being brought to a crisis everywhere. Even England, the stronghold of conservative ideas, is almost ready to follow the example of Russia. The one hope of avoiding a conflict which would be finally fatal . . . lies in a spiritual revolution.”

21st of April: Given a somewhat sinister Wickedest Man in the World misnomer, an underappreciated and seldom reported fact regarding Aleister Crowley is his deliberate battle with the Devil, or Satan, in which Crowley vanquished his opponent, consequently ending up hospitalised. My seventeen-day hospital self-admission from the 21st of April to the 7th of May, and then another self-admission week from the 12th to the 20th of May, marrying up with Florence + the Machine release Dance Fever, the Book of Revelation, Liber AL and The Vision and the Voice narrative on Choronzon; superficially, the only demon in the creed of Thelemites.

Fear not, o prophet, when these words are said, thou shalt not be sorry. Thou art emphatically my chosen; and blessed are the eyes that thou shalt look upon with gladness. But I will hide thee in a mask of sorrow: they that see thee shall fear thou art fallen: but I lift thee up.

Liber AL ch. II, v. 53.

Crowley was fully aware that this symbolism would be misinterpreted and deliberately distorted by sectarian prejudice no less than by the upholders of bourgeois morality – particularly by the believers in “historic” Christianity, the typical Cult of the Dying God which dominated the previous Aeon. In his Confessions he writes: “The Cult of the Dying God introduced by Dionysus destroyed the Roman virtue and smashed the Roman culture. (Possibly, the introduction of the worship of Osiris in an earlier epoch was primarily responsible for the decay of Egyptian civilization.) The nature of Horus being ‘Force and Fire,’ his aeon will be marked by the collapse of humanitarianism.” (By the last sentence, Crowley means the pseudo-altruism that boosts the ego, nothing more.)

Some of the absurd legends which grew around Crowley during his lifetime are being perpetuated today by those who fail to grasp the significance of the ancient symbology that preceded the epoch of historic Christianity. Crowley did not discourage the growth of these legends because it enabled him to gauge the suitability, or otherwise, of candidates who came to him, ostensibly, to help him in his work. Those who believed the legends automatically proved themselves devoid of the qualities which he most needed in his collaborators, i.e. the ability to discriminate between falsehood and truth the ability to recognise a true Master in whatever guise he should choose to appear to the world. As it is written in the Mahavakyaratnamala: “The Knower of Truth should go about the world, outwardly stupid like a child, a madman or a devil.”

A formidable work confronted Crowley: that of training people to discover and to exercise their True Will and to stabilise the New Current and establish the Aeon of Horus on sure foundations.

At a time when humanity is threatened with total collapse; when the planet is – for the first time in its history – totally lacking a brain expansive enough to control and command all the energies that science has recently placed within man’s grasp, Crowley had no time to spare on those whose critical faculties were persuaded by slanders on his personal character. It was necessary to institute a general and automatic test of individual fitness for the Great Work, and the Legend was that test.

The Magickal Revival, Kenneth Grant

30th of April: Notwithstanding ten tropical lows the 2021–22 Australian Cyclone Season remained below average with minimal impacts on human consciousness and the noosphere. Scientific analysis of the 2021–22 Australian Cyclone Season reflects activity at 3rdeyeart. Namely, painting Intermission of the Novices IV: Dark Shadows. Again, painting commenced slowly, due in large part to impacts on the 2021 North Atlantic Hurricane Season and above facts. Also, I was homeless throughout most of January. Production speeding up across late February, March and April – the end of the Australian summer and into Autumn.

April: April 2022 tied as Earth’s fifth-warmest

Asia saw its warmest April on record

April was very warm throughout the globe, with the month tying 2010 as the fifth-warmest April in 143-year climate record, according to scientists from NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information.

Last month also contributed to a very warm start to 2022, as sea ice coverage at both poles ran well below average. 

Climate by the numbers

April 2022

The average global temperature in April was 1.53 degrees F (0.85 of a degree C) above the 20th-century average of 56.7 degrees F (13.7 degrees C), tying with April 2010 as the fifth-warmest April on record. 

Asia had its warmest April on record — dating back to 1910 — with the month running 4.72 degrees F (2.62 degrees C) above average. This surpassed the now second-warmest April in 2016 by 0.09 of a degree F (0.05 of a degree C). Upostually high temperatures across India and Pakistan contributed to the record heat in Asia, with several locations setting new April temperature records.

Oceania had its fifth-warmest April on record, while Africa and South America saw their ninth and 12th-warmest April on record, respectively. North America was the only continent with a cooler-than-average April, seeing its coolest April since 2018. 

The world’s 10 warmest Aprils have all occurred since 2010, with 2014-2022 all ranking among the 10 warmest Aprils on record.

Year to date 

The global temperature for the year to date (YTD, January through April 2022) was 1.57 degrees F (0.87 of a degree C) above average, making it the fifth-warmest such YTD on record. 

Asia had its fourth-warmest YTD on record, Oceania had its seventh warmest and Europe saw its 11th warmest. South America had its ninth-warmest January-through-April YTD on record, while North America saw its coolest such YTD since 2014. 

According to NCEI’s Global Annual Temperature Rankings Outlook, it is virtually certain (> 99.0%) that 2022 will rank among the 10 warmest years on record.

*italics mine

5th of May: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is released. Segue. Exactly affiliated with my seventeen-day hospital self-admission from the 21st of April to the 7th of May. Complicated. Sam Raimi at the helm plus Scarlet Witch and magick makes it kind of horror show for a Marvel film. That swimming through the multiverse sequence features some of the craziest coolest special effects yet created. The paint realm was dope.

Google say: Doctor Strange teams up with a mysterious teenage girl from his dreams who can travel across multiverses, to battle multiple threats, including other-universe versions of himself, which threaten to wipe out millions across the multiverse.

I’m always running from something

I push it back, but it keeps on coming

And being clever never got me very far

Because it’s all in my head

And “You’re too sensitive,” they said

I said, “Okay, but let’s discuss this at the hospital”

Free, Florence + the Machine

13th of May: Florence + the Machine release Dance Fever featuring the song Free. See above 21st of April hospital self-admission entry. For the sake of science, curiosity and accuracy there was an overnight hospital stay Easter Sunday and another late 2021. Both well before release of Free on the 21st of April and I didn’t hear any tracks from Dance Fever until mid-June. Recurrently, we have repeatability and continuity in abundance, more fecund and dependable, I dare say, than consensus reality.

“Professor. Is this all real? Or is it just happening inside my head?” – Harry

“Of course it’s happening inside your head Harry. Why should that mean, that it’s not real?”– Dumbledore

I hope you find some peace of mind in this lifetime

Tell them, tell ’em, tell them the truth

I hope you find some paradise (tell them, tell ’em the truth)

Tell ’em, tell ’em, tell ’em, tell them your-

I’ve been goin’ through somethin’

One-thousand eight-hundred and fifty-five days

I’ve been goin’ through somethin’

Be afraid

United in Grief, Kendrick Lamar

-Kendrick Lamar releases Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers. I first listened to the record on Sunday the 3rd of July. The above lyrics are from opening track United in Grief. “You really need some therapy,” Father Time. “Shit, everybody stupid.” One-thousand eight-hundred and fifty-five days earlier equals Sunday the 4th of June, one month and one day before I quit my job at Crown Resorts. Deliberately, it was around 5 am and still Independence Day in the northern hemisphere when I placed my letter of resignation on the boss’s desk.

There are hundreds of visions, trampling over one another. In each one the Angel of the Aethyr is mysteriously hidden.

Now I will describe the Angel of the Aethyr until the voice begins again.

He is like one’s idea of Sappho and Calypso, and all seductive and deadly things; heavy eye-lids, long lashes, a face like ivory, wonderful barbaric jewellery, intensely red lips, a very small mouth, tiny ears, a Grecian face. Over the shoulders is a black robe with a green collar; the robe is spangled with golden stars; the tunic is a pure soft blue.

Now the whole Aethyr is swallowed up in a forest of unquenchable fire, and fearlessly through it all a snow-white eagle flies. And the eagle cries: the house also of death. Come away! The volume of the book is open, the Angel waiteth without, for the summer is at hand. Come away! For the Aeon is measured, and thy span allotted. Come away! For the mighty sounds have entered into every angle. And they have awakened the Angels of the Aethyrs that slept these three hundred years.

For in the Holy letter Shin, that is the Resurrection in the Book of Thoth, that is the Holy Spirit in the Trinity, that is three hundred in the tale of the years, hath the tomb been opened, so that this great wisdom might be revealed.

Come away! For the Second Triad is completed, and there remaineth only the Lord of the Aeon, the Avenger, the Child both Crowned and Conquering, the Lord of the Sword and the Sun, the Babe in the Lotus, pure from his birth, the Child of suffering, the Father of justice, unto whom be the glory throughout all the Aeon!

Come away! For that which was to be accomplished is accomplished, seeing that thou hadst faith unto the end of all.

In the letter N the Voice of the Aethyr is ended.

The Vision and the Voice – 2nd Æthyr ARN, Aleister Crowley

22nd of May: A magnitude 6.0 quake strikes north-east Japan, Land of the Rising Sun, at the same time I started preparing Dreamtime post updates for 2022 (April 2021 – June 2022). Nuit, the noosphere, screaming for recognition.

22nd of June: Conjunct with a Winter Solstice posting of April 2021 – June 2022 Dreamtime post updates eastern Afghanistan experiences a magnitude 5.9 earthquake killing over 1000 and injuring at least 1500 others.

24th of June: Ozzy Osbourne releases Patient Number 9. “The song is about a mental institution,” stated Ozzy of the title track to his upcoming record, Patient Number 9. I first heard Patient Number 9 on the 29th of June following a late afternoon ride into town and an avian commotion that would put Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds to shame. “When the sun goes down, the animals cry. That’s a sound you won’t forget.” So true, night terrors you don’t want. Getting better. Again, again, again, we have repeatability and continuity in abundance, more fecund and dependable, I dare say, than consensus reality.