Acrylic on canvas. Another masterpiece Mr World does not want you to see. Subsequent to visual research days before, drawing up this project commenced 29th of January 2020. Two days later I was prohibited from posting branded content on Instagram; no to free advertising? Interesting. Painting began 25th of February, a good hour before news broke of Harvey Weinstein’s incarceration for sex crimes.

The third in a series of four paintings, this concept originated in the E.V. era, 2006-08. Essential to an adequate understanding of the 93-696 Current, the all-important mirror arrangement continues on from Aiwaz-Diatom-Physics. ‘Extremists in Denial’ text, a direct inspiration from the Killer Be Killed track, I.E.D. – Fundamental teachings mutilate human beings.

Aside from the aforementioned, further interesting things occurring in concert with production of this image include:

  • COVID-19, or the Coronavirus, sweeps across the planet. Current total worldwide toll, 76.4 million infected, 43.1 million recovered, 1.69 million dead. 
  • 110,000 restaurants have permanently shuttered over 2020 in the United States, with 10,000 completely closed in the past three months.
Leviathan King of Thieves – Intermission of the Novices III