Going Forth By Day

There are four gates to one palace; the floor of that palace is of silver and gold; lapis lazuli & jasper are there; and all rare scents; jasmine & rose, and the emblems of death. Let him enter in turn or at once the four gates; let him stand on the floor of the palace. Will he not sink? Amn. Ho! warrior, if thy servant sink? But there are means and means. Be goodly therefore: dress ye all in fine apparel; eat rich foods and drink sweet wines and wines that foam! Also, take your fill and will of love as ye will, when, where and with whom ye will! But always unto me.

Liber AL ch. I, v. 51


On the second day of 2009 I watched a History Channel documentary on E.A. Wallis Budge and The Egyptian Book of the Dead, more appropriately known as The Egyptian Book of Going Forth By Day. The documentary features a re-enactment of the ordeal undertaken by the deceased in the afterlife according to the Egyptian mythos and the papyrus ‘found’ by Budge. Already aware at this time my next major work would be Communion, but not yet certain how to translate the progressive nature of the Visions to canvas, it was while watching this documentary that I realised there would be another synthesis of my artwork once Communion was completed.

It must be emphasised that there was no conscious decision to illustrate a modern depiction of this process, the specifics of which I was unaware at the time of producing all but the last in the series. Whatever your thoughts might be regarding the ordering of the paintings as per Liber AL’s instructions, Paste the sheets from right to left and from top to bottom: then behold!, the last thing on my mind was an expansion on what I considered a prophesied series of work. With each canvas painted as a standalone image in its own right, Communion was, as far as practicable, constructed without reference to its predecessors. Even a casual reflection on the above four images will afford confirmation of a sublime union.

Those familiar with the Story of the trials of the afterlife as interpreted by the Ancient Egyptians will recognise all the key components of the Journey are presented with a modern emphasis, dynamic and validity. It is clear from their Pantheon the Neteru and the remains of their Civilization that the Ancient Egyptians had an intimate knowledge of Universal Archetypes – the very mechanics of nature. They built Temples and created Art in honour of these Sacred Processes and their connection to them. And in a great many respects it’s undeniable they had a far deeper and proficient understanding of nature than we do; their many unsurpassed accomplishments remain as testament to this. The steps depicted in these paintings reflect the Initiatory Path of the Western Mystery Tradition, particularly that emanating from the Double Currents of Horus 93 – Maat 696. The operations of which resonate with those documented in one of the oldest books in the World, the papyrus discovered by Budge. Being of an Archetypal Nature, the key elements of this knowledge are echoed in traditions the world over.


As documented in the Dreamtime Nus section of this site, manifestation of E.V. accompanied some of the most momentous affairs on the planet. For instance, the topic of Climate Change escalated dramatically in line with generation of the image, becoming a focal point in the mainstream. While my home State of Victoria saw its longest running bushfires commence the same day I stretched the canvas when State-wide lightning ignited 200 blazes. Resulting in the use of street lamps and headlights as day turned an eerie red night during the course of the fires. Reminiscent of the rainbow motif in the image, a month later Comet McNaught, the brightest comet in over 40 years was clearly visible in night skies.


Comet McNaught. Photo courtesy ESA


Also accurately depicted, nay predicted, is the ‘Sub-prime Mortgage Crisis’, catalyst for what has come to be known as the GFC. The instability of which still casts a foreboding shadow of uncertainty. In line with this, soon after go-live for the image, amid fears of ‘peak oil’ and reports claiming the resource’s scarcity, the world sees an all-time record for the price of the commodity as it reaches $147.27 (U.S.) per barrel. Next came images of the BP Deepwater Horizon Disaster. A massive plume of smoke billowing from the rig in the Gulf of Mexico, the largest marine oil spill in history, yet another connection to the E.V. piece comes to mind.


The Hermit

Five years after sketching E.V. and seven years succeeding painting The Hermit (approximately thirteen years since composition) I sported a shaved head, suit and tie; four years spent doing time nine to five. With an upcoming trip to Egypt booked, I managed to wind up all the important people in the office for all the right reasons and was “let go” from my position. The first time I’d been fired in over sixteen years in the work force. Having received a decent payout I used the couple months at my disposal to work on Communion. Chips fall where they may; I’d find a job when I returned. At this point, I found it amusing The Hermit piece seemed to mirror my situation. It wasn’t until I got back from Egypt and was greeted with a notice to vacate, having to pack all my belongings in storage, ready to relocate, destination unknown, that I realised to what depths The Hermit canvas was now living me.


The Lover

Meeting my fellow Pilgrims in Cairo the day before Valentine’s Day, I’d left for Egypt without finishing the Communion piece as hoped. The main work remaining, completion of the heart chakra and adding the coiled splendour – kundalini. Making perfect sense in retrospect as the culmination of The Egyptian Book of Going Forth By Day occurs when the candidate’s Heart is weighed against Maat’s Feather of Truth. If the scales balance, then the Initiate, ‘True of Voice’, is granted Immortality and accepted into the Afterlife or Divinity. If not, then Ammit – the soul eater, a demon with the body of a hippopotamus and lion, and the head of a crocodile (or a Tyrannosaurus Rex in a business suit?) devours the Heart; condemning the applicant to eternal restlessness. As explained in the blurb to this piece, the first seeds of The Lover canvas are from August 2004, just a couple months after the Venus transit of that year. With another Venus transit in June 2012, the gateway of the Goddess (Venus = Isis) and the Way of the Heart would once again be open for the Initiate, versed in the Magick of Horus, as ordained in The Book of Going Forth By Day, to offer his Heart as a balance to Maat’s Feather of Truth.

Days later, on the 18th of February the stage was prepared for a balancing of the scales at a Dawn Initiation in The Temple of Isis at Philae. Led by High Priestess Nicki Scully and conducted in the Temple’s Holy of Holies, I found the Ceremony a resounding success. Connection to the Goddess Isis bringing to mind Liber AL’s ch. I, v. 22. Now, therefore, I am known to ye by my name Nuit, and to him by a secret name which I will give him when at last he knoweth me. Since I am Infinite Space, and the Infinite Stars thereof, do ye also thusBind nothing! Let there be no difference made among you between any one thing & any other thing; for thereby there cometh hurt. i.e., when at last he knoweth meis indicative of the seven-year gap between the steps of The Lover and Communion canvases. Along with a previous opportunity to know Nuit that I missed, and the eight years between Venus (Isis) transits. While the capitalised words Infinite Space and Infinite Stars actually spell ISIS, the phrase itself is evocative of the Communion image, as is the instruction do ye also thus. At the conclusion of the Ceremony, Nicki directed us to await the sunrise in meditation on what we planned to do with our experience. The moment the sun cracked the horizon my mind was focused on a woman we’ll call Rose (in memory of Crowley’s wife Rose and their 1904 honeymoon in Egypt, along with the fact Rose’ name is three flowers in one) sitting next to me, and how I was prepared to go to her hometown of New York to pursue our connection.

The Temple of Horus, 19th of February 2012

The next Act in this process begins after a celebratory feast on the 19th of February, with our congregation commuting via horse and cart for a private evening visit to The Temple of Horus at Edfu. In hindsight, it’s evident the Universe had tradition in mind as Rose and I spent an uncharacteristic afternoon apart and circumstance also dictated we travelled separately to our destination. Arriving at The Temple and walking the courtyard we were also the last of our procession to enter. The next day Rose would comment that this “felt like fate.” While another member of our party remarked it “felt like a prophecy” that we were all in Egypt doing the work we were doing. The night’s Ceremony was again facilitated by High Priestess Nicki Scully, and it was at the climax of proceedings when we were instructed to “surrender to love” that Rose and I shared a truly magickal first kiss. The Lover canvas Dream True.

The Amalantrah Working

My observation of the Universe convinces me that there are beings of intelligence and power of a far higher quality than anything we can conceive of as human; that they are not necessarily based on the cerebral and nervous structures that we know, and that the one and only chance for mankind to advance as a whole is for individuals to make contact with such Beings.

Magick Without Tears, Aleister Crowley

Crowley was instructed to go to Egypt in search of the egg. There he was to ‘create an altar.’

Outside the Circles of Time, Kenneth Grant

Discussing the Abuldiz and Amalantrah Workings in his Autohagiography Confessions, Crowley writes:

To my surprised annoyance, the Camel suddenly began to have visions. I shut off my hearing in the way I have learned to do; but after some five minutes babbling she pierced my defences by some remark concerning an egg under a palm tree. This aroused me instantly, for the last instruction given to myself and Soror Virakam was to go to the desert and look for just that thing. I then saw a kind of continuity between those visions and these. It was as if the intelligence communicating were picking up the story at the point at which it had been dropped. Of course, it might have been a mere coincidence. But that point can be easily settled by cross-examination. I began to ask questions. The Camel said that someone, whom she called ‘The Wizard’, wished to communicate with me. I am not a spiritualist who accepts any messages as of divine origin. I insist on knowing with whom I am talking, and on his showing such qualities of mind that the communication will benefit me.

The Amalantrah Working is a series of Communications and Visions received between the 14th of January and the 16th of June 1918, in a Central Park West apartment, New York City. The workings are named after the primary intelligence informing Crowley and the Seer – the Wizard Amalantrah. Upon my return from Egypt, it had been some years since last reading the working, and I’d forgotten most of the details. It was while reviewing old notes and diaries for 3rdeyeart.com v 3.0 that some of the particulars caught my attention, and I decided it prudent to re-visit the text. Apart from the importance of the egg, up until recently interpretation of the working had been shrouded in obscurity.

I soon discovered that once all the questions regarding qabalah, magickal technique, material affairs and associates of A.C. at the time are deleted, what’s left is a solid thread that relates to quite recent events; around 75% of the non-mundane banter is decipherable at this stage. While this is not the place for an in-depth exploration of the working and requisite commentary, when the time is right I’m confident those in the field will agree I’ve ascertained the import of the document and illuminated its contents. For now I’ve included some standout examples that are relevant to our discussion on Going Forth By Day and my Pilgrimage to Egypt. These should suffice in providing definitive proof of a direct link between The Amalantrah Working and 3rdeyeart-works. Given that Crowley was the one instructed to go to Egypt and find an “egg under a palm tree” some of you may be wondering where I’m going with all this. Although I have no memories of a past life as A.C., The Great Beast (referred to below as T. for Therion) appears to have been privy to some of the most profound events of my life. Further details regarding this can be found in The Communion Commentary, which along with the below should establish an appreciable enough connection between the two of us.

In the proceeding text, the name Achitha refers to Soror Achitha, the aforementioned Camel, known among mortals as Roddie Minor. As the Seer in these transmissions, Soror Achitha reported to Crowley the visions she witnessed on the Astral. Visions often received in answer to questions from Therion, addressed to the Wizard via Achitha, or questions directed telepathically to the Wizard from Therion. While Arcteon, aka O.I.V.V.I.O, Frater Achad, or Charles Stansfeld Jones also enters the below discourse with various enquiries. A further test of the integrity of the responses is the fact that many of the questions were asked in code form, with the resultant visions or answers then interpreted by Crowley. As these visions were received on the Astral Plane, i.e. that which is between mind and matter, a Jungian-like dream logic can be considered an appropriate approach to discerning their meaning.


Egg under a palm tree. View from the balcony of my Mena House hotel room

Just a couple of sessions into the workings on the 3rd of February we read:

T. in a robe in a hotel room. This means something about a home. We are to go to Egypt for the key. The key might be in centre of egg when it is broken. It is a small golden key.

No vagaries here! The above photo is taken from the balcony of my hotel room at the Mena House, Giza. Presenting the view from which I found the egg under a palm tree  according to my interpretation the egg could be considered a glyph for Rose. As I’d flown in from Oz a few days ahead of the rest of the contingent, predominately from the U.S., it was here that I awaited their arrival, and here that I first laid eyes on Rose as she walked towards our group’s section of the hotel. As in The Lover image, The Great Pyramid is featured in the background.

After two preliminary visions on the 12th of February we find this record:

Q: “Is T. going to do any great work at the altar we are going to set up in Egypt whence we are going to find that egg?”

A: The wizard’s function with me is to get the truth. He knows the truth for me and is a guide to me. He expects me to go to Egypt to get the egg. He expects T. to go.

T.’s work is some great work.

A couple of questions later and we read:

Q: “Is it expedient to start to find the egg and when should we start?”

A: The egg is a work which must be done — the great work. By doing the work we get to the key.

Q: “Is it the same vision as in the Virakam vision?”

A: “The work must go on and there must be an altar, created in Egypt — starting in Egypt.” I see the Arab, the one that was at the well some time ago. He will be at one of the corners of the altar. The king is there.

Followed soon after by:

T. knows his work, his special work and this is only the means of doing it, like speaking of the cosmos, but the egg is the special work.

Like speaking of the cosmos – an apt reference to The Communion Commentary; the crux of which was drafted before my realising the connections between recent events and The Amalantrah Working.

Then on February 24th, 1918:

T: “Does Egypt mean the (geographical country or the mystic expression?)” (Asked without words.)

A: Utter darkness appears. A man with a beast’s head, something like a dog with a bird’s beak for a nose. It is a hawk’s head. I see a snake or scorpion. A nebula. Now there are many tiny chains at the feet of 729, coming from this nebula. Now an open door in a hut. A white cloth hangs on it. By this a tall palm, but its top is like a fir tree. A slender animal, somewhat like a calf is near A. In the air A. holds a small doll rather Japanese in appearance. This suggests Rodin’s ‘Hand of God.’ The doll has a cap on as if ready to go out. I see the egg and the eagle. The back of A.’s chair is shaped as a triangle, rather queer; almost as if the triangle were a solid.

Here we find a comprehensive description of The Lover canvas which also prescribes an exact context for the word Egypt. A man with a beast’s head… It is a hawk’s head equates of course to Horus in The Lover image. A snake or scorpion referring to the kundalini behind Maat or Rose. Remember also Rose’ astrological sign is Scorpio, the scorpion. A nebula, refers to the Andromeda Galaxy, which prior to the Hubble Telescope, i.e. 1918, was known as the Andromeda Nebula. Now there are many tiny chains at the feet of 729, coming from this nebula, applies to the cloud descending near Andromeda. The chains alluding to the restriction in place on Horus (see clouds wrapped around his left leg) that he must overcome to reach Divinity – Communion. On March 26th of the working, we find confirmation of an intimate connection between Amalantrah – 729 and 666 – Crowley (Horus) and I, 729 always close to 666 and interested.


“The doll has a cap on as if ready to go out.”

Click here to compare the above photo with an image of Rodin’s ‘The Hand of God.’

Dream logic with a sense of humour? As is necessary with the recollection of our previous night’s dreams, the image certainly stands out in one’s consciousness! To be honest, I initially debated whether or not to include this photo. However soon realised that it’s an integral part of our story, a salient demonstration of a higher intelligence exhibiting an awe-inspiring foresight. As peripheral and comical as the above piece of ‘towel art’ may appear, this quality is actually what facilitates a jaw-dropping certainty that pinpoints in time and space, exactly what is meant by Egypt.

Now an open door in a hut. We have moved on from The Lover and are in a new space of the vision. A white cloth hangs on itand the first item of interest we find is a white cloth! Typical of a sojourn in Egypt, part of our time was spent sailing the Nile. Where each day the crew left a surprise in our cabins, creating a different piece of art from our towels, hence A white cloth. By this a tall palm, but its top is like a fir tree, referring to meeting Rose, first seen under a tall palm, the fir tree relating to her native U.S.A. A slender animal, somewhat like a calf is near A., perhaps also a reference to Rose, who was rather new to all these magickal shenanigans, while the A. signifies Amalantrah. In the air A. holds a small doll rather Japanese in appearance, is a suitable description of the doll. Especially when the next line, This suggests Rodin’s ‘Hand of God’, is taken into account, and then also the final, The doll has a cap on as if ready to go out. With the doll wearing my ‘Sea Gringo’ cap, we have a highly deliberate and incredibly perceptive reference to a cursory feature of the Pilgrimage. I see the egg and the eagle, again a reference to Rose = eggeagle = American. The back of A.’s chair is shaped as a triangle, rather queer; almost as if the triangle were a solidpotentially descriptive of The Great Pyramid forming a background to both The Lover image, and the view of palm trees from my hotel room.

In summary, the answer to Crowley’s question, Does Egypt mean the (geographical country or the mystic expression?) is provided with an exact and uncanny accuracy. Evident in the veiled description of The Lover correspondent to the ‘doll’ in Soror Achitha’s vision. Witnessed also by my fellow Pilgrims, the incidental piece of ‘towel art’ provides the key to a sagacious cipher eliminating any potential of an elaborate ruse constructed around the visions.

Following Therion and Achitha dosing on the vision facilitating hashish, three hours into the record on April 20th, we read:

T: We know that 22 is masculine and 19 feminine component of 418, which is the Key to this Magick of the Æon. How do they combine? Are they being combined properly and so on?

Consulting the Going Forth By Day series, 418 could be said to stand in the position of a Key to the Communion piece.

A: Vision of beautiful bell — wedding bell — changes to foetus. Crown. Head of foetus turns into an egg and rises upwards and then rests on a lotus flower.

This vision reminds me of both The Lover and Communion images. Masculine (Horus) and Feminine (Maat), How do they combine? – wedding bell. Much like speaking of the cosmos in The Communion Commentary, the above entry regarding a ‘marriage’ of these forces during the Ceremony at The Temple of Horus was written in advance of my re-reading The Amalantrah Working. Crown. Head of foetus turns into an egg and rises upwards and then rests on a lotus flower, also resonates with Communion – Babe of The Abyss.

T: And that means what?

A: Winged ladder. Ladder. Winged ladder which goes to heaven. Wings and sides white. Rungs almost pocket shaped.

Again, Communion.

T: What are present instructions?

11.55 Arcteon 2 cc.

Arcteon catches up with Therion and Soror Achitha with a dose of hashish.

A: Crocodile — unformed man. Shelf, place walled in — on shelf skeleton. White flag. Skeleton’s hand holds white flag. Large wall around place like butterfly net.

Among other things, the E.V. image is a portrayal of our evolutionary past and potentials. From dinosaur or reptilian consciousness to the more recent mammalian and current homo-sapiens stages (utilised in an unfortunately negligible proportion of the species); Crocodile – unformed man is, therefore, an applicable summary. While the Shelf, place walled in — on shelf skeleton, reflects the next step in our sequence of ‘Going Forth’, The (gaunt-faced) Hermit canvas. The White Flag symbolizes the surrender illustrated in the artwork as reiterated with the Skeleton’s hand holds white flag. And Large wall around place like butterfly net is suggestive of the pyramid and rays.

T: Give Hebrew word to illustrate.

A: He Tzaddi-Yod-Vau. ( = 111.)<<N.B. The elixir must die in the Cucurbite and the 111 means this exactly. This recalls my dream and vision in N.Y. about killing the lion very dead indeed. It also explains the first answer to the question about the foetus becoming Harpocrates, cf. Jesus “Except a corn of wheat . . . down to fruit.” He-Tzaddi-Yod-Vau is the tetragrammaton of the magical officers. He(Hebrew) is the Emperor, and the Tzaddi the Empress, or High Priestess, vide secret attributions indicated in Liber CCXX. Yod is the Hermit and Vau the Hierophant who unites either with the High Priestess yet without destroying her virginity or with the more natural correlate. This word is therefore, a complete formula of the Gnostic and Templar mysteries, in one of its aspects.>> Daleth crowned with flowers.

Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.

John 12:24.


Arcteon: How do you make it die in the circle?

A: Great sphinx head, the top of which comes off like a lid – inside are lots of things — very tiny — They look like human beings — often with cloven feet like devils. They are not devils — they are like satyrs or fauns. Sphinx is like hen sitting on eggs to hatch.

Vision of man like shadow or ghost hurrying to distant place, and between me and ghost rain is falling. He is carrying important message.

Great sphinx head, the top of which comes off like a lid, is an adequate characterization of the Sphinx in The Lover painting. This vision is essentially the only detail of the working I recalled, and that vaguely, as it emanated upon reading once I’d painted The Lover. inside are lots of things — very tiny — They look like human beings — often with cloven feet like devils. They are not devils — they are like satyrs or fauns. Half man, half beast, satyrs and fauns present in this case a suitable allegory for the evolutionary pathway depicted across the base of the canvas. Sphinx is like hen sitting on eggs to hatch, is yet another apposite statement regarding the Sphinx in the image. Significantly, here we also find evidence of a direct connection between the eggs or egg, and Maat-Rose. Additional intimation of which is found in Liber AL where we read:

49. I am unique & conqueror. I am not of the slaves that perish. Be they damned & dead! Amen. (This is of the 4: there is a fifth who is invisible, & therein am I as a babe in an egg.)

Liber AL ch. II

just one verse before that which I identified as reflective of our night at The Temple of Horus:

50. Blue am I and gold in the light of my bride: but the red gleam is in my eyes; & my spangles are purple & green.

Liber AL ch. II

and we have a chronologically exact coherency. I.e. finding the babe in an egg, or Rose under a palm tree. Proceeded days later by a wedding and bride at The Temple of Horus, as referenced in the following verse that includes the colour scheme of the kundalini/fire snake behind Maat-Rose in The Lover. Of course, I colour matched the snake in the painting with Liber AL, but then Rose resonating Maat, and our night at The Temple of Horus were unforeseen, on my behalf. The adjective invisible is a fitting reference to Rose’ geographical location in relation to my own. Along with a prolonged silence soon after our meeting in New York City, and the fact Rose had little to no conscious interest in things magickal and/or prior awareness of her apparent potential. While Be they damned & dead! is simply a euphemism for unenlightened or asleep. Practically a pre-requisite to formation, a testament to validity and genuine expression of concern for the aspirant, all spiritual codes have caution of a less than desirable outcome as an alternative to success.

Vision of man like shadow or ghost hurrying to distant place, and between me and ghost rain is falling. He is carrying important message. Hardly requiring explanation, this vision is a resoundingly legitimate narrative of the Communion piece.



Further augmentation of the prophecy, Another prophet shall arise, and bring fresh fever from the skies, came in league with commencement of composition for the image when the largest tornado outbreak ever recorded affected the Southern, Mid-western and North-eastern United States from the 25th to the 28th of April. It was also one of the costliest and deadliest Tornado outbreaks in history. Following this, the first Tornado ever recorded in a Russian City struck just days after Consecrating the canvas. Next came Hurricane Irene, forming less than a week after I began painting, the effects of which made it all the way to Canada via New York City. As one of the intentions of this work is a counterbalance to the dominance of the aggressive and territorial influence of the reptilian mind in our consciousness today, it was apt that a month later the Occupy Wall St movement was initiated by the Canadian Adbusters group. Perhaps minds were stirred by Irene?

Following a lull in inspiration and a re-run of The Last Temptation of Christ, ‘Super-Frankenstorm’ Hurricane Sandy forms as I was returning to the Communion, 3rdeyeart.com v 3.0 grindstone. A common fixture throughout the year, the beard was back and I’d missed three weekly dinners with my family by the time Sandy hit New York City. At a massive 1,000 miles in diameter, Sandy was officially the largest Hurricane to form in the Atlantic Basin. Making landfall in Florida on the 26th of October and New York City on the 29th, Sandy was a further rarity due to the fact that only 68 Hurricanes have struck the North-eastern United States since record-keeping began in 1851. With estimates of approximately $50 billion worth of damage, Sandy is the second-costliest hurricane in U.S. history.

Also notable, on the 27th of November, just over three months after painting commenced, the green (lantern) Comet Lovejoy was discovered by Australian amateur astronomer Terry Lovejoy. Comet Lovejoy is the brightest comet since McNaught, and while it’s not a green meteor, the very Thelemic sounding Lovejoy presents a definite affinity with the Communion piece, as the word in gold text, Agape, is Greek for Love. This comet’s arrival, coupled with that of McNaught at the time of painting E.V., the first and last in the series, is testament to this work’s harmonic relationship with the momentum of the Universe. Stunning Astronomer’s, Lovejoy even survived a trip past the Sun in which 2000 previously observed comets perished. Speaking of matters astronomical, mention must also be made to the February 15th Russian meteor explosion and 2013 being branded the year of the comets! Comets Lemmon and Pan-STARRS lit up skies in conjunction with finalising 3rdeyeart.com v 3.0, and the recently discovered Comet ISON is due late November. Although comets have a reputation for failing to live up to the hype, ISON may even be visible during the day, and best case estimates suggest it could be the most spectacular comet of the century.

I give unimaginable joys on earth: certainty, not faith, while in life, upon death; peace unutterable, rest, ecstasy; nor do I demand aught in sacrifice.

Liber AL ch. I, v. 58

Comet Lovejoy. Photo courtesy of NASA


The Method of Science, the Aim of Religion

Help me, o warrior lord of Thebes, in my unveiling before the Children of men!

Liber AL ch. I, v. 5

The Method of Science, the Aim of Religion – This motto from Crowley’s Equinox has long been both the mode of operations and intention of students and practitioners of his work, Thelemites if you willIn both the Communion and E.V. pieces my symbol for ‘The Source’ or ‘God’ clearly invokes this same aspiration. A Unification of Science and Religion, the Macrocosm with the Microcosm, Nuit and Hadit, all of matter contained within a single star – Singularity. In light of this motive, there are some exceedingly strange parallels between the discovery of a Higgs particle and creation of The Going Forth By Day series.

Just six months after E.V. went live the first proton beam was successfully steered around the newly completed LHC on the 10th of September 2008. Retrospectively of interest as the E.V. image features the first depiction of the omnidirectional star (quantum field) and atom motif also used in Communion – representative of a Higgs boson. Consequently, 2011 witnessed what is now known as The Easter Bump Hunt. The race between two independent experiments at the LHC, Atlas and CMS, to track down the elusive Higgs particle, began when tell-tale signs of its footprint were believed to have been detected by team Atlas around Easter (24th of April). Coinciding exactly with my initiating composition for Communion on the 23rd of April.

It wasn’t until early August 2011 that I actually started painting Communion. Unfortunately, with a full-time job at the time gaining any momentum on the piece proved nigh impossible. As mentioned above, I was “let go” (yes those were the words) from my office job, and resolved to hit the canvas with a vengeance. I was sacked on the 25th of November and quickly made considerable progress. Parallel to this, the Team Leaders of Atlas and CMS met with CERN’s Director-General on the 28th of November to discuss their findings. In the wake of this meeting,  announcements were made on the 13th of December that CERN was hot on the trail of the Higgs. Having just perceived the first “tantalising glimpses” of the theoretical missing link in what is potentially the governing theory of the Universe. Discovery of the Higgs boson will aid scientists in understanding processes that occurred during the birth of the Universe. And a more exotic version than that predicted in the Standard Model might open a window to understanding dark matter and dark energy, an estimated 96% of the Universe.

Echoes of Communion – Hubble Telescope Image indicating a ring of Dark Matter. Photo courtesy of NASA

Returning from my Pilgrimages to Egypt in February and New York City in March, I was overflowing with Ka. Quickly adjusting from a standard eight hours sleep a night, down to six, and very often five, four and even three hours. Landing a full-time job almost straight away, I spent the remainder of my time working around the clock producing the text for 3rdeyeart.com v 3.0, painting Communion, and focusing on another crucial aspect of this work; my resolve now off the charts. Following the December 2011 results the power had been turned up on the LHC, comparable to my own sleepless nights and progresses made, more data was gathered in April and June than in the whole of 2011! Another link between the manifestation of Communion and discovery of the Higgs-like particle is the fact announcement of the results was scheduled to coincide with the 36th International Conference for High Energy Physics to be held in my hometown of Melbourne. Due to the magnitude of the findings a joint seminar between Melbourne and Geneva, home of the LHC, was arranged. Mr Joe Incandela, spokesman for the CMS team, announced, “It could be a gateway to the next phase of exploring the deepest parts of the fabric of the universe.”

The Communion image is essentially a map of the Universe and the unfolding of Creation, a schema of the Higgs particle. It was produced after The Lover, although in the world of manifestation it illustrates that which came before. In papyri of The Egyptian Book of Going Forth By Day and countless other items of Egyptian art, we see Isis at the foot and Nephthys at the head of the deceased. Pledged with aiding the Initiate in their Journey to the Afterlife or Divinity, while Maat is the Balance, who weighs the candidate’s Heart against her Feather of Truth. Given the simultaneous timeframes above and our discussion on Going Forth By Day, it is curious there are four fundamental interactions of forces as currently understood by physicists – electromagnetism, strong interaction, weak interaction and gravitation, and three aspects of the Goddess plus one, the Initiate (the key to Liber AL = 31 = God). The very mechanics of nature…

When it comes to atoms, language can be used only as in poetryNiels Bohr


the unfragmentary non-atomic fact of my universality.

The theogony of our law is entirely scientific. Nuit is Matter, Hadit is Motion, in their full physical sense. They are the tao and te of Chinese Philosophy; or to put it very simply, the Noun and Verb in grammar. Our central Truth – beyond other philosophies – is that these two infinities cannot exist apart. The Law is for All

The Higgs boson is the fundamental particle associated with an Invisible Universal Quantum Field responsible for giving particles their mass. Of potential implication to our work, the Standard Model of the Four Fundamental Interactions does not account for the force of gravity and analysis of the Higgs boson is hoped to provide a connecting thread. Mirroring the above excerpt from The Law is for All,  Mr Incandela advises, “The Higgs is sort of like the mother of everything. It tells you something very fundamental about the entire universe. So measuring its mass, for instance, could tell us whether the universe is stable or not. This is really unbelievable if you think about it. So that tells you how deeply we’ve touched into this fabric, and this fabric is everywhere. Throughout the universe. So for me that is a really profound thing about the Higgs. It’s not like other particles.”

A startlingly accurate comparison can be made with the characteristics ascribed to the Higgs boson and the following line from Liber AL that was crossed out in the original MS: the unfragmentary non-atomic fact of my universality. I.e. unfragmentary – as it is in this context universal, all-pervading, perhaps also alluding to it’s connecting the Four Fundamental Forces of the Standard Model. non-atomic – quantum field, of which the Higgs sub-atomic particle or boson is representative. Paying heed to Liber AL’s ch. I, v. 36. My scribe Ankh-af-na-khonsu, the priest of the princes, shall not in one letter change this book; but lest there be folly, he shall comment thereupon by the wisdom of Ra-Hoor-Khuit. Crowley discusses his reasons for crossing this line out in his Genesis Libri AL: “On page 6 Aiwaz instructs me to “write this (what he had just said) in whiter words,” for my mind rebelled at His phrase. He added at once “But go forth on,” i.e. with His utterance, leaving the emendation until later.” *italics mine.

Placing the sentence in context, the line is from chapter I, verse 26:

Then saith the prophet and slave of the beauteous one: Who am I, and what shall be the sign? So she answered him, bending down, a lambent flame of blue, all-touching, all penetrant, her lovely hands upon the black earth, & her lithe body arched for love, and her soft feet not hurting the little flowers: Thou knowest! And the sign shall be my ecstasy, the consciousness of the continuity of existence, the omnipresence of my body.

Liber AL ch. I, v. 26

Prior to being ‘emended’ the MS read:

…Thou knowest! And the sign shall be my ecstasy, the consciousness of the continuity of existence, the unfragmentary non-atomic fact of my universality.

(Write this in whiter words)

(But go forth on)

Then saith the prophet and slave of the beauteous one: In my opinion the above narrative, along with various details in the Dreamtime Nus, Communion and Liber AL sections of this site, are reasonable grounds for the title prophet. And as discussed in The Communion Commentary, I have been a slave to the Goddess for at least ten years now, albeit at times begrudgingly. Who am I, is a personal appeal to the Goddess for confirmation of identity with this work, and what shall be the sign? is a request for both a personal sign and affirmation in the outer, a sign to provide certainty to the world at large. So she answered him, bending down, a lambent flame of blue, all-touching, all penetrant, her lovely hands upon the black earth, & her lithe body arched for love, and her soft feet not hurting the little flowers: this answer is an accurate description of the Communion image due to the fact the image is a depiction of the answer. Received on the 25th of April 2003, when I was “hurled across” The Abyss at Black Rock, near Sandringham, Victoria. Thou knowest! Knowest or know, root = gnosis, and should be taken in its spiritual sense, Gnosis – Enlightenment, the exclamation mark emphasising all of the above. And the sign shall be my ecstasy, descriptive of both the joys of gnosis and seeing this work coming to fruition in the outer – that is Nuitmy ecstasy. the consciousness of the continuity of existence, upon returning to The Source while yet living one consciously comprehends the continuity of existence, a link that is typically broken upon death and rebirth. This line is also reflective of the Higgs boson, as is the omnipresence of my body – the body of Nu is clearly illustrated in the Communion painting. Therefore the entangled circumstances between discovery of a Higgs and production of The Going Forth By Day series, particularly Communion, could be considered a ‘sign’ to the world at large.

Image courtesy CERN


Supplementary evidence of a bond between Liber AL, Communion, and discovery of a Higgs particle, can be found in The Lover. Illustrating Horus directing (sub-atomic) particles via a vortex (LHC) aimed at the stars and an atom. This action creates a line or field connecting the space between the stars. In Communion, we see the omnidirectional star (quantum field) and atom (mass) united – the unfragmentary non-atomic fact of my universality. The particle was detected in the LHC by smashing together two beams of sub-atomic particles at close to light-speed. Meanwhile, two beams of light infused with particles intersect at the hands of Horus where we find a cloud of particles, the result of the high energy collisions conducted in the LHC. A fountain of particles can also be distinguished pouring from my crown chakra in Communion, flowing to The Source. Naturally, Horus is standing in the Sign of the Enterer – “as if reaching for something,” it is used in Magickal operations to direct a force or open a portalEvidently the Goddess does not give herself up to the instruments of Science alone.

It’s really an incredible thing that it’s happened in my lifetime. Prof Peter Higgs

Finally, in the second chapter of Liber AL, dedicated to Hadit, we find another definitive prediction of this discovery:

1. Nu! the hiding of Hadit.
2. Come! all ye, and learn the secret that hath not yet been revealed. I, Hadit, am the complement of Nu, my bride. I am not extended, and Khabs is the name of my House.

3. In the sphere I am everywhere the centre, as she, the circumference, is nowhere found.
. Yet she shall be known & I never.

Doesn’t sound like we’re going to find ‘God’ in a lab anytime soon…


As should be the case with such signs and prophesies we have an Aha! moment whereby the pieces of the puzzle come together providing irrefutable evidence of a complete and accurate foreknowledge. In Magick Without Tears Crowley suggests the following guidelines for Prophecy:

1. The prophecy must announce itself as such.
2. The date of the prophecy must antecede that of its fulfilment.
3. The prophecy must be precise.
4. The prophecy must be more than a reasonable calculation of probability.
5. The verification must be simple, natural, unique and unmistakable.
6. The prophecy itself must possess the compliment of this precision. It must be so perfectly unintelligible at the time that the elucidation of the answer makes it certain that the prophet knew precisely the whole riddle.
7. Another strong point is that the prophecy should on the surface mean something vague and plausible, and, interpreted, possess this same quality of unique accuracy.

Re-establishing the ‘broken’ pathway across The Abyss, a link to the mainframe and an earthing of Divinity.

According to Qabalistic doctrine and the Legend of ‘The Fall,’ the pathway direct to Unified Consciousness, Divinity, or God, between the Fourth Sephira (Sephira= number/dimension) Chesed and the Third Sephira Binah, was broken and Humanity Fell from the Awareness of our Divine Nature. This was the pathway across The Abyss, the zone between the Archetypal and Manifest, the Real and Unreal, the Known and Unknown. Although inordinately rare, certain ‘individuals’ have made the leap, or been “hurled across,” as Crowley fondly referred to it. While the Higgs boson has inherited the alias ‘God particle’ to indicate its level of importance in the world of physics and not because it is literally God discovered in a laboratory, I can’t help but smile at the synchronicity relating to the intention. Along with being rather astonished at the concord between milestones of constructing Communion and the discovery of a Higgs!

And yet we now have extensive confirmation of previous 3rdeyeart-works running parallel to, and accurately forecasting future events. My account of the circumstances above, along with Dreamtime Nus, a timeline of events worldwide and their relationship to the manifestation of these paintings, substantiating this covenant. While the above engagements between creation of The Going Forth By Day series and discovery of the Higgs are in themselves an incredible demonstration of ‘Unified Consciousness,’ is it really too optimistic to anticipate further significant goings on from all this? Although claimed to be one of the most important scientific discoveries this century, intriguingly the event was also prophesied in a Holy Book written in the year 1904.

Reading Outside the Circles of Time, we find Kenneth Grant writes a distinctly accurate assessment of the dynamics of the situation: “As the dimensions of the known Universe are typified by the Son (Horus), so those of other dimensions are typified by the Daughter (Maat). The act of incest at which the ancients hinted darkly (particularly the Egyptians) related precisely to this fusion of the aeons.” Again from Outside the Circles of Time, we have the following passage from Soror Nema, descriptive of The Going Forth By Day Series: “696 is the inner synthesis of the Mass of Maat. It is the process by which the Gestalt is born. It is a break-through, a sideways path that short-cuts Nature’s evolution programme. It is the Will to No-Thingness, the self-annihilation sacrifice that must be done before the Vessel is pure.” Although further analysis has indicated the Higgs-like particle detected in the LHC is more vanilla than hoped in some circles, in light of the circumstances above, the excerpts from Outside the Circles of Time, and the prophecies from Liber AL, I think we are still granted some encouragement in our ambitious experiment.

Whilst we have already touched upon the alliance between The Lover image and the cone shaped ‘Sign of Protection’ from Kenneth Grant’s The Ninth Arch, there is a further correlation of relevance here. Writing of this ‘Sign,’ Grant mentions Crowley’s Fourth Dimensional analogy of a cone penetrating a body of water from the fourth chapter of Moonchild. A potentially useful totem for the collation of anomalous data on this website. Grant also discusses a Golden Dawn paper entitled, ‘The Law of the Convoluted Revolution of the Forces Symbolized by the Four Aces (Tarot) Around the North Pole’ in regard to this ‘Sign.’ The paper states, “…that the hour-glass symbol or double cone will be the translator from the one plane (dimension) unto the other…” The fullness of time has shown that not only was the cone shaped spiral worked into the image in the context of a ‘Sign of Protection,’ it also resonates with its complete import as indicated in The Ninth Arch; in both The Lover and Communion paintings.

As a result of the pursuit of this work and the breakthrough referred to in Liber AL’s ch. I, v. 22. Now, therefore, I am known to ye by my name Nuit, and to him by a secret name which I will give him when at last he knoweth me. Four verses and just over four months later we find ourselves knowing the Goddess, And the sign shall be my ecstasy, the consciousness of the continuity of existence, the unfragmentary non-atomic fact of my universality. Following on from these fulfilled prophecies, we have an incredibly insightful promise for a book written in 1904. In chapter I, verse 53 of Liber AL, Nu tells us: This shall regenerate the world, the little world my sister, my heart & my tongue, unto whom I send this kiss.

The Communion Dream, in progress…


Lamen of To Mega Therion





“I am ready.”

“I am going to make everything as simple as I possibly can. You have a good imagination, and I think you should be able to follow.

“See here: I take a pencil and a piece of paper. I make a point. It stays there. It doesn’t go in any direction. In mathematics we say: ‘It is extended in no dimension.’ Now I draw a straight line. That goes in one direction. We say it is extended in one dimension.

“Now I make another line to cross it at right angles. That is one extension in a second dimension.”

“I see. And another line would make a third dimension.”

“Don’t go too fast. Your third line is no use. If I want to show the position of any point on the paper, I can do it by reference to these two lines only. Make a point, and I’ll show you.”

She obeyed.

“Now, I draw lines from your point to make right angles with my lines. I say your point is so far east of the central point, and so far north. You see? I determine the position by only two measurements.”

“But if I made my point right in the air here?”

“Exactly. We need a third line, but it must be at right angles to the other two; sticking straight up, as you might say. Then we can measure in three directions, and determine the point. It is so far east, so far south, and so high.”


“Now I’ll go over that again in another way.

“Here is a point, not long nor broad nor thick: no dimension.

“Here is a line, long but neither broad nor thick: one dimension.

“Here is a surface, long and broad, but not thick: two dimensions.

“Here is a solid, long and broad and thick: three dimensions.”

“Now I quite understand. But you said: four dimensions.”

“I will say it presently. But just now I am going to hammer at two.

“Observe: I make a triangle. All the sides are equal. Now I draw a line through it from one angle to the middle of the other side. I have two triangles. They are exactly alike, as you see; same size, same shape. But – they point in opposite directions. Now we will cut them out with scissors.”

He did so.

“Slide them about, so that one lies exactly to cover the other!”

She tried and failed: then, with a laugh, turned one over, when it easily fitted.

“Ah, you cheated. I said, ‘slide them.’”

“I’m sorry.”

“On the contrary, you have acted divinely, in the best sense! You took the thing that wouldn’t fit out of its world of two into the world of three, put it back, and they all lived happy ever after!

“The next thing is this. Everything that exists – everything material – has these three dimensions. These points and lines and surfaces have all a minute extension in some other dimension, or they would be merely things in our imagination. The surface of water, for instance, is merely the boundary between it and the air.

“Now I am going to tell you why some people have thought that another dimension might exist. Those triangles, so like, yet so unlike, have analogies in the world of what we call real things. For example there are two kinds of sugar, exactly alike in every way but one. You know how a prism bends a ray of light? Well if you take a hollow prism, and fill it with a solution of one of these kinds of sugar, the ray bends to the right; use the other kind, and it bends to the left. Chemistry is full of these examples.

“Then we have our hands and feet: however we move about, we can never make them fill exactly the same place. A right hand is always a right hand, however you move it. It only becomes a left hand in a looking-glass – so your mirror should in future afford you a superior sort of reflection! It should remind you that there is a looking-glass world, if you could only get through!”

“Yes, but we can’t get through!”

“Don’t let us lose our way! Enough to say that there might be such a world. But we must try to find a reason for thinking that there is one. Now the best reason of all is a very deep one; but try to understand it.”

Lisa nodded.

“We know that the planets move at certain rates in certain paths, and we know that the laws which govern them are the same as those which made Newton’s apple fall. But Newton couldn’t explain the law, and he said that he found himself quite unable to imagine a force acting at a distance, as gravitation (so called) appears to do. Science was hard put to it, and had finally to invent a substance called the ether, of which there was no evidence, only it must be there! But this ether had so many contradictory and impossible qualities, that people began to cast about for some other explanation. And it was found that by supposing an extension of the universe (thin but uniform) in a fourth dimension, that the law would hold good.

“I know it’s hard to grasp the idea; let me put it to you this way. Take this cube. Here is a point, a corner, where the three bounding lines join. The point is nothing, yet it is part of the lines. To imagine it at all as a reality, we must say that it has a minute extension in these lines.

“Now take a line. It has a similar minute uniform extension in the two surfaces which it bounds. Take the surface; it is similarly part of the one cube.

“Go one step further; imagine that the cube is related to some unknown thing as the surface is to the cube. You can’t? True; you can’t make a definite image of it; but you can form an idea – and if you train yourself to think of this very hard, presently you will get a little closer to it. I’m not going to bother you much longer with this dry theoretical part; I’ll only just tell you that a fourth dimension, besides explaining the difficulties of gravitation, and some others, gives us an idea of how it is that there is only a definite fixed number of kinds of things, from which all others are combined.

“And now we can get down to business. Brother Cyril, who obliged with the cube, will be so good as to produce a wooden cone – and a basin of water.”

Brother Cyril complied.

“I want you to realize,” went on the old man, “that all the talk about the Progress of Science is cheap journalism. Most of the boasted progress is mere commercial adaptation of science, as who should say that he is Experimenting with Electricity when he rides in an electric train. One hears of Edison and Marconi as ‘men of science’; neither of them ever discovered a single fact; they merely exploited facts already known. The real men of Science are in absolute agreement that the advance in our knowledge, great as it has been, leaves us as ignorant of ultimate truth and reality as we were ten thousand years ago. The universe guards its secret: Isis can still boast that no man hath lifted her veil!

“But, suppose our trouble were due to the fact that we only received our impressions in disconnected pieces. A very simple thing might seem the maddest jumble. Ready, Cyril?”

“Quite ready.”

“I. A. A. I. U. I. A.”

“R. F. G. L. S. L.”

“What were we saying?”

Lisa laughed rather excitedly. Her vivid mind told her that these instructions were going to take sudden shape.

“Only your very pretty name, my dear! Now, Cyril, the cone.” He took it in his hand, and poised it over a bowl of water.

“We are now going to suppose that this very simple object is going to try its best to explain its nature to the surface of the water, which we will imagine as endowed with powers of observation and reasoning equal to our own. All that the cone can do is to show itself to the water, and it can only impress the water by touching it.

“So it dips its point, thus. The water perceives a point. The cone goes on dipping. The water sees a circle round where the point was. The cone goes on. The circle gets bigger and bigger. Suddenly, as the cone goes completely through, snap!

“Now, what does the water know?

“Nothing about any cone. If it got any idea that the various commotions were caused by a single object, which it would only do if it compared them carefully, noted a regularity of rate of increase in the size of the circle, and so on – in other words, used the scientific method – it would not evolve a theory of a cone, for we must remember that any solid body is to it a thing as wildly inconceivable as a fourth-dimensional body is to us.

“The cone would try again. This time, we dip it obliquely. The water now perceives a totally different set of phenomena; there are no circles, but ellipses. Dip again, first at this angle, then at that. One way we get curious curves called parabolas, the other way equally curious curves called hyperbolas.

“By this time the water would be nearly out of its mind, if it insisted on trying to refer all these absolutely different phenomena to a single cause!

“It might work out a geometry – our own plane geometry, in fact – and it would perhaps get some extraordinary poetic conception of a Creator who manifested in his universe such marvellous and beautiful relations. It would get all sorts of fantastic theories of this Creator’s power; what it would never get – until it produced a James Hinton – would be the idea that all this diversity was caused by seeing, disjointedly, different aspects of one single simple thing.

“I purposely took the easiest case. Suppose that instead of a cone we used an irregular body – the series of impressions would seem to the water like absolute madness!

“Now slide your imagination up one dimension! Do you not see at once how parallel is our situation to that of the surface of the water?

“The first impression of the savage about the universe is of a great mysterious jumble of things which come upon him without rime or reason, usually to smite him down.

“Long later, man developed the idea of connecting phenomena, at least a few at a time.

“Centuries elapse; he begins to perceive law, at first operating only in a very few matters.

“More centuries; some bold thinker invents a single cause for all these diverse effects, and calls it God. This hypothesis leads to interminable disputes about the nature of God; in fact, they have never been settled. The problem of the origin of evil, alone, has quite baffled Theology.

“Science advances; we now find that all things are subject to law. There is no need of any mysterious creator, in the old sense; we look for causes in the same order of nature as the effects they produce. We no longer propitiate ghosts to keep our fires alight.

“Now, at last, I and a few others are asking whether the whole universe be not illusion, in exactly the same way as a true surface is an illusion.

“Perhaps the universe is a four-dimensional object, or collection of objects, quite sane, and simple, and intelligible, manifesting itself in diversity, regular or irregular, just as the cone did to the water.”

“Of course I can’t grasp all this; I will ask Cyril to tell me again and again till I do. But what is this fourth-dimensional universe? Can’t you give me something to cling to?”

“Just so. Here this long lecture links up with that little chat about the soul!”

“O – o – oh!”

“And the double personality, and all the rest of it!

“It’s perfectly simple. I, the fourth-dimensional reality, am going about my business in a perfectly legitimate way. I find myself pushing through to my surface, or let us say, I become conscious of my surface, the material universe, much as the cone did as it went through the water. I make my appearance with a yell. I grow. I die. There are the same phenomena of change which we all perceive around us. My three-dimensional mind thinks all this ‘real,’ a history; where at most it is a geography, a partial set of my infinite aspects. I say infinite, for the cone contains an infinite number of curves. Yet this three-dimensional being is actually a part of me, though such a minute one; and it rather amuses me, now I have discovered a little bit more of myself, to find that mind think that he, or even his yet baser body, is the one and only.”

“I’m understanding you with a part of me that I didn’t know was there.”

“That’s the way, child. But I’m going on a little. I want you to consider how nicely this explains the psychology of crowds, for example. We may suppose an Idea to be a real four-dimensional thing. I, when I know myself more fully, shall probably turn out to be a pretty simple kind of a thing, manifesting in perhaps one person only. But we can imagine abstract ‘Individuals’ who come to the surface in hundreds or thousands of minds at the same time. Liberty, for example. It begins to push through. It is noticed by one or two men only at first; that is like the point of the cone. Then it spreads gradually – or it breaks out suddenly, just as the circle would, if, instead of a cone, you dropped a spiked shield upon the water. And that is all the lesson for this afternoon, child. Think it over, and see if you have it all clear, and if you can find any other little problems to straighten out. The next lesson will be of a more desperate sort – the kind that leads directly to action.

Excerpt on the Fourth Dimension from the fourth chapter of Moonchild (AKA Liber 81, The Butterfly Net), Aleister Crowley

What’s in a name?

Now, therefore, I am known to ye by my name Nuit, and to him by a secret name which I will give him when at last he knoweth me. Since I am Infinite Space, and the Infinite Stars thereof, do ye also thus. Bind nothing! Let there be no difference made among you between any one thing & any other thing; for thereby there cometh hurt.

Liber AL ch. I, v.22

An opportunity to know Nuit missed – Following my Pilgrimage to Egypt and revisiting the particulars of Going Forth By Day, subsequent analysis of the three girl’s names from my initial opportunity provided yet further confirmation of the case they each resonate with the triple veil of the Goddess. I was aware of their correspondences to the triple facets of the Goddess at the time of this opportunity, but not in the direct sense of those aspects being Ma’at, Nephthys and Isis.

My first girlfriend – Virginia Maria Bernadette Conti = Ma’at

My second girlfriend – Natalie Jane Thomson = Nephthys

The fact there is no y in Nat’s names is by no means a deal-breaker here. The lack of a ph is not very significant either, as we still have Neths. Even so, a widespread spelling of Thomson is Thompson, giving us the p. While the J in Jane is a satisfactory substitute for y, and the h in Thomson can be used twice, giving Nephthys.

Never my girlfriend – Vanessa Marie Angus = Isis

Vanessa = Venus = Isis. There are three of the letter S to choose from and one letter I, which when used twice gives us Isis.

My third girlfriend – Taryn Verrinder Clarke = Isis v 2.0

Granted we can’t find the letters for Isis here, there is still something of great worth concealed. Hidden in Taryn’s middle name Verrinder is the Latin word for green – Verdi. The colour of the Heart Chakra is green, relating to Love or Agape and thereby Venus and Isis. Discerning minds will also notice Horus has a green cloud flowing between his feet in The Lover painting. That is, he must embrace the flow and Way of the Heart if he is to step off the precipice into the Unknown and reach Divinity/Communion – love under will. Furthermore, Taryn’s birthday is the 26th of April, the day after my rebirth day on the 25th, and her star sign is Taurus – ruled by Venus.

*In the somewhat related fields of gematria and qabalah these omissions and double use of letters are all quite legitimate; in fact the above could be considered conservative by some standards.

Having obtained a copy of Kenneth Grant’s Outside the Circles of Time under rather mysterious circumstances soon after meeting Natalie and Vanessa, Nu, Isis and Babalon were the aspects in which I initially understood the girls resonated. Due in part to the following correspondences, each of which, it must be stressed, were well established without any reference to the highly scarce source material. The ‘favourite kalas’ finding expression as an almost essential part of daily dress, much like a uniform. In the case of Natalie and Vanessa, their ‘favourite numbers’ were also used in magickal work anteceding our meeting.

Natalie Jane Thomson = Nephthys
Star Sign – Capricorn
Favourite Colour – Purple – Ajna chakra
Favourite Number – 2

Vanessa Marie Angus = Isis
Star Sign – Taurus
Favourite Colour – Green – Heart chakra
Favourite Number – 5

Virginia Maria Bernadette Conti = Ma’at
Star Sign – Cancer
Favourite Colour – Blue – Throat chakra
Favourite Number – 7

The daughter is the manifestation; the Ma-ion. According to Frater Achad ‘the 13-lettered word ‘manifestation’ conceals the name of the maion, and its numeration -257- is equivalent to both Egg and Nest.’

Outside the Circles of Time, Kenneth Grant

I Am Whom I appear to be, at times, and then again I wear a triple veil. Be not confused! Above all, Truth prevails. I am the Unconfined. Who is there to say me nay, to say, “Thou shalt not pass?” Who indeed may say, “Thy time is yet to come,” when Time itself is my chief serving-maid, and Space the Major-domo of my Temple?

Liber Pennae Praenumbra, Soror Nema

The Temple of Hathor, Dendera



The number 370 is that of Osh, ‘creation’, typified by the Sabbatic Goat, a form of the leaper as Pan-Horus. Crowley notes that 370 ‘shows the whole of creation as matter and spirit. The material 3, the spiritual 7, and all cancelling to Zero.’ The word OQR also adds to 370; it signifies ‘foundation,’ ‘basis’… It is also the number of RONN, ‘green’ ‘to put forth green.’ Outside the Circles of Time, Kenneth Grant

Godwin’s Cabalistic Encyclopaedia advises Joshua corresponds to the name Jesus or Yehoshua, both equalling 391 – ‘The Inscrutable Height’, ‘Kether.’ Although my name is just Josh, there is a connection between Jesus and myself that extends beyond the above. Orthodox Christians in Central and Eastern Europe, along with Egyptian Christians celebrate the birth of Christ on the same day I was born, the 7th of January. The parallels between the characters of the Christian mythos, Mary and Jesus, and that of the Egyptian Neteru, Isis, Horus and Osiris, are well known and documented elsewhere, i.e. Jesus could be considered a representative of Horus.

With The Egyptian Book of Going Forth By Day in mind, a closer inspection of the miracles attributed to Jesus denotes a further kinship to the stories of both Heru and Osiris: And on the third day he rose again in accordance with the scriptures. While walking on water and turning water into wine or divinity may not be out place here either.


Will I Am. The Greek word for Will is Thelema, of singular relevance because of its equivalence via gematria to Agape, the Greek word for Love, both = 93. Part of the theory behind gematria is that number and word correspondences can offer insight into seemingly disconnected concepts. Adherents of Liber AL are often referred to as Thelemites:

Who calls us Thelemites will do no wrong, if he look but close into the word. For there are therein Three Grades, the Hermit, and the Lover, and the man of Earth. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Liber AL ch. I, v. 40


Raised a Catholic, I chose the name Michael for my Confirmation. Michael is the Archangel who slays the Devil in the Christian mythos. This legend echoes that of the prototypical hero Heru, or Horus, and his slaying of Set.


Phonetics alone would be enough here. However, our family tree has several variant spellings of the name Iceton, amongst these is Iseton – I Set On. Set is the root of the word soot – black, On is the Sun. Together they are the origin of the word Satan or Shaitan – guide of the inverse path. That is the setting sun, the black hole, the shadow. Which must be embraced, understood, and integrated into harmony with the all – conquered. In this context, Michael and Iceton, or Horus and Set, are more accurately interpreted in terms of the twin brothers of light and shadow within. Think also, the Archetypal brothers Parzival and Feirefiz, Cain and Abel,  Enki and Enlil. Even in the Christian Story we see Jesus tempted by The Devil before he can accomplish his Work. One might say it’s the Devil’s job to sort the wheat from the chaff.

But “to sell one’s soul to the devil,” to renounce no matter what for an equivalent in personal gain, (Supposed personal gain. There is really no person to gain, so the whole transaction is a swindle on both sides!) is black magic. You are no longer a noble giver of your all, but a mean huckster.

Magick Book 4, Aleister Crowley


Virginia Maria Bernadette Conti – Ma’at v 1.0: Met at high school and dated for six to seven years. Virginia (and Vanessa) came back into my life ten years later following publication of 3rdeyeart v 3.0.
Natalie Jane Thomson – Nephthys v 1.0: Met at the local shopping centre, a tobacconist cum milk bar to be precise, following Virginia meeting Natalie. Siren and seducer from the mysteries, dated for several years.
Vanessa Marie Angus – Isis v 1.0: Met following Virginia meeting Natalie.

Taryn Clarke – Isis v 2.0: Met in the City of Melbourne while Taryn was working for the Heart Foundation Charity. Became friends, work colleagues, housemates, dated for several months.
Heather Rose Ruel-Holmes – Ma’at v 2.0: Met in Egypt and again in New York City, for a period totalling approximately two weeks.
Georgie Gerraty – Nephthys v 2.0: Met as work colleagues. Siren and seducer from the mysteries, dated for several months.

Alysia Lozado – Ma’at v 3.0: Met at a bar in New York City, two dates.
Bec Green – Nephthys v 3.0: Flatmates for several months, siren and seducer from the mysteries. No other connection.
Abby Fox – Isis v 3.0: Met at a MS MR concert, several dates.

It is that which is written: “In my Father’s house there are many mansions;” and if the house be destroyed, how much more the mansions that are therein! For this is the victory of BABALON over the Magician that ensorcelled her. For as the Mother she is 3 by 52, and as the harlot she is 6 by 26; but she is also 12 by 13, and that is the pure unity. Moreover she is 4 by 39, that is, victory over the power of the 4, and in 2 by 78 hath she destroyed the great Sorcerer. Thus is she the synthesis of 1 and 2 and 3 and 4, which being added are 10, therefore could she set her daughter upon her own throne, and defile her own bed with her virginity.

The Vision and the Voice – 2nd Æthyr ARN, Aleister Crowley

39 93

Love is the law, love under will.